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I'm seeking Sadie Lee Ross  My name is Leilani Sigrah and I am looking for Sadie Lee Ross, my moms friend. She used to be a Nurse. She was at Kwajelein around 1964-1980. My mom's name is Sinne Tulensa.  My email address is

Do you know Charlie Chingow?  Hello to anyone who might remember me from 1992 through 1994.  My name is Charlie Chingow from Texas and I worked on Kwaj for Zachary Construction for 3 years .  Please e-mail me if you remember me, it would be good to hear from someone.  If you know my old lost love Konida Thomas from Ebeye please tell her hello from me.  My e-mail address is

I'm seeking contact information for Mary Tregaskis  My friend Patty is looking to reconnect with an old friend ,Mary Tregaskis, which was a hair stylist on Kwajalein in the past.  I guess she married a pilot, but she only remembers his first name was Ed.  I'm hoping that maybe someone reading this might at least remember Eds last name.  Please contact Nancy for contact info to

I'm seeking contact information for members of the 1968 era, Photo Instrumentation group under Kentron Hawaii Ltd.  Would appreciate any help, Thanks, Glen Messer,

I am trying to find Bob Plumundon or Jim Post who served on Kwaj from 1968 to 1969. Not certain I spelled Bob's last name correctly.  Tony Stamp -

I am looking for a family that lived on Kwaj 1962.  Family named Zalones. My best friend was MIcki Zalones.  Connie Surges,

Can You Help Me?  My Uncle, Harold Miller, was one of the Marines who fought on Kwajalein (per family legend). I am trying to find out which regiment he was in and perhaps someone who remembers him. He has been gone to us for a few years now but I would like to include his service on Kwaj as part of our Family History that I am researching and hope to publish some day. 
Thank you, Joan Miller Riggs, Kwaj resident 2000-2003, email:

Looking for Rikki Gehmann  I would be grateful to get an email, or other contact info for Fred Gehrmann's daughter Rikki last known to be living in Vista, CA. I was just made aware today that Fred had passed. Many thanks, Michael Smith email:

Looking for Ken Meeks and Felix Zapata...They were my buddies and both worked for Kentron Hawaii Ltd. during the early 70’s. I worked in the Communications Center for Kentron Hawaii and also taught Tang Soo Do karate several nights a week. Dan Nolan,

Looking for James (Jim) Ledbetter, Communication Technician, Kentron, Hawaii, LTD, Tom Ishibashi & Clem Agana. all residents of Kwaj 1964-67.  email: Cindy Lanphear,

Looking for Johnny Cofield and John (JR) Razor.  They both worked at the power plant on Kwaj in the early 90’s and both worked in Antarctica after leaving Kwaj. The last time I heard from J.Cofield, he was back in Alabama looking for work on an oil rig in the Gulf.  He had been working on Johnston Atoll, Guam, and Sand Point Alaska.  John Razor (JR) was still working every other year in Antarctica.  Chuck Cass Power Plant electrician, Kwajalein 1990-94, email:

I would like to track down Marvin Korff's wife (I think Elanor) did some beautiful art. Around then, my parents, George (worked for Raytheon) and Betty Ripsom, got a beautiful large painting (I think a tree on Kwaj) from her. I'd like to find out what art she is doing now. Can you either give me her address now or send my interest on to them so they can get in touch with me?  Thank you, Cheryl Massey,

I am trying to contact someone through who I could purchase a current Test Site T-shirt or jacket as a birthday gift. I tried finding one on-line from 40 years ago, but was not successful. Any chance you know of such a contact? I sure would appreciate it!  Glenn Leach (Kwaj 1971-73), Davenport, IA,

Looking for anyone that might have known my parents that were on Kwaj in the early 60:s. Peter and Susan Pfluke, also anyone that might have known my God father who lived there as well Francis Scotty Lee.  Lauren Pfluke Seeman,

Looking for Ken Zander, a Kentron employee I knew on Kwaj 70 - 73, we were diving buddies on Kwaj wrecks. If anybody finds him please email me at, Jim Sloane

I am trying to connect to anyone who might remember my father, Denver Worthington. He worked for Global Associates in the 1970's. He lived on Roi-Namur. He was a guard and then a painter of the radar towers. He seemed to be very happy there, he passed a few years ago and I wanted to see what his life was like there. Thank you for your help,  Tanya Worthington Wilson,

Has anyone heard about this and what was the end result?  When I was on Kwaj in 1959, one of the guys got a butcher knife and killed a guy. We found the killer in our barracks taking a shower. We, and our security people cornered the killer and he just cried and felled to the ground in the shower, and we tied him up and made a jail with a high fence around the small building. The killer became an animal and all day he would walk the fence line. He also would not eat. We put him there until the Trust Territory people could hear him in court. I do not remember his name and the end result, since I left the island before his trial.

Has anyone heard about this and what was the end result? Joan Kosola -

Trying to find “Don & June Fordham” and “John & Anna Cram”  Both Don and John worked for Raytheon with Bob during the years 1972-1975.  Sybil E. Martino

Looking for Tom Shahan - My “tool partner” and good friend at the time was a guy named Tom Shahan. He was from Texas and an ex-marine (I know, there's no such thing). I have tried many times to locate him, and I saw him in a photo, holding a beer, several years ago on your website. The photo, as I recall, was from the early 90s. He must have gone back to Kwaj to work after his original contract with Morrison-Knudsen Construction Company ended. I think he might be in the telecommunications business in the Beaumont – Port Arthur, Texas area. If you or anyone might have contact information for him, such as e-mail or phone, I would love to talk to him again. Bob Jones (aka: Cap'n Bob)

Looking for Lee Young (Kwaj '71-'74) who was the FABULOUS lead guitarist with the Kwaj band "Lock, Stock, & Barrel". He was an engineer with Western Electric. I was the keyboard player with the band. - Pam Lawler

Looking for Ken Davis - I would like to correspond with Ken Davis a friend of mine from Kwajalein.  Email contact info to:  Rodriguez, Jay M, - Thanks!

I would like to hear from some of the people that I worked with - I was employed by the Transport Company of Texas on Kwajalien in 1959.   I worked on the airport as a aircraft service personal and aircraft mechanic.   My boss was John Kinkaid and Jack Fink.  I was hired in Miami Florida for the job.   I would like to hear from some of the people that I worked with.  The only name that I can remember is Ted Augustine, a aircraft mechanic.   You can contact me at the following:  Harold Kosola, 2200 Ashford Drive, Albany, Georgia 31721, Phone (229) 436-9885, E-mail,

Searching for people on Kwaj from 1951 through 1952 - I was among the hundred or so technicians in the USAF sent to Kwajalein in 1951, and staying through part of 1952, in preparation for the H-Bomb (device) test at Eniwetok.  I would like very much to find some of the people who were there with me. We had some interesting times.  After my USAF tenure, I became a physicist and professor of physics.  Since I am almost 80 years old, there may not be too many of my colleagues left alive.  Billy G. Aldridge, 2805 Carlene Ct., Jacksonville, FL,

Golf buddies looking to reconnect  The names and email addresses are Clyde Woods -, Ken Gilliam - and Carolyn Payne - and the 4th person we are trying to find is Jimmy Hann.

To Whom It May Concern  I purchased a 300 Weatherby and have had Weatherby check on who first purchased it and they provided the information as being the “Kwajalein Rod & Gun Club” Box 766 APO San Francisco, CA August 31, 1976.  Can you give me any information on the background behind this purchase?  Must have been a present or retirement gift?  Would anybody really use it on the Atoll?  Please let me know if you can put any information together on this rifle.  Thank you,
Bill Parrette,

Looking for Air Force and Navy personnel assigned at Kwaj in 1958 as part of Operation Hartack I   I’m helping a friend who was assigned TDY to Kwaj in 1958 as part of Operation Hartack I. We are especially looking for Air Force and Navy personnel assigned there in that time frame. Responders could contact me, Roger Baarstad, at or by calling (253) 307-2748.

Looking for information about Harold Arthur Miller, Kwaj Vet, Marine, Kwaj Invasion of 1944.  Wondering if anyone is still living who would remember my uncle from the Kwaj invasion in 1944.  He was a Marine and his name was Harold Arthur Miller. Please respond to my email here - Thank you!

I am looking for anyone who may remember my father James Kumbalek who was present on the Cook Islands...and he named one island in particular, Aitutaki. He would be 98 now, but was in the South Pacific in 43...44ish. Thanks...he said it was a beautiful place...even in war. I will go there one day to see the beautiful backround for the horror of WW 2. Thanks to those who were there...I value my freedom, and know you are all heros!  Kevin Kumbalek,

Looking to learn more about my father, John Kidd, he worked on Kwajalein in the 80s and early 90s.  If anyone know him, could you write to me? Danny Kidd, email >

Looking for Randy Prunty  He worked for Ratheon (Water Dept.) on Kwaj.  I think?  Originally from Peoria, IL.  He did some H.S. football Hi-Lite videos for me back in the mid 90's. Any info would be appreciated.  Email Thomas Buck,

I would like to contact William Coulter  -  I would like his phone number or email address.  Thank you, Gary Corn,

I’m trying to track down an old friend, Lelet Staihner  - He’s from Ebeye originally, I met him in the states, Oregon, in a bible study group and have lost track of him.  He mail me if you have contact information, Dan Billow,

Looking fo Shehlum (Sailor Boy) Wong - Schehlum was on Kwajalein between 1963-67. Prior to Kwaj, he worked with the Seabees. He died when his son, Alvin, was only nine. Prior to his death he would tell Alvin stories about Kwaj and all the friends he had out there. Alvin is trying his best to locate some of his dad's old buddies from Kwaj to learn more about his days. If anyone remembers him, please email me, Alvin. Thanks! email >

Looking for Maria Jones whose Dad, Everitt Jones worked for the Weather Station around 1969 thru 1971?  She had a brother Tom who was paralyzed while on vacation in Hawaii. Her last know location was in Tucson, AZ in the late '90's.  Thanks for your help, Sandy Alexander > email, (Kwaj Feb. 1969 to June 1971).  

Looking for fires fighters Mike Smith and Bob Parker.  Stuart Stegall, St. Petersburg FL Fire Dept. (Kwaj Fire Department 1986-87, 1991-92), , email Stuart > email.

Looking for any one who served with Donald "Buddy" Hallman, JR.  He was with the 1st J A S C O and was only about 16 when he was there, he was killed on IWO JIMA at age 17 with the 1st J A S C O attached to I think the 25th Marines.  Johnny L. Loomis > email

I’m looking for Gene Littlefield  Gene worked on Kwajalein during the 1990s and may be there now. Thanks for any information concerning his current whereabouts.  Stephanie Walter > email

Trying to find “Don & June Fordham” and “John & Anna Cram”. Both Don and John worked for Raytheon with Bob during the years 1972-1975.  Sybil E. Martino > email

Looking for any of my friends that I worked with on Kwajalein in 1959 for the Transport Company of Texas, Aviation Division. I worked on the flight line as a mechanic, refueled and service. It has been so many years that I forgot the names of my friends, but if I hear of one I will remember it.  Joan Kosola > email

I’m looking for Jim & Liz Denny, Harvey Ishiki and his buddy Bruce along with  Ed & Mercedes Kronick  I worked with Jim at AFRTS in 85 & 86. Would love to here from them and see how their kids have done. Also looking for Harvey Ishiki and his buddy Bruce. Forgot Bruce’s last name! Also Ed & Mercedes Kronick. Last time I saw them was in Las Vegas in the late 80’s. Contact me > email. Thanks!  Kyle M. Netterville – Kwaj 85 & 86

Does anyone know the whereabouts of my Uncle Jim Lee?   Gary Miller > email

Looking for Roi-Namur Friends & Associates  I worked for the Kwajalein Police Department from the end of 1994 to the end of 1994. I spent some time on Kwaj at DSC, but most of my time I worked on Roi-Namur. My time there will always be remembered as the most interesting work, and life ever. I what I loved about Roi, was the commodore there of the police detachment, as well as the people as a whole. I loved working with the Raytheon and Johnson Controls employees.  If you know how to reach the following people (who originally worked and lived on Roi), I would love to hear from them, and/or e-mail them to catch them up on my life and things since the RMI:
  1. There was a couple from Massachusetts who worked on Roi. I believe they both had attended MIT. One was over the travel arrangements, and the other I think handled security. I've forgotten their names, but both were really nice people and I would love to hear from there.
  2. There was a older man named Pat, but I don't remember his last name. I think he did a lot of travel to Pohnpei and Thailand. I would love to know how he is doing as well.
  3. Also there was a man named Dennis, but I don't remember his last name either. He loved to hold outside barbecues. I remember he was a really nice guy too.
  4. Calvin Green -Raytheon
  5. Hector Garcia - Roi Police Department
  6. Art LeBeau - Roi Police Department

    Email me if you can help me. - Thank you, Robin

I would like to hear from Chuck & Jean Eddy and Linda Teague. Email me > Connie Jones

I would like to locate or know the last name of an artist, first name Erin that may have lived at Kwaj in the 70s & 80s timeframe. I was given a watercolor of what looks to be a Marshallese mermaid, clothed in a colorful local style muumuu, signed by Erin but no date or last name. It’s an unusual picture.  Contact Nelda Reynolds > email

Looking for news of Mr. & Mrs. James M. Scott   He went to Kwajalein Island in 1973 to teach P.E. and music. Contact Pam Woodruff > email. Thanks. He was a beloved former teacher and he wrote to us for awhile but we've lost track of him. I've always wondered where his career led him after his stint on the island.

Searching for the bicycle regulations used at USAKA   I last visited there in 1989 for an inspection of the US Army Civic Action Team on Google.  These rules were in a welcome package for visitors as I remember they were pretty stringent. I almost took that copy thinking I would return again.  I would greatly appreciate a link or a electronic copy of the rules if you have it available.  Thanks, John Terrell, CMC, USN Ret.> email.

Has anyone heard from Mark Wilkins, Charlie Orchard or Patrick Aquino?  I'd like to hear from them.  Michael Beale, KHS Class of 1984 > email.

Macy's Manager, early 1970s?  I don't remember the name of the guy who was managing "MACY's" and was wondering if anybody could help me?  Michael Levinson > email

Looking for photos of the USAKA Commander’s quarters:  I’m trying to locate someone that may have photos of the USAKA Commander’s quarters when it was the Officer’s Club. Thanks, Nelda H. Reynolds > email.

Haven't heard from my older brother, Ken Irving (Hondo) since 1995. I last saw his name listed in a Raytheon newsletter two years ago from Kwajalein and I was hoping someone would be able to give him my contact info or at least let me know if he is okay. - Tim Irving > email.

I would love to catch up with Ernie Hanaoka and Jerry Pang - both were on Kwaj during the early 1970's.  Gary Blousé > email.

Looking for folks that remember Lewis (Lew) Elias  My name is Parker Binder and I am the 55 year old daughter of Lewis (Lew) Elias. Dad is 96 years old and amazingly, still lives almost independently (with some assistance from family!) in a retirement home in Winston-Salem, NC. He retired from Western-Electric about 35 years ago but was stationed twice on Kwaj by Western Electric as a technical writer, when I was a teenager. Each time he was there for about 6 months, I believe. At one time, Western Electric asked him to do a 3-year tour there and our whole family was going to accompany him for this time period. We were so excited! (vacations in Hawaii!). Right before we were to leave and start this new adventure, we were notified that there was no housing available for our large family, after all. (I have 3 siblings) so there were 6 of us, and dad had to go alone for another 6 month tour.  I believe he was last there for a 6 month tour between 1969-71. Dad has dementia now and his short term memory is very poor but he still loves to talk about his wonderful and interesting experiences on Kwaj. My dad’s hobby was amateur radio (ham) and I remember receiving weekly two way radio calls patched in from him while he was on the island... Each child would talk to dad, and when we were through, would say “over” …and then dad would talk….as children, we thought this was pretty neat!  I wanted to share this with you and to ask if there is a way to see, if through your communications, we could find out if any folks that access the website there might remember my father… Thank you and all for sharing your memories with the rest of us – Parker Binder > email.

Could you help me identify the ship at Kwajalein?  My parents would like to get with friends of Kwaj during the years 1960-61.  I am hoping you can help me. I am putting together a family album. My grandparents, OD and Yvonne Herron, were on the Island in 1960-61, my grandfather worked with the missiles as a contractor. My mother was a teen going over there and she met and married my dad (a sailor) there.  They were married Aug 12, 1960.  Anyway, all that aside, I have a photograph of a Japanese ship I was hoping to identify. I've included two pictures of the ship I am interested in. It may no longer be visible as it was then. Is there any record of the sunken ships names?  I know about the Prinz Eugene, I have that one, but I can find nothing else.  I would love to be able to put my parents in touch with someone from their past.  Thank you!  Juli,

Would like to contact some childhood friends, Donnie and Diane Calvert   I lived on Kwajalein in 1961-1963 and would like to contact some childhood friends, Donnie and Diane Calvert. Thanks, Maureen Braswell Rainwater,

Is there anyone on Kwajalein that you know that could get me the last name of Nishi?  The gentlemen that use to take care of the Data Center on Kwajalein?  I'm sure he is no longer there but someone may be able to give us his last name.  He was in his late 60's or 70's when I was out there in the 80's.  He is in so many of my memories of Kwajalein that I would like to write them down for my family.  Regards, Jake, email:

In Search of - Lakwe nan kom woj langbata ro ibelak in lal ko woj kajojo ekwe na JOHN.LANGBATA nejin HERNEST LANGBATA eokwe moktata nebar im komolol ANIJ kin mour kin ad woj kajojo ekwe jolok ao bod bwe iar jab bok ao baj melim jen ro me ruto lok jen na ak kon baj lomnak kin me elap ad emon bwe en wor juon ad reunion ilo year in enaj bedeo tok ilo 03-13-09….ekwe jikin eo enaj koman menin ie ej ilo Colorado state ilo Denver ekwebar juon alen ne enaj wor kajitok ekwe jouj jouij jouij jouij im call e tok na ilo # ne 720-949-1583…ekwe kom kanuij in emol ilo ami naj karejar ilo wewein kojelein jen na JOHN LANGBATA ekwe bar juon jen jar kin kotobar kin ad wot bwe en emon Im jejit bar iakwe nan ro me jiboin ak nejin langbata…..ekwe jolok ao bod ak ij kajitok bwe ijio kon ad ne nan in ne nene ej….100.tala juon bamle ANIJ IBED WOJ.  Sharp, Pamela I -

Looking for Sally Corey...awesome artist, her husband was on the retrieval boat for the incoming heads. She was in Massachusetts for a while, but I lost her. She visited me in California in about 1995, I miss her.

Larry McCartin is looking for friends  I'm look for those who may have worked with me during the 1970’s.  My home phone in Texas is (956) 831-0434 and e-mail is

My name is Dan Kruse   I worked for Utech at Johnson Island from 1994-1998.  I am looking for anyone who was there at that time and who are working at Kwaj.   Dan Kruse, email: or

Looking for Dennis Davies  I had a good friend that I worked with with Pan Am on the Eastern Test Range in the early 60's.  He left Pan Am then with the National Weather Service for a short time then the last time I heard from him he and family were at Kwaj.  Name was Dennis Davies and his wife was from Cape Town, SA.  We worked on the ship Timber Hitch when visited Cape Town.  I've been trying to find Dennis for some time with no luck.  Bob Bonner,, Spokane, WA.

Looking for information about my friend Gail Choquette, an American nurse working at the hospital on Kwaj. Please email me if you know how she might be reached. Thanks'

Trying to find Pastor Rick Funk  My name is Luke Burroughs and I am from Fort Collins, Colorado. I have been trying to find Pastor Rick Funk since I worked with him at his church here some years ago. I have news of our first child, but have not been able to an email address or phone number for him. Is he still on the island? My email is any information you have would be appreciated.  Thanks, Luke

I am trying to get in touch with John Robertson & his wife Denise  We are long time friends from San Diego where I was a Dock master. Email me if someone knows how I can get hold of them, thank you, Gary Scott,

Trying to locate Henni Elliott   I think her husband, Don, ran the laundry on Kwaj for quite a few years. She was receptionist in Beauty salon for a short time.  Email Modene at, Thanks!

Looking for anyone knowing Harold Richard Schreiber & his wife Evelyne Rae Schreiber.  They had a son on the Island in October of 1966 named Mark.  Email: (B. Schreiber)

Looking for Ron Roby  A long time ago I had the pleasure of visiting Roi-Namur. I spent two weeks there visiting a friend. Well, over the years, I have lost track of this friend.  His name is Ron Roby.  He worked for Johnson Controls for quite a few years out there.  I can't quite remember what year I was there, early 80s I think. He worked on the island and had a barracks room right across from the salt water pool   If you know of anything about him, I would appreciate hearing about it.  Chris H.,

Looking for Doyle George and Stuart Perry?  Email > Mel Sanchez

Looking for Doug Madsen (sp?)  Doug and I were friends at age 10, from Fanwood New Jersey. His family moved to Kwajalein then where he went through high school, graduating in 1976, I believe.  If you know Doug, direct him to Bob Schott at or phone 908-276-6108. Thanks!

I am looking for Wally Thompson who worked for Western Electric on Kwajalein Island during the 1960s. If anyone knows where he is, please e-mail me. My parents knew him and I would like to ask him some questions about Kwajalein during that time period.

Can you help me?  I'm trying to figure out if there was a community newsletter or magazine that may have been distributed among the folks living on Kwaj during the early 1960s.  I'm looking in particular for a certain cartoon that may have appeared in an issue that would have been submitted by a Richard Parker who worked for Western Electric/Bell Labs. I'm not sure if the cartoon was in Stars & Stripes (I've just sent them an e-mail as well) but it could have been in a more local newsletter. Does anyone know if such a newsletter existed and where I can search for back issues?  Thanks, Rachel Fall, email me:

Looking for people who may have known Rebecca Sanchez, a nurse who worked on Kwajalein Island in the early 1960s.  Anyone with stories or photos, please contact me. I'm her daughter. Thanks, Rachel Fall, email me:

Looking for Donna Groth and Denise Morrow  I knew them from Texas, way back when. Please email me contact information for Donna and/or Denise, Thanks, Beth McHenry,

Looking for Herbert Takiyama and Walt Peterson  My name is Joe Piccolo and I was a Lieutenant fire inspector on Kwaj l960-66. Am looking to hear from Herbert Takiyama who may live in Maui now. Also teacher Walt Peterson, who was a good friend and diving buddy. Contact me if you know their whereabouts.

Looking for Mike Abraham  I had a great friend I would love to find who was on Kwaj during the 91-93 timeframe!  If anyone knows how to contact Mike Abraham, please let me know!  Email Ginger Lee -, Thanks!

I'd like hear from someone that was on Canton Island during 1975   Hello, My name is Clint Rice I was with Global Associates as a fireman on Canton Island in '75'. would like to contact anyone that you know who was also there at that time.  Thank you, Clint.  email:

Did you know my Grandfather, Jonah Mawae?  My grandfather lived on Kwajalein for years and would only come home during the wintertime to stay with us each year.  I never asked him about his "home away from home" and would like to know if there is a site or newsletter to ask if anyone could tell me more about my grandfather.  His name was Jonah Mawae.  I would also like to hear more about your Kwajalein 2008 reunion.  If there is a chance that I could meet people that may have worked with or know me grandfather, I would be truly grateful.  Thank you for any help you can provide me!  Mahalo, Shawn L. Mawae.  Please email me at or  If you would like to contact me over the phone, my cell number is 808-228-3090 or office #808-843-4242. I am on Oahu so it probable would be better to email me.

Looking for Gabriel (Gabe) Duvellia   I left Kwaj in 1978 and have always wondered what happen to my room mate.  He was from Haiti. He worked on Meck in MICB.  I would enjoy hearing from him or anyone that might know his whereabouts.  Regards, Larry McCartin, Brownsville, Texas,

Can anyone can help me?  I need to find where I can obtain a copy of divorce papers that were signed on Kwajalein August 8, 2002 by Julie Balter divorcing Daniel Kent Balter.  I need an address where I can obtain a copy for my son's records.  I couldn't find on the internet where to look, can you help me?  Sincerely, Harold Balter,

Wonder if anyone still remembers Myra Sievers  Hi my name is Rose Smith , my ex mother-in-law Myra Sievers lived on Kwaj from 1966-1969.  She did lots of acting productions known as Mother Myras review.  She was also in the Global wives club. I just wonder if anyone still remembers her as I am writing some memoirs about her.  Her husband was Robert or Bob.  Thanks, Rose Smith,

Looking for Kwaj people in San Francisco Bay Area  I am looking for anyone who was on Kwaj during the 80s to reconnect with old friends. Nick Chamberlain class of ’89,

Looking for Richard Brooks  My husband John Spivey is looking for one of his friends Richard Brooks.  He was on the island until 2004.  If you now how to locate him please send forward him this email.  Thanks, Martha Spivey,

Looking for Brenda Yeargo and Donavan McDonald  I was there in 1987 working on the runway resurfacing project. I worked for Clement Pacific at the time. I lost touch with a wonderful girl named Brenda Yeargo and a great guy, Donavan McDonald. I would really like to find these two folks, and anyone else who worked for Clement Pacific in 1987. Thank you so much for your help, and for your wonderful website. Susan Lewis, email:

Looking for Noelia O'Neal/Powell Kwajalein circa 1988 - 1990. Neolia was a Pan Am employee who worked as a secretary, married to Robert O'Neal while on island. Believe Noelia went back to Cocoa, Florida where she worked as a beautician in a beauty salon. Anybody having any information on "Noelia" please contact: LTC Michael O'Connor or Blanca O'Connor, or (703) 693-1960 Home: (703) 241-3198 or Cell:(915) 241-3198.

Looking for John King circa 1988 - at least 1991. John was assigned as a Government employee working at Range Command. John was married to Okcha and had two children, one named John Paul and the other Marie. Anybody having any information on John please contact: LTC Michael O'Connor or Blanca O'Connor - or (703) 693-1960 Home: (703) 241-3198 or Cell: (915) 241-3198.

Searching for my Biological Parents  My name is Diane Meridieth and I am searching for my biological parents.  I was born in Ebeye November 18, 1972.  I was adopted by Mr & Mrs William Meridieth Jr.  The Meridieths were stationed in Ebeye in 1972.  My Biological Grandmother worked for William "Bill and Marlys Meridieth as their housekeeper and sometimes Nanny.  Bill and Marlys arrive with 4 sons, Mark (11), Ron (10), Don (6), John (3).  I am Japanese and Polynesian decent, both my lungs had collapsed and I spent the first year of my life in the hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii.  I think my name may have been Rose, however I am not sure.  If you have any information that may help me in my search please email me at

Help Me Find My Father  My name is Keyko Lewis and I was raised on Ebeye and born on Kwaj, July 8, 1969.  I am searching for my father. My grandma told me my father was Hawaiian and he worked on Kwaj between 1960 to 1970 at the Global Associates Carpenter Shop. I was also informed that his Marshallese friend was named "Mabe" and he worked for him at the carpenter shop.  My dad's name is Lester but they call him Les. Right now he should be around 60 to 70 years old. I'm sorry I do not have more information to provide in I'm searching to meet my father. If anyone reading this has more information that could help me find him, please email me, Keyko Lewis,

Looking for Tom Begody  Aloha, I'm trying to get in touch with an old friend of mine. The name is Tom Begody. He was working at Kwaj during the 90's at Roi-Namur. Your help in this matter is highly appreciated. Komol tata.  I can be reached at (808) 782-5821 or at my email address above.  Sincerely, Takajur Pedro Lather, 1545 Linapuni St. Apt 1413, Honolulu, HI 96819, email

Looking for Linda and Danny Abbott  Danny was an Army Lieutenant Colonel-logistics who were on Kwaj in 1985-87 time frame. During this time I was the Army lawyer (JAG) assigned to Kwaj; it was the best Army tour I ever had. I was the lawyer but also coached the Spartans boys and girls soccer teams. If possible, I would like to visit Kwaj again if that is possible for a retired Army officer. Can you help me locate them? Many thanks LTC (Ret) Greg Taylor-Fayetteville-Tennesee,

Where's Michael O'Bryne?  Hi folks, I had the honor of residing in Paradise from '69-'72 as a dependent.  I was 15 and worked at what was then the "Small Boat Marina" (BTW, does it still exist - if so, in what form, rules, pix?).  I had the distinct pleasure of meeting and working for the most influential, gregarious, upbeat, can-do, and supportive person in my life-to-date  - Mr. Michael O'Bryne.  Mike was the manager of the SBM at the time, I believe it was run by Global.  Does anyone out there happen to know where he might have gone?  I know he was from Ireland, and last I heard (yrs ago) he may have married a Marshallese woman.  If anyone has even a clue - if you would drop me an email, that'd be great!  Thanks in advance, Tim Tromley,

Looking for guys I worked with at Roi-Namur power plant 1990 -1993  ANIBA JOHN, MARCH RUBIN, RAY JIMMINEZ, TONTO, TED, LARRY RANG.  I would love to hear from them.  GARY THOMPSON, email me at

Looking for Gabe Duviella  (not sure spelling of last name is correct).  He was my roommate in Kwaj in the 1970's. He was a very large black man and came from Haiti. He worked on Meck Island in MICB.  Please contact me if you have any info at, Larry McCartin Brownsville, Texas (956) 831-0434

Looking for Nelle Donald Deane  I am looking for Nelle Donald Deane. She was a resident of Ebeye until she married Randall Deane in the late 1980's and moved to Bermuda. The last we heard was she was moving back to the Marshall Islands about a year later. Anyone knowing her whereabouts please contact us.

Looking for Jeff Allred, Kwaj 1980-83  He's somewhere in North Carolina.  I would also like his parents to contact me also.  Thanks, Dave Blackwell, ph. 508-291-2225,  Thanks, Dave Blackwell

Looking for my Grandfather, Lt. Cmdr Edgar Allen  My grandfather was the XO of Kwaj from 1960-62 and his name was Lt. Cmdr Edgar Allen.  If anyone has info on him, can you please e-mail me,

Like to contact Jerry Reppert's daughter   Hey back in the day (1994) Jerry Reppert was stationed in Kwaj. He and Ryan died there.  Anyone who may have known Jerry, I would love to have some stories to tell his daughter.  Thanks for your time, Shirley L. Baker, email

Kwaj kids, email me if you were at Kwaj during 1974-'76   Also, looking for Jackie Vice, Jane Self, Lisa Tomsic and of course what ever happen to those Sullivan twins?  My parents are Tim and Sue McMahon and are doing fine.  If you remember my brother Bill McMahon you can email me and I will hook you up with him. Yukwe...  McMahon, Marilee (Bird) 1974-'76,

Searching for Dave White  I'd love to hear from some of the survivors of the world famous Phoenix Bar and Lounge, not to mention the 100,000-seat Charlie Gompf Memorial Indoor Stadium and Fish Cleaning facility.  {I truly believe we drove some anonymous Air Force PR Lieutenant insane when he read the Scuttlebutt about 100,000-seat domed stadium and when Dave White and I advertised lots for sale at Beautiful Southside Hills Golf Course....not to mention the Hull Island Garbage and Helicopter Service Traffic reports during afternoon traffic rush hour} and on and on and on ---Speaking of Dave White -- I have been trying to locate him for the past several years with no luck.  He was Director of Global Special Services at Canton Island.  He is originally from Tulsa and at last account was married and living somewhere in southern California (a CIO - California Improved Okie).  His correct name is Lowell David White and I really would like to hear from him again. James Watt

Looking for Queeny Yotama from Ebeye  My name is William Paul Barber.  I was one of the soldiers that built the armory, store and school at Kwajalein.  I met a woman named Queeny Yotama who worked on Kwaj but lived on Ebeye.  I would love it if someone could give her my address, William Barber, 3549 Franklin Ave #2 Astoria ,OR  97103.  We haven't seen each other in almost 11 years.  I miss her and would see it as a true blessing if some one would help me find her again.  Please help.  Email me at

Missing Person From Long Ago

I am looking for someone who can help find a missing person.  My father, in the Navy, was there at the end of WWII and left behind a native girl carrying his child. I have copies of the ships daily report and it shows that all of his shore leave was at Kwajalein and Tarawa.  Before my father passed away he gave me his wish that I find the girl and the child if they still live.  I have a picture of the lagoon near where she lived and pictures of the girl herself with my father.  My dad told me that before he shipped home the girl was carrying his child. I am looking for the girl or the child or both. The baby would have been born in late 1946 or early 1947. Dad shipped home in June of 1946. I would love to share memories with my sibling.  Can you help me locate this person or put me in touch with someone who can help?  Thank you for any help you can offer. The pictures are  of my dad and girl.  If anyone can help me located my sibling, email me at  Thanks, Steve Dalesky

This picture is of the pier from the area where the girl lived.


Pictures were taken in February of 1946

Looking for James W. Hardman  My friend has an old FD badge from his grandmother's possessions. Thinks his uncle by the name of James W. Hardman may have worked there.  Is there any idea where I may get more info on Kwajalein Fire Department, Bill Elwood, Assistant Chief, Hicksville, OH Fire Department?

Looking for Jack S. Fink and John W. Kincaid  When I was on Kwajalein in 1959 working for the Transport Company of Texas, my two supervisors were Jack S. Fink and John W. Kincaid.  I was working on the flight line at the airport.  Does anyone know where I may be able to contact them?  Many thanks, Harold Kosola,

Please contact me!  I am an American citizen and long time resident of Majuro, Marshall Islands. I have owned and operated a SCUBA and Marine business for 24 years and have conducted extensive research into the Marshalls campaign. I am making a list of every USA serviceman lost in the Campaign, with a story for each. I currently have over 700 aviators, besides losses at sea and on the ground. Currently looking for more info on 12 FEB 44 Japanese bombing at Roi and individual losses by MAG-31 and Mag-22 on missions. Please contact me!! Matt Holly PO Box 319 Majuro, MH 96960 is new address.

Like to contact the Pipers, Tom and Mary Alice  I'm Langbata Marbina (Ned) Iam, a Marshallese citizen who has been away from my country for 20 years and I am currently living in Denver, Colorado.  Does anyone know or have any contact with Tom and/or Mary Alice Pipers?  They were in the military while living on Kwajalein in the 1980's with their 3 children, a son and 2 daughters.  If so, please email me  Posted - June 13, 2003

Who has a picture of this artifact?  I was 10 years old when my father, Lt. Col. Robert P. Wetzel, was stationed on Kwaj in '70.  He was the Air Force liaison stationed there and we lived for 3 glorious years on that lovely island.  We lived across from the community pool on the ocean side off the main drag.  I don't remember the names of the roads, heck it's been almost 30 years since I was there.  Here's is the root of my message.  My father was an avid diver. He and a few of his buddies discovered a propeller blade off of one of the wrecks in the lagoon.  Over the period of many dives, they filled drums with compressed air in an attempt to recover the blade. Ultimately, the blade was recovered and placed outside the dive hut.  I'm wondering if someone who has a picture of this artifact.  I don't know if it's still there but I'd like to think that it's still in it's place there.  My father has since passed on and this is one of the things that brings memories of him back to me. If someone can help me out I'd really appreciate it.  Thanks for your wonderful web site.  Best Regards, Matt Wetzel, or

Looking for Mary Slay, now Mary McMahon I believe, from North Carolina, dependent on Kwaj from 1986 to 1990. I have some things of hers she may want. Little brother named Max. E-Mail: with any information please. Bill Hadley

Looking for my Uncle Ernest Mark  Hello and would like applaud you for a wonderful website you have. I’m looking for my Uncle Ernest Mark whom moved there a long time ago. He used to work for the US government, he got married and have a family there. He’s living on one of the island there, but we’re unable to locate or find him. Please, if you have heard of him or know where he is, can you give him or his family my email address to write so we can ensure he’s okay?  Aloha, Dean Mark,

Looking for a uncle that we have not seen since 1988 when my grandparents passed away.  He left the USA about 1977.  I know that since 1977 he has lived in the Marshall Islands.  The last time I saw him I was 15 so I might be a little fuzzy on the details but I think he said that he had married a girl by the name of Selena and he had 7 kids.  His name is John Richard Jubell.  His older brother (my Father) will be turning 60 in 2003.  I would like to surprise him for his birthday and have all 6 of his siblings with him on that very special day.  I am not sure that he would come even if I found him but at least we would now if he was still alive.  I am now married and have two children.  If  he would not like to come back at least we might be able to get an address to send letters and photographs.  If you could look in your local phone book and get me a phone number to call whether it be the local authorities or his I would be very grateful. Thank you, God Bless, Robin Jubell - Davis,

Looking for Scott Eady  I went to HS with a guy named Scott Eady who had lived on Kwaj with his Dad in the mid to late '80s, but was sent back stateside to finish schooling.  Does anyone know how to get in touch with Scott?  Please contact me if you do.  Thank you, Frank Caldwell,

Looking for sponsor for 25 Infantry Officers from 3rd Infantry Brigade, Schofield Barracks. Will be conducting Officer Professional Development (OPD) for infantry, artillery and chaplain perspectives during WWII. Time for sponsorship is Mar-April 2003. POC is CH (MAJ) Schaefer @, or 808-655-2537. God bless you!  Chaplain Schaefer, "Prayerborne!"

Looking for Lt. Harry A. Luckett  Stationed with the Kwaj Police Dept until Aug 02, 2001, said he was moving to San Diego, CA.  Please help me re-establish this connection.  Thanks, Robin

Looking for Sally Donahue  I need an email address. Bob Redden,

Robin Barnousky Horn-Looking for Dare Officer Harry A. Luckett  Please contact me if you know him. Thanks!