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Seeking Information

My name is Renay Patterson. I was stationed on Kwaj with my family in the late 60s and early 70s. I am in need of information regarding the records or practices of baptism during that time. I was baptised in the pool. I am currently in RCIA. I know I was immersed, but I do not recall the words.  Do you have any info or contact info for the chapel or someone who might know the practices of baptism back then or possibly the baptismal record?  I was baptized under Renee Boggess. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much, Renay Sebanc Patterson <>

Need Information / Leads

I was doing some research on this Tiki head that my grandmother acquired somehow in the late 70's or early 80's.  I was wondering if anyone at who lived or lives at Kwajalein atoll might know the person who may have carved it.  It has "Paul Elkins, Roi-Namur 1961"  cut into the bottom.  Any info or leads would be appreciated, after doing research on this island, I'm sure this may have some sentimental value.

Jerry Casey
Just Another Day In Paradise

"A History of Kwajalein" by Bill Remick

This book is a compilation of virtually everything you saw and experienced on Kwajalein from 1944 to present.  Over 750 black and white photos and over 50 maps and illustrations fill the nearly 300 pages of this beautiful limited edition book.

Website -

Order your copy today!  Bill

Wanted qualified persons to handle boat and personal water craft sales in the Trust Territories.  For more information please reply.

Kwaj Post Box Doors  Remember the anticipation and joy of getting mail on Kwaj and Roi?  These doors are from the old post office on Kwajalein (pre-1994).Limited Supply with working hinges and key.  Thank you, Jaymie Boyum and Dennis Rabun,
Looking for Gold or Silver Vintage or new Kwaj charm Collect charms from all the places I've lived and visited and am missing Kwaj for my bracelets.  Email:, Kathy (Rolfes) Craig

I’d love to hear from anyone who grew up at Kwaj in that era.  Claire Hutt (Crotteau) 2515 W. Post Oak Dr., Prescott, AZ 86305 Phone: (928) 713-0924, email:  My father, Lt. Roger Crotteau (Navy) was stationed on Kwajalein (1960 - 1963) bringing the whole family. Dad was a Navy pilot and Range Safety Officer.  I was in first and second grades during our stay and fondly remember Ed Denuit (my second grade teacher).  My brothers were Steven, Bruce, and Carl, and sister Diane.

Can You Help Me? My Uncle, Harold Miller, was one of the Marines who fought on Kwajalein (per family legend). I am trying to find out which regiment he was in and perhaps someone who remembers him. He has been gone to us for a few years now but I would like to include his service on Kwaj as part of our Family History that I am researching and hope to publish some day.  Thank you, Joan Miller Riggs, Kwaj resident 2000-2003, email:  

Harold Hitcher -  I was in the Navy and stationed on Kwaj from 1/30/1955 to 1/30/1956. I spent about three months in the pilots flight office and finished my tour on the refueling gang. If anyone might remember me please give me a shout. I am now 76 so there might not be to many of us left. I can be contacted at  

Hope to contact some people who are currently living on Kwajalein - My husband and I are currently living in Fairbanks, Alaska and are looking for a change! He is retired from the military after twenty-one years of service (being retired now for almost eight years!). He retired from Army aviation and myself served for about 8 years on active duty and the reserves. My husband has continued to work in aviation since retiring. He currently works for Guard Flight air ambulance and has also worked for Evert's air cargo. I have extensive experience in the customer service and support industry. We are both eager, friendly and hard working individuals who would like to see if our skills could be utilized anywhere within the Marshall Islands. I have done extensive research on the island of Kwajalein and was hoping by contacting some people who are currently living there we may be able to get some valuable information. Kimberly L. Tibbetts, NAF HR Administration Assistant, Ft. Wainwright, Alaska,

Hope to contact some people who are currently living on Kwajalein - My husband and I are currently living in Fairbanks, Alaska and are looking for a change! He is retired from the military after twenty-one years of service (being retired now for almost eight years!). He retired from Army aviation and myself served for about 8 years on active duty and the reserves. My husband has continued to work in aviation since retiring. He currently works for Guard Flight air ambulance and has also worked for Evert's air cargo. I have extensive experience in the customer service and support industry. We are both eager, friendly and hard working individuals who would like to see if our skills could be utilized anywhere within the Marshall Islands. I have done extensive research on the island of Kwajalein and was hoping by contacting some people who are currently living there we may be able to get some valuable information. Kimberly L. Tibbetts, NAF HR Administration Assistant, Ft. Wainwright, Alaska,

Talks with Nature by Al Harty -

The book can be purchased from the website  For a more personal touch, my email & telephone number
info are all over the website, so if folks email or call, I will inscribe a greeting, like I did for yours. 

This early release of 210 copies & the next limited edition come directly from me, so all copies are at least signed & come with a free matted photo of the buyer's choice.  I'm about to start marketing & looking for a publisher.

Wanted - Caribou Club Pin - One of things I liked best about Kwaj as a kid in the '70s was the Caribou airplanes.  I'd very much like to have a Caribou Club Pin..  Please contact me if you have one you could part with or know where there might be one for sale.  Thanks in advance, Jonathan Clapp (Kwaj:1968-1971),

Looking to buy vintage 14k gold charms with Kwajalein theme. Also looking for older gold Kwajalein Island charm (pre-1980's).  Please contact me at Thanks in advance.  Debbie Proudfoot

Looking for Video Tape - Do you remember the video tape that was available at the library? I flew the helicopter and the manager of AFRTS took the video. I never got a copy.  Any suggestions where I might look to get a copy?  Email or call me, Bill Chamberlain,, (530) 275-5979

A New & Fun Way To Get Around On Kwaj  Introducing an innovative & fun form of personal micro transportation that beats walking or cycling on Kwaj: the Rockboard. The Rockboard is a dual mode adult kick scooter. Unfold the scooter with the deck flat and it works like a kick scooter with low rolling resistance parts. Now set & lift the deck to Rock Mode and the scooter is propelled by shifting (or rocking) your weight with both legs planted on the deck. Composed of painted aluminum and stainless steel, the Rockboard is highly resistant to corrosion. For top performance, it has the best in urethane wheels, sealed bearings and a patented chain, cable & pulley propulsion system (which provides a cruising speed of @ 8-11 mph). The board weighs @ 20 lbs and folds up like typical scooters so you can easily carry it by hand. Lastly, although it's been thoroughly bench/load tested @ 300 lbs, it is warranted for a carry capacity of 200 lbs. The Rockboard is available from for $199. When shipped via USPS military mail, delivery is free. Order one today by clicking on the link below: By the way, a scaled down version of the Rockboard with a 100 lb carry capacity is also available through for $150. Thanks for your time. Respectfully, Larry Lagarde, email Larry - at or call (504) 324-2492.

Any one know how I can get a 5 Kwaj 2011 calendars?  Thanks Dave Blackwell, email me at

Clarence Abadie's Helicycle flies - Clarence built this Helicycle and finally got it in the air.  Clarence was with Pan Am 1988 until early 1990's.
The pictures were taken November 17 & 18, 2010.  Email Clarence, he'd like to hear from you - Email

Kwaj post box doors!
Remember the anticipation and joy  of getting mail on Kwaj and Roi? Kwaj  Post Box Doors from the old post office on Kwajalein! $10 each plus shipping from Georgia.  Please contact Dennis Rabun or Jaymie Boyum at


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Diana • 210.807.9918 •

Searching for the bicycle regulations used at USAKA  I last visited there in 1989 for an inspection of the US Army Civic Action Team on Google.  These rules were in a welcome package for visitors as I remember they were pretty stringent. I almost took that copy thinking I would return again.  I would greatly appreciate a link or a electronic copy of the rules if you have it available.  Thanks, John Terrell, CMC, USN Ret.,

I would like to get a painting, oil or water color, of Kwaj to hang on one of my walls.  I'd like to receive a response from some artist living on Kwaj.
Thanks, Alan Anderson - CDC,

Looking for photos of the USAKA Commander’s quarters:  I’m trying to locate someone that may have photos of the USAKA Commander’s quarters when it was the Officer’s Club. Thanks, Nelda H. Reynolds,

Need a photo of the Kwaj Commander's House when it was an Officer's Club.  Can you help me out?  Thanks much, Tom Daly,


Christian Women’s Fellowship (CWF), formerly known as the Protestant Women’s Group (PWG), is about to publish a NEW KWAJ COOKBOOK.  Historically, this has been their one source of funding for all the many things they do throughout the year.  This includes hosting retreats with Marshallese Christian sisters, Bible studies, craft nights, Carlson Christmas (or Easter) drop and many other service projects.  Several years back, the organization changed its name to be more inclusive to other Christian women of the island.  This includes Protestant, Catholic, Baptist, and Church of Christ women. We are currently looking for MORE recipes. If you are interested in submitting one, please e-mail the address at the bottom of this article. We need all kinds of recipes and would love notes regarding your life on Kwajalein to make it even more personal.  We are also hoping to include pictures, so if you have a GREAT Kwaj picture (or even of the reunion, send that along too!  THE DEADLINE FOR ALL IS OCTOBER 1st, so get them in NOW.  Do not procrastinate!!  Once we receive everything, we will then send off to the publisher. We hope to have them back before Christmas, but we are stuck with how we are going to get them on island with the new postal rules and regulations. So we are not promising they will be ready. We also do not know a cost yet.  If you are interesting in pre-ordering, feel free to send an e-mail to the address below and the minute they are ready, we will contact you.  THANKS!!

Lora J. Kendrick, Cookbook typist;  e-mail: or

Novel - Rivers of Belief by Richard Craig Anderson (Kwaj 1989-92) 

Michael Brennan is a cop in pursuit of a serial rapist–and the rapist has targeted Natasha Panova, the love of Michael's life.

Ocean City, Maryland is a gemstone among the east coast resorts, a city of old values and older sins. In 1994 a predator moves at will through a town overflowing with tourists, and it appears that he's a cop. Or is he?

Michael is a compassionate ladies man. He takes a personal interest in the vicious but seemingly unrelated attacks because he is a pro, and because he's known abuse. Two others are drawn into the hunt: Michael's courageous friend Officer Levi Hart, and Natasha–a brilliant waitress who dances to a logical beat. Levi knows one of the victims–but he's reluctant to say why–and Natasha knows that she is next on the rapist's list. Together, they trace the clues.

As Michael closes in he discovers that he's become a suspect, and when a jealous coworker threatens to derail the investigation, he realizes that his crusade for justice may cost him his soul, Levi his honor, and Natasha her life. When Michael finally confronts the rapist, he turns out to be someone who was there all along– but nobody noticed.

Georgetown Press is a small company with plans to publish four or five new titles per year. Rivers of Belief is its premier publication.  Order Now

I am looking for anyone who knew Tullus and Johnye Crawford  My parents will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in April. In celebration of their stay in on Kwajalein in the early 60’s, I am looking for anyone who knew them to send me any old photographs or fond memories of my parents. My parents are Tullus and Johnye Crawford. Johnye was a secretary to Army and then later Marine officers. Tullus did not work for the military, but was an engineer (I think with Western Electric or General Electric).  Thanks for your help!  Jacqueline Crawford-Jones,

Pohnpei Pepper  Pohnpei Pepper Association, PO Box 301, Kolonia, Pohnpei FSM, Tel & Fax 690-320-2201, email:  What makes Pohnpei pepper so special?  Pohnpei has ideal pepper growing conditions.  Ninety percent of the pepper in the world comes from India, Indonesia, Brazil and Malaysia.  Pohnpei certainly can't compete since it has only 130 square miles of total area and only 40 acres of this is planted in pepper.  Pepper plants need a lot of water; at least 100 inches of rain a year with even distribution.  They don't tolerate a dry season and they love heat.  Some people swear by white pepper and some love the black, both are available, and they com from the same plant.  The black pepper berries are picked when fully grown but still green and then dunked in scalding water and baked or sun-dried to darken, and the milder white pepper is harvested from fully ripe red berries which then ferment in water for eight days, their red skins rubbed off, and then they are baked or dried in the sun.

Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the subject book?  Written by John D. Broadwater in the early 70s. John does not answer my emails. Thanks!  Jim Sloane, Kwaj 70-73,

Renewable Energy Sales  Need a power source for camping, outdoors, backup? Quality top brand RE products, well tested in the RMI, at near-US retail prices. 12VDC/110VAC Xantrex inverters 75W- 1000W, charge regulators 5A-40Amps, OEM mono-crystal p.v. panels 25W$156, 50W/$312; 12v DC lights/$30+. Best buy: carry-on XPowerpack- DC/AC supply with bright cool light and 25W p.v. panel for $379. Plug in your fan, boom-box etc.  Also in-stock quality long-grain low-salt low cholesterol Basmati Rice in 11 lbs. pack $9; Incense $5pack; quality chili, curry powder and mixed spices-masala for meats $3/pack; Ayurvedic herbal toothpastes, anti-bacterial soaps n oil (Neem) $3; handy 6 inch high steel coconut meat scraper $15. Delivery at AMI at Kwaj. Reference-n-Payment at Bank of Marshalls at Ebeye.  Island ECo at Majuro. 692-625-7786 or

Tsunami Risk at Kwajalein  Kevin Quinn,, Fremont, CA USA.  I was indirectly involved with Kwajalein in the early 80's. I worked with Global Associates and tried to work on the workers compensation insurance for the employees on the island.  I asked my contact in Oakland about the risk of a tsunami wiping out the place. He told me the risk was nil, as the drop off from the shore to the ocean floor was severe, and the shock waves from a quake would not be slowed down as they approached, and then passed over, Kwajalein.  After the tragedy in Asia this past weekend, I see that Maldives got hammered, and they are a nation of small islands.  Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Inspiration Through The Years Shannon Stafford's (Kwaj 1986-90) new book has been published and the official release date for the book stores is December 28, 2004.  The book "Inspiration Through The Years" can be preordered online with Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Books A Million, etc.  To find more information about my book, visit Shannon's website at or email Shannon at or

On board the USS Telamond ARB-8  A repair ship-this was in 1945.  My name is Hollis Carter. I would like to hear from anyone who served on that ship.  I need to know the name of the hospital on the island and address, etc. I'd love to hear from anyone.  Have a great day, email >

Kentron, Hawaii, LTD - Retirement Fund information - I vested time with this company and  I was fortunate to help an old timer by providing the following information to him so that he could get his retirement funds.  This will be very useful information for those who are looking for the retirement pension from Kentron, Hawaii. LTD. - Shermie

Pacific Mutual Life, Trustee Mellon Bank

700 Newport Center Drive

Newport Beach, CA 92660

(800) 800-9534 (Pensions Contact)

(949) 219-3011

(714) 640-3617 Pension Investment


Web Site:

Kwaj Stuff by Bad Ash Productions providing products such as T-shirts, Sweatshirts and Tank-Tops with Kwajalein designs. In the near future, caps, towels, coffee cups, calendars, etc. will be available also.  Questions - email Tim Ashby (1990-93, 97-present),

Kwaj Shirts and Stuff On-line Shopping

Wanted, Kwaj or Roi T-shirts  We were out in Kwaj in 1975-1976. Was wondering if they still have T-shirts with the imprint of Roy Rat or Kwaj Kat and if so where they would be available?  Thanks for your help. Vera

Miller's Landing  Gary and Anne Miller are past Kwaj residents.  Gary used to work for Communications and FOM Electric.  His wife Anne worked for the Marine Dept, starting as sail maker and ending as Captain.  She was there from 1985-94.  They now have their own small seaside resort in Placencia, Belize. They built the resort on their own with many years of work and it is Placencia's most natural resort, Miller's Landing,, phone 011-501-523-3010, fax 011-501-523-3011,

Correspondence Welcomed by Old English friend of the late Doctor Jim Troxall.  I would welcome hearing from any friends of his from his time in the Marshalls.  Chris Rowsby,

Boutique Boutique is a well-established lingerie, apparel and fashion accessory "brick and mortar" company located at 3650 51st Avenue, Suite B, Sacramento, CA  95823-7422.  We are a wholesale and retail company, and take great pride in acquiring the finest merchandise available for our customers at unbelievably low prices. Please contact us toll free at 1.877.345.6280 if you are a wholesaler and wish to open an account with us, or you can fax us at 916.392.1362, or you can e-mail us at  You will want to visit our online store every day for "Featured Items" and "Bonus Buys" that are located on our home page! We innovated these features primarily because customers are tired of seeing "static" online stores that never change, and once you have visited these stores initially, there is really no reason to return to them because everything stays the same – day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year!  The "Featured Items" window showcases an item for that day, and "Bonus Buys" are items that are on sale or on clearance. Prices change every day! Please note that a "return" for refund will not be accepted because of price changes. We know you will be back every day to check on "Bonus Buy’s" and encourage you to do so. We hope you will enjoy your shopping experience with us.  Thank you for your loyalty and your business!  Boutique Boutique

Wanted Swizzle Sticks  They may be trash and not worth much, but don't throw those old swizzle sticks away. I belong to ISSCA (International Swizzle Stick Collectors Association) and I would love to have those old discards. Our next bi-annual convention will be held this year in Las Vegas, August 6th to 8th. We do a lot of trading and have piles of sticks for members to sort through for ones they don't have. If you have a collection, large or small or just a few I'd love to have them. Don't let e-bay or antique shops mislead you on their value. I will be glad to pay postage or even a modest sum. Mike Sykos, 111 St. Andrews Loop, Kerrville, TX 78028,

Hana Fantasy Co. will offer a Kwaj Kid free floral upgrade if you go to our web site: www.hana and use our printable fax form to order. We ship via FedEx, a beautiful assortment of tropical flowers and foliages - ginger, anthurium, calathea, heliconia, orchid and more.  Call 800-848-8461.  Hana Fantasy Co., S. Sykos.

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