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The Landfall

Landfall off Bigeji pass

Landfall and Nepenthe rafted together off Bigeji island

I bought Landfall, a 40' cutter rigged sailboat in Honolulu and hired a man and his wife to sail her to Kwajalein in 1981 and kept her until we completed our first tour in 1986..

We have some great memories of the night sails under a full tropical moon up the east reef with friends on board and seeing the bottom in 30' of water with just moonlight. And those weekend sails to Illeginni or Roi Namur and the other islands were real adventures.

When we left Kwajalein on our first tour we sailed Landfall to Tokyo, Japan with Al Whitcomb, Leo Nolan, Wes Westhafer and Jim Reed on board.

Jim Reed, email:, Tel: (707) 539-2184, Santa Rosa, CA

The 4 guys that sailed landfall to Japan
Left to right: Wes Westhafer, Leo Nolan, Al Whitcomb and Jim Reed.
This photo was taken after re-stepping the mast after some work was
done on her in the roundhouse in preparation for the trip to Japan

Located at the island of Ennylabegan, Kwajalein Atoll - Concrete Cargo ship used in the Bikini Atom Bomb Test

The Arnold Tracking Ship at Kwajalein - Early 1970s

1969 - AVR - Kwajalein
This boat was christened the Helen B in 1966 when it was converted
by the Marine Dept. from a Navy crash boat. These were fast boats,
 even when converted with diesels, they could make over 20 knots.

Meek's Sailboat & Vandenburg Tracking Ship

Mason Meek
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Joanie Meek