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In 1969, Nina Carlin, Myra Sievers and Lombre Hepburn took off work and went fishing, returning with some pretty large yellow fin tuna.

Marlin at Kwajalein

The lady on the right is Dorothy Holland. Her husband Russ is on her left with no shirt on. I worked with Dorothy on Meck in 1979/80. This is a Meck Island bunch. The guy on the left is Ken Tippie who worked for my Dad (Stan) with McDonnell Douglas at Meck. I think the guy in blue hat was TRW employee at Meck; first name Don I think.

I would guess that photo was taken in 1978, but could be off by one or two years +/-.

It looks like they are on the finger piers, not the SBM. This leads me to believe they went out on one of the "J Boats" that operated back then. The J Boats are no more. They were about 50 feet I recall and too large to dock at the SBM. A Marine Department licensed Captain would pilot the boat and they could be reserved, first come, first served, to take groups fishing. I believe it there was no charge to the fishermen and passengers. Kwajalein MWR at its best.

I wonder if that photo made the Hourglass back then?


Robert Sholar
Contractor, KRS, LLC, Inc.
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US Army Kwajalein Atoll


Photo provided by Al Harty

Big Tuna Catch
Photo provided by Tom Daly
L to R: Orlando Paulo, Tom Daly, Mike Mauer & Army Captain that worked for Mike

Tom Daly & Alvin Kaholokula with their big catch - Yellow Fin Tuna
Photo provided by Tom Daly
Every Saturday Alvin and I would go out in his boat and we hooked into this
Yellow Fin Tuna. While I was reeling it in, Alvin asked, "Is it a big one?" I
answer, "It's as big as you." Well when we got back to the docks I had to
compare the size of the fish with Alvin and "yes" it was near as big as Alvin. LOL

Roger Priest ( kwkwjroger@aol ) with his Red Snapper
1974-78, 1988-95, 1999-2000

 Edward Lewandowski. 1969, worked for WECO
Photo provided by Lynn Edwards (formerly Lewandowski)