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This web page is for people who were stationed at Kwajalein Atoll, part of the Republic of the Marshall Islands.  Please contact me if you would like to leave a memory, story or would like to update everyone on what you are up to now.  Make yourself some fresh ground coffee and look over the list to see if one of your old military buddies or islander friends have posted!  It is a very extensive list covering the 1950s all the way up to present day.  Grab a snack and relieve the memories of being at Kwaj!  All names are listed alphabetically by last name and the directory is broken up over two pages.

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Ackerman, Paul  I started out at the Timing Lab and moved over to the Computer Maintenance department at the Data Center.
1976-79 Africano, Jennifer  (310) 377-4352,, nursing student (consumed by school).
1976-78 Alberico, Tony  Benton, Kentucky,  I was station on Kwaj and Roi in the Fire Department, with Global Associates.  Since then, three countries and 9 states later, I have retired from the federal system.  Though I miss the shark fishing, Hobe Cat and diving, I am now just raising my two daughters (11 and 9) now and fishing Kentucky lakes.  I'm interested in finding individuals like Eric George, Francine Gouveia, Adrian Cadouas, Chris Tokken, R.T. Revels, or other's, I played softball, racket ball, boated or dove with.
1951-52 Aldridge, Billy G.  2805 Carlene Ct., Jacksonville, FL,  I was among the hundred or so technicians in the USAF sent to Kwajalein in 1951, and staying through part of 1952, in preparation for the H-Bomb (device) test at Eniwetok.  I would like very much to find some of the people who were there with me. We had some interesting times. After my USAF tenure, I became a physicist and professor of physics. Since I am almost 80 years old, there may not be too many of my colleagues left alive.
1969-71 Alexander, Gil 35 Grant Breen Drive, Mashpee, MA  02649, email, Kwaj 1969-71.
1969-71 Allen, Bill Allen Kwajkid, or, I was on Kwaj from August of 1969 to August of 1971. 6th grade at George Seitz (Mr. Larson & Mrs. Robertson) and 7th at KHS. My dad (Richard, Dick or RW...deceased September 2004) was with Western Electric. We lived at 404-B Pine Street, just down the street from George Seitz and across the street from the ocean. After all these years, I still have strong, fond memories of Kwaj. Movies at the Ivy Hall & the "Rich," the church services with Rev. Buck in the open-sided chapel. Just going to the airport to see who was coming in on the "Red-Tail," swimming, swimming, swimming!!! No TV, no VCR or DVD players. Regular trips to the Ten-Ten to check out the latest arrival of comics or to the Surfway (I will never forget the frozen concentrated milk!) when a fresh shipment of rock candy came in. What a great place to be at 11, 12 & 13!  We left Kwaj and returned to NC for 14 months and then found ourselves in North Dakota in December of 1972. There I finished out high school (Langdon High School Class of '76) and spent my first two years of college at the University of North Dakota at Grand Forks. Returned to NC in 1978 and finished school at UNC-Greensboro. Have been here ever since.  Married my wife , Laura, in 1991 and our son, Alex, was born on our third wedding anniversary.  I recognize several names on the list, but I am not sure how current the e-mail addresses are.  Would like to hear from my classmates from those two glorious years.
1976-80 Allen, Mike  I was on Kwaj with my family, the Allen's. Philip and Marsha Allen were both TRW employees; my brother and I were 6 and 4, respectively, when we moved there. I have several albums of pictures, cases of shells, and other great memories boxed away in our basement. Would love to share them with the group,
1980-82 Allred, Jeff  Son of Jim and Atty Allred,
1989-99 Alves, Joseph (Joey)  Residence Hall 01, Box 96, U-Mass Dartmouth, 285 Old Westport Rd., N. Dartmouth, MA  02747, (508) 910-6201, Kwaj Kid.  I went on boat cruises, hung out at the beach, played soccer, and jammed with my buddies on our guitars and drums.
1970-75 Anakalea, Terri (Knapp) 2107 Sullivan Rd. NW, Huntsville, AL 35810, (256) 417-5377, email, Kwaj Kid.
1982-93 Anderson, Alan, website  I was with Control Data Corp. on an eleven year vacation.  I worked at the ICC as a computer tech.  I miss the Richardson Theatre.  It was so fun to pedal out to the Rich, sit in a beach chair and drink a cool one from my trusty igloo cooler.  I'm living in Atascadero, CA and loving it. Life is great. My two youngest kids, Paul Anderson and Jeanine (Anderson) Rhea both graduated from Kwaj High in '88 I think. Paul lives in Southern California and works with computers and networks for a communications company. Jeanine is a manager for a Hampton Inn Hotel in Yuma, AZ. Jeanine's daughter, Rachel, who lived on Kwaj with us for 6 years is now married, has 2 kids and another one on the way. She lives in Great Falls, MT with her husband Billy who is in the Air Force.
1974 - 81 Anderson, Janna (West) 768 E Payton St., Queen Creek AZ 85240,  Moved to Kwaj in 6th grade and graduated from high school there in 1981. My father worked for Global. I worked at the preschool and the HourGlass. My father, Kenneth, passed away 2/12/97. My brother, Tim, passed away 2/20/99. My mother, Barbara, passed away 2/28/06. My husband and I recently adopted two little boys, Trent & Damion. I work as an auto claim representative for an insurance company. My husband, James, is a network administrator.
1955-56 Anderson, Margaret Phillips  356 River Forest Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 23454,, Kwaj kid.  My father, Horace E. Phillips, was a Navy Supply Corp. Lieutenant.  I am a Shaklee Sales Leader; a retired school teacher; an 11-year breast cancer survivor and I talk with other cancer patients and offer support and counsel.
1990-92 Anderson, Mary  100 Martha Lane, De Funiak Springs, FL  32433, (805) 892-0736.  I worked for DynCorp, Computer Maintenance.
1989-92 Anderson, Rick  Police sergeant/criminal investigator. Active in SCUBA and tons of other stuff. There never seemed to be enough hours to accomplish all that there was to do on-island. I made many great friends--Mike DuFour, Debbie Keiling, Joe Coleman, Dan Arenovski (Dan-Ski), among several others and we remain close more than a decade later. I've been with an agency that's now part of the Dept. of Homeland Security for several years now, and love the notion that they pay me good money to do what I'd (almost) do for free. But then, that's how I felt about living on Kwaj.
1990-91 Archibald, Brenda & Morton    2117 Rothmore Drive SW, Huntsville, AL 35803-1431, (256) 658-5189,,, Kwaj 1990-91, Contract Evaluator, Commander 9999th Engineer Battalion, US Army Reserve.   Hobbies were SCUBA, Rustman Triathlon, woodworking and woodworking Amateur Radio License KF4BOB. Morton is presently the Energy Management Coordinator at Redstone Arsenal, AL, the Executive Director, Bicycle Across Magnificent Alabama, and developing a project to bring solar power to remote islands in the Marshall Islands.  I would like to hear from anyone now living at Kwajalein who might be interested in helping with a project to design solar power systems on Third Island, Shell Island, and other remote islands on Kwajalein Atoll.  Yokwe!  Morton
1989-93 Arenovski, Dan (CORP)  3135 Easton Turnpike Fairfield, CT  06431, (203) 373-2230,,  I worked for Am-Pro 89-93 Vinne, 95-97 (CIS) Django, both tours I was a Dog Handler - Police K-9 Narcotics.  DJ at the Yuk Club and President of the Kwajalein Community Theatre.
1969-72 Arnold, Mike, Kwaj kid.
Arnold, Patty  2370 300th Street, Clarion, Iowa 50525, (515) 851-8047, I worked as an RN at the Kwaj hospital from 1979-1987 and again from 1989-1994. I moved back to my hometown of Clarion, Iowa in 1994 and have been here ever since. My thoughts of Kwaj are of many SCUBA dives I’d made and of shelling. Kathy Campbell showed me how to make shell candles. I also got into Hawaiian quilting and was taught by Gail Chamberlain. I still have vivid dreams of my years there! I am looking to reconnect with Kathy Campbell, Ray Wolff, Kris Buettner Brown, and Bess Buchanan. If anyone has their email or street addresses please send them my way.
Ashby, Tim  3590 Kaloke, Kalaheo, Hi 96741 (808) 635 4061,,, I originally arrived at a Master Timing Center Tech until my clearance came where I then moved up to Gagan Telemetry. I eventually took over as site lead until my departure in early 93'. On my second tour I returned in the TM department and worked on Carlos as the Antenna Lead. In 2000 I moved to KMCC where I worked in Planning & Operations for the rest of my tour. I left in 05' to work at Pacific Missile Range Facility on Kauai where I continue to work Mission Planning & Operations as a Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense Program Manager for Kratos Govt. Solutions. I also create and offer great Kwaj Stuff on
1978-81 Ausbon, Andre' (256) 714-7836 (cell), email.  I worked at the ICC (Instrumentation Control Center) on Kwajalein Island (Next to the Police Station). Lived in the Reef BQ.  I played on several basketball, softball, and water polo sports teams and played drums in a party band for a short while as well..
Austin, Mike & Pat now retired. Mike once worked for MIT/LL at TRADEX, PCC and ALTAIR on three tours. Daughters Cheryl & Melissa live in Mass. Son Glenn still in USAF in Idaho. Contact information: 23 Allen Farm Lane, Concord, MA 01742 (978) 369-8591,
Baer, Robert  Bob and I have many pleasant memories of dancing the night away to Shermie and his friends on Kwajalein.  We were there with Martin Marietta, Global Associates and GTE.   We came home to Pueblo, CO and settled down and traveled some but after a few winters here we decided to move to Arizona for the winters so we bought a little place down there in an RV Park and have spent the last 6 winters there.  We always enjoy hearing from and about anyone from Kwajalein and of course we subscribe to Jody's Kwajaletter.
1978-80 Bailey, Adrianna (Denenberg)  96 Elm Street Upton, MA 01568 01756, (508) 529-6185, or, KHS 80, Kwaj Kid, Manager, HW Development in EMC Mid-Range Systems
Bailey, Dan  585 Royal Oaks Drive, Redding CA 96001.  E-mail address: I spent two tours working for GTE Sylvania.  During the first one (1969-1972), I was on bachelor status at Roi-Namur working at the ALTAIR radar.  On my second tour (1974-1977), I brought my wife Alice with children Douglas and Teri and lived on Kwaj itself while commuting to work at Roi-Namur where I worked primarily as a mission project engineer for Project PRESS. I joined the Roi-Namur softball team consisting of some of the greatest members I have ever had the pleasure of playing with.  Fishing and wreck diving (with the Roi -Namur Dolphins and members of the Kwajalein Scuba Club) were primary activities.  In 1978, I traveled to Germany’s Bavaria region where I worked as the chief of operations at a black world site.  I took up skiing seriously and hit the slopes in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, and Italy.  In 1986, I returned to the states and retired from GTE at 44 years old.  I had developed a major interest in diving on WW II shipwrecks while at Kwajalein and following extensive dive travel to the central pacific and national archives for research, I authored 3 editions of “WW II Wrecks of the Kwajalein and Truk Lagoons, ” WW II Wrecks of Palau” and finally my flagship book “WW II Wrecks of the Truk Lagoon.”  My retirement activities these days are hunting (primarily California, Oregon, and Canada), fishing (including yearly Alaska trips) and throwing the dice at the crap tables in Reno and Las Vegas.
1993-99 Baker, Kari  1613 Red Cedar Drive, Apt 23 Fort Myers, FL  33907, (941) 931-6206,, commodity specialist, post office, tape escape, etc.
Balanque, Teri (O'Neal)  Kwaj Kid, late 70's. My step father was Dan Bailey, who worked on Roi, and my mom was known as Ma Bailey.  I have visited your website for a year of so and never knew what to write except that even after all these years the memories haven't faded.  I made some great friends out there and miss them terribly.  I would come to this sight looking for my best friend, Mikelle Lucero. I have yet to find her.  I have many great memories like...watching the SpartansI  Beat the Rainbows in the series...going to the Richardson... (there wasn't a TV to be had)...a ride on a bike with no flashlight and hoping that security didn't stop first real kiss from Bard on Emon Beach under the lifeguard tower....the cute fireman Harry Jon Jon and the Pikakies... Watching my mom play on a basketball team called the Hookers...the sunsets...and I will never forget the last night on island.  My boyfriend, David Sawyer, took me out on the ocean side of the island and we watched the biggest moon I have ever seen come up off the ocean. I long to go back in time just to feel the breeze in my hair and the spray of the ocean on my face.  I thank you for this web is as close as I can get to being that Kwaj Kid.  Teri
1984-86 Ballard, Vicki (Earls)  412 Fowler Dr., Duncan, OK  73533, (580) 255-1227,
1968-78 Balser, David J.  2290 Bent Pine Street, Melbourne, FL 32935, (321) 255-3592,, Kwaj 1968-78, Subcontracts Manager, Harris Corporation
Balser, Joseph & Heather  337 Myrtlewood Road, Melbourne, FL 32940,
1978-96 Barker, Viv Amante  Box 164, Pearl City, HI 96782,, (808) 271-4757.  I've been in Hawaii since I left Kwaj in 1996 and been living with my daughter Debbie (KHS 85) in the Pearl City Area. She has two daughters, one son, and one granddaughter. My son Sonny (KHS 82) lives in Waipahu and has two daughters. After leaving Kwaj, I worked at Cutter Ford for seven years then retired three years ago. I baby sit my great granddaughter so you might say I really didn't retire....I just changed jobs.  Look forward to hearing from Kwaj friends of the past!
1969-72 Barnett, Greg  2400 32nd Ave. S., Fargo, ND  58103, (701) 234-8750 or (701) 234-6735,, mother: Norma; father: Bill (Western Electric), Kwaj 1969-72.   I lived there with my parents and younger sister and still have great memories of the island paradise.  I am sorry to say I do not remember any of the friends I spent time with.  I am interested in the reunions and special get-togethers.  If I had a chance today, I would go back over in a heart beat.  Hello to everyone and feel free to contact me.  I am a MS Exercise Physiologist, MeritCare Sports Medicine.
1963 Barr, Duann  email. I turned 13 years old in 1963; I was on Kwaj when JFK died. Anyone there from Kwaj at or about my age during that time? Having a hard time remembering names, but clearly remember faces. I have an unusual name so maybe you would have remembered me, Duann Johnson. If you do, or were there during that time, please e-mail me, as I'd love to hear from you.
1980-89 Barrett, Tom & Lynn  email, (1980-1989) Tom started as a C-7 pilot and eventually became the Transportation Services Division Manager (Aviation/Automotive/Marine) at Kwajalein and Lynn was an RN at the hospital. Son Lan is an airline (CRJ-900) captain / simulator instructor and daughter Jenny a happy housewife living in Gibraltar.
Barruga, Constante " Tante" 2921 Numana Road, Honolulu, HI 96819-2904, (808) 847-7255,, cook at the PDR, Snack Bar and Yokwe Yuk Club.  First tour played music in a band called Breeze and practiced Kajukenbo.  Currently I am self employed.  I have a yard maintenance, handyman business.  I am also primary care giver for my mother.  I still keep in touch with some former Kwaj local boys.  At Kwaj, I attended graduations, weddings and funerals of the braddahs.  I worked at the PDR and Snack Bar.  I know a lot of faces but either forget or don't know names.  I do remember you, Shermie.  Shermie, thank you for the web site.  Sure brings back memories. I almost want to go back there again.  From the land of Alohas, Tante.
1973-88 Barth, Winnie (Cross)  21015 N. Fir Lane, Rathdrum, ID  83858,  I was a teacher at George Seitz Elem.  It is such a joy to hear about all the Kwaj. kids and what they are doing as adults. What a great group of kids! 
2003-0? Barthle, Danny, I live on Kwaj and work for MDN PLOPS.
1969-1976 Bartlett, Janice  I was a Kwaj Kid who graduated in 1976 and was involved in jogging, band, scuba diving, lifeguarding, and water skiing.  My parents were avid scuba divers and underwater photographers.  My dad, Nate, worked for Raytheon on Meck for our first tour; Sylvania on Roi for the 2nd. They were out there until 1979.
1959-61 Barwick, Bob and Suellen (Mika)  Bob & Suellen both worked for TCT. Bob was in the Aviation Dept. as a flight planner & stevedore. Suellen arrived later as a dependant of Mike & Mali Mika, both also TCT, he in Aviation Dept., & Mali as secretary to Wally Okimoto at the Yokwe Yuk Club. Suellen worked first at Macys, then the Commissary, and finally as a buyer for Macys - I think they were trying to hide me as I caused a bit of a stir as one of 5 or 6 single young women to about 1,500 men.  We married in California in 1961, after meeting on Kwajalein, and we just celebrated our 49th wedding anniversary. We lived in Florida for a couple of years and then returned to Ca. We lived in the Bay Area, silicon valley ,but moved to ,then rural ,Redding in 1969 so we could avail ourselves of the outdoorsy lifestyle that we enjoy. We still love to boat and fish on the lakes and  rivers. Bob is a barber and I taught art & drama until retirement in 1999. The Kwaj Connection produced two kids & four [soon to be five ] grandkids. Salutations to all who said we'd never last!  We would love to hear from the OLD Kwajers who remember the early years. We are at email: So happy to connect with old friends.
1965-67 Baten, Steve, I attended 6th and 7th grades.  My sister Lynn Baten, now Kirk graduated there.  My other sister Kathy Baten, now Crumpler, attended through the 10th grade.  I loved all the sports and shooting pool at the bachelors quarters, sand surfing on bachelors beach, awesome long rides, regular surfing with the baby sand sharks and my Bohemian surf board at the point.  The teen center was a cool hangout, .loved shelling, snorkeling, riding my bicycle and loved NO CRIME!!!...great sunsets, coconuts hitting the church roof during service, warm weather all year and THE PEOPLE!!!...great company, friendly and the wonderful natives!...So colorful and their awesome choirs.  They could really sing with all their colorful clothes and loved the tuna fishing and hanging on the pier.  My dad worked for the Niki Anti-ballistics systems.
1973-76 Bauer, Kathy (Endres)  KHS 1976 graduate,  Currently own a wonderful 268 year old colonial in CT and operate it as Homespun Farm B&B,, husband Ron has his own company "Purpose Built" and is a Master Carpenter. Sure do miss my go-kart that I raced while on Kwaj!  And those sun rises...
1982-85 Bawcom, Dwight  112 Kingwood Dr., Palestine, TX  75801,, 1982-85.  Son Bruce graduated from KHS.  He got a BSEE from New Mexico State Univ.  He is currently a Sr. Engineer with Intel at Portland, OR.  He and his wife have three kids.  Son Mark is now a chiropractor in Virginia Beach, VA.  He and his wife are expecting their first child late in '99.  Mark got a BS in Biology and then went on to chiropractor training after working for two years in Colorado.  Dwight is currently Site Manager at the NASA National Scientific Balloon Facility working for the Physical Science Lab of New Mexico State Univ.  Kwaj was a good experience for our family and we value the memories.
1970-72 Bayer, Jud,  I was incarcerated on Roi-Namur as Security Officer, known to many as "Little Fuzz".  Lived in the shacks across from the Jackaroo club , until concrete quarters were built on north side next to mess hall.
Beale, W. David & Jean    8 Baker Road, Marcellus, NY  13108, (315) 673-2210, David worked with GE and Jean worked as R. N. at Kwaj Clinic.  Michael graduated from HS on Kwaj in 1984, from Crane School of Music/Potsdam in 1989, married a Writer and has 1 son, they are living in Yardley, PA where Michael is an IT project manager.  Robin graduated from Marcellus High in 1986, from University of Binghamton in 1990 and University of Texas (masters) in 1994, married a Linguist, has 2 sons and they are living in Germany doing translation work of a Siberian language.  Amy graduated from Marcellus High in 1987, from University of Plattsburgh in 1991, lived in England and France for a few years before returning to living in Marcellus.  She completed her masters in social work at Syracuse University with a concentration in family health counseling. Amy married in 2006 a Psychologist and they work in same Hospital and live in Syracuse, NY.  David was with Lockheed Martin and traveled a lot and retired Dec 2005.  David's work took Jean and David to live in Australia and Italy.  Jean finished her nurse practitioner's degree and has worked with the VA and doctor's offices but at present is home keeping track of everybody else and making Honey-Do lists for David.
Beale, Michael  Yardley, PA, graduated from KHS, Class of 1984,
Bean, Howard, 72-75, 86-88
Beckley, Al & Norma 144 Wexford Court: Stockbridge, GA 30281, 770-507-1193,, transferred with Kentron to San Diego Naval Ocean Systems Center Contract. (82-89); then with PRC Kentron to Maui GEODDS (89-92).  We retired in 92, near Atlanta where our daughter lives.
1960-61 Bedrosian, Harry, Mary, Paula, Jack, Al  429 B on C street, (Maria Cavacos), (410) 732-4209,,  We used the Hawaiian hello back in the 60's!  My husband was an engineer contractor for OICC and I accompanied him to the island with our 2 small children and had a THIRD there on Aug. 4, 1961, named him AL! Dr. Templeton delivered him.  We were the Bedrosians: Harry, Mary, Paula Jack and Al.  We took the family on our pick-up truck to watch the outdoor movies and the women from Ebeye would come over and help us out with household work!  We were there for about a year and a half. people I remember are Ike Higa,
Kelly McCullom from Hawaii, Kay Weiser and family, Joe Capoliano, the Estabrooks, Eddie Brighter, Monty Montgomery, Roy Peiler, the Wells Family,
Ned Ashford ,Tod Vaughn, Denny and Joy Longbottom, Marv Madison, Jim and Maxine Todd, Capt and Mrs. Smith, the Painters, Don Romano from Samoa "Red" Sullivan, Faye Stitz, Jack Swindler; Ned Ashford, and Al Rapoza.  It would be great if any of these folks read this and could get
back to me!  We went on to Bangkok (we divorced there) but the children and I stayed there for 8 years and then to Greece for 12.  We're all back in the states now. Children in Colorado, Virginia and N.C. and Harry's in Virginia, I'm in MD.  Maria (Bedrosian) Cavacos
1994-95 Bell, Glenn  7308 13th Ave Dr W Bradenton, FL 34209,  I was the radio and TV announcer at AFRTS..
1972-74 Bermes, Kathy (Bailey) 187 Sherman Ave., Montgomery 60538, (630) 896-8718,
1974-75 Bernard, Bill & Donna  PO Box 215, 78 Elm Street, Andover, ME, 04216,, worked at the MSR site on Meck with Raytheon.  I was there with wife Donna, son Shawn and daughter Melissa who was only 6 weeks old when we got there; really miss the rock.
1968-69 Berndtson, David  11646 Captain Rhett Lane, Fairfax Station, VA 22039, Kwaj Kid,,
Bernella, Gloria  North East, PN,
1970-84 Bernsen, Kate (James)  6370 Hunters Road, Naples, FL 34109,  I lived on Kwaj off and on as a dependent of Jesse and Barbara James.   Graduated KHS in 1980.  Kwaj was wonderful!  I miss it!
1964-66 Berry, Mary Christie  352 Dover Chester Road, Randolph, New Jersey 07869.  Kwaj 1964-66 I returned to NJ after that.  I would like to hear from people I knew then. email
1996-97 Bird, John E.  U.S. ARMY SFC (RET.), email.  I was the Operations Sergeant for the Provost Marshal's office.  I spent a lot of time at the vets hall and playing poker with a few friends, Danski, Russ, Jerry, Orlando and others.  I worked with Liz West, Major. Mitchell and Craig.
1994-95 Biggs, Jim  I worked two contracts with Zachry Construction in '94 and '95. I lived at the man-camp and now in work in Las Vegas.
1980-83 Bisbee, Rebecca Diggs
1968-70 Bissonnett, Crystall (Talbert)  37 Brown Avenue, Manchester, NH   03101-2804, (603) 645-9847,, Kwaj Kid.  I was very young when we went to Kwaj for my dads work, the memories that I do have are very good ones.  It was my mom and dad's second time there.  My maiden name is Talbert and I am the daughter of William and Joan Talbert.  I had completed Kindergarten there.  I still have my class picture from that year.  I can also remember that for one of our outings, a bunch of High school students accompanied us to the beach and we made plaster of Paris figures with the sand on the beach.
Bitter, Fred  I came out to Roi-Namur in May of 1992 and worked for DynCorp until 1994.  I went to work for TRADEX in 1994, worked my way up to Operations Director there and left to go back to school in 1998.  I was gone for 2 1/2 years attending school, working towards my BS in Computer Information Systems which I will finish out here.  I returned to the rock in January of 2001.
2002-05 Black, Norm & Deborah Deborah was the EA to three of the KRS Project Managers. Norm was the first ES&H Manager under the KRS contract.
Blackwell, Alan & Annette, I was worked for GTE.  I was Assistant General Manager of personal on Roi for GTE of Boston, MA. I worked with John Redman together on Space Track Team.  I was a member of the American Legion club and China post1. I enjoyed fishing, diving, Mongolian barbeques; meals provided to about 600 people, what a great time!!  My wife, Annette Blackwell, cashier at the PDR (Pacific Dining Room), managed furniture warehouse, and was a KMR (Kwajalein Missile Range) police women worked up on Meck island along with doing a few island sweeps for KMR for Missile re-entries. Ph. 508-295-4079, Cape Cod MA
Blackwell, David & Ruth, 1980-84, Son of Allan & Annette Blackwell, GTE.  I worked for Global Associates with the Recreation Department and Yukwe Yuk Move Theater at the Yuk Club.  I made very many friends out there and met my wife Ruth Hadaller.  Ruth was out on the rock from 79-83, attending high school and making lots of friends too.  She worked at the Snack Bar and the movies at the Rich.  We are now living on Cape Cod, MA.  We both miss Kwaj and will be at the Kwaj 2000 Reunion.  Party Time!  Dave & Ruth
1969-75 Blair, Jeralee P.O. Box 220 #122 Woodland Park, CO 80863, dependent on Kwaj, brother Jesse Blair. father worked for Kentron.
1972-75 Blanchard, Dot and Phil  I managed Operations, Maintenance and Engineering for Bell Laboratories on Kwajalein, Meck and Illeginni. Dot ran the preschool island nursery with Becky Brown. Our children, Susan, Eric and Julie are full grown now and we have seven grandchildren. Our son Phil died in an off road accident five years ago. I’ve been back in 1995 and 2000 for short visits. Things have changed but it is still a great spot. Miss the people, diving, sailing, partying and flying. Been retired in Florida since 1989. We summer in New Jersey. (Our winter email address is:
1968-71 Bland, Denver 1013 N. Lakewind St., Wichita, KS 67212-2875, (316) 942-3742,, I was the Kwaj assistant Chief, Security & Law Enforcement. I was the Charter Vice President, Kwajalein Shrine Club.  I am now retired.
Bodmer, Jim  Kwajalein 1988-92, 2005-present, Roi-Namur, PO Box 733, APO, AP 96557 I worked telemetry on Carlos and Gagan. I now have a bachelor of science in biomedical engineering and a masters of science in electrical and computer engineering from the the University of Iowa. 
1973-74 Bohning, Gary, son of Jay and Maryann Bohning. My dad work for BTL (Bell Telephone Labs). I'm a family man looking for a position as a plumber on Kwaj.  I realize that I would be leaving my family for a couple years!  But it would help our children since there's no work here in West Palm Beach. 
1969-71 Bohrer, Jerry & Kris  6380 64th Ct. E., Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076,  (651) 455-6315, or Jerry was on-site maintenance for Control Data computer in the Data Center, worked with Art Hill and Gordy Wolfe and later Ross. Our daughter, Tamara Melani, was born on island 3/2/71.
1966-73 Boswell, Paul E.  RT 1, Box 78 D6, Clifton, TX 76634-0907, (254) 675-6710., Mortgage Loan Officer
1959-61 Bowers, Larry A.  Peachtree City, GA,  I worked on Kwajalein with the Transport Company of  Texas.  I worked for Lake Central Airlines in Columbus, Ohio and there were several from the Columbus area that  resigned their airline jobs to go to Kwaj.  I worked in the Aviation Department, played softball and basketball for the Aviation Flyers and worked a lot of ships on my one day off.  Jerry Dye and I are still close and every time I see or hear something about Kwaj, I get excited. The last of my 2-year contract I was working on Roi-Namur handling the DC-3 flights from Kwajalein.  I think of Kwaj often.
2000-01 Boyd, Dave I have many fond memories of Kwajalein and would love to return. Did a year working in the Hobby Shop, enjoyed Roi, my Marshallese friends, and those I was given the opportunity to share some time with. If you knew me, say Hi ! 
1970-74 Boyd, Robert (Bob)   I worked with Kentron on Kwaj from 70-74, mainly the SDR's and Marine Electronics plus the old weather radar and what ever the radar was on Roi.
1995-03 Bradshaw, Mark & Nancy Our temporary address after that is: 2399-D Caringa Way, Carlsbad, CA 92009, (760) 931-7617. We have lived on Kwaj since 1995. We love it here and hate to leave, but have to due to the new company taking over. Seems that they do not think they need any architects (Kwaj currently has 3, and Mark is the head of the architectural department). Mark has over 25 years in the architectural field, including structural engineering. Before we moved here we lived in San Diego for 10 years, and Mark is licensed with the state of California.  He would like to work for the government (DOD, DOI) or on contract overseas or in Santa Fe or California or Florida. I am an interior designer and out here am working for the Calibration Lab as production controller. We do not have any kids or pets, and will need a place to live wherever we end up.  Mark is an avid golfer, and served as President of the KGA for the year 2001 plus golf in the Haole every Sunday. He actually got a hole in one (double eagle) out here. I have been very active with the Yokwe Yuk Women's Club, running the Bargain Bazaar for 3 years and chairing the hospitality committee. Some of you may remember me from when I worked at Tape Escape or the Beauty Salon. We welcome any and all advice on what to take with us when we PCS, how to find a job in today's market, advice on getting a car, and any tidbits that only former Kwajers returning to the "real world" would know.  Any contact will be a godsend as I am in a panic mode about having to leave Kwaj, which is truly our home now. We would love to get together with Kwaj folks in San Diego or that area. Mahalo, Nancy
1995-97 Breeden, CW5 Ken  3335 Rustburg Drive, Fayetteville, North Carolina,  I lived in trailer 524 on Palm Drive. Not a day goes by that I don't think of Kwajalein and its unique allure!  I was an Army Dash 7 Pilot assigned to the USAKA Transportation Department.  I really enjoyed flying with the pilots working for Raytheon.  I enjoyed making Salt Water Lures while there and using them to catch fish with my good friend Jim Landgraff.  I'm currently flying as a pilot with the US Army Parachute Team "Golden Knights".
1969-71 Brincka, Bruce We were one of the lucky few to actually have a house and a van, a bit rusty but it beat riding our bikes to the other side of the island. My dad worked for McDonald Douglas both on the main land and on the island. What I remember the most is being able to wear shorts my entire time there. My days consisted of walking to school, running home, heading to the lagoon for a swim, then going home for dinner. Squeeze a little homework in then walk next door to the theater. We liked the indoor one but occasionally would ride to the drive in. I learned how to play soccer on the island, something I still enjoy to this day. For a little R&R we were able to visit Japan, Ponape and Truk, and of course the other islands in the atoll. Once on Roi-Namur we stumbled upon an underground hospital that was used during the war, still had the beds and equipment. I have many great memories from that time span, glad I had the opportunity to spend time on the island.
1979-83 Britton, Beverly Barclay   361 Hunter Road,  Fayetteville, TN 37334,, Kwaj Kid, Kwaj Soup, Class of 83.  Beverly is the daughter of Tom and Bettye Barclay.
1965-67 Britton, Craig    Porterville, CA,  I went to George Seitz my Junior & the 1st half of my senior year.  I teach Agriculture at a small community college.  I have three grown kids, with two in college (and yes, I am broke). I still keep in contact with several people from Kwaj and will always remember the rock with fond memories.
1969-71 Broadwater, John D. and Sharon T. - Kwaj.  Sharon and I were on Kwaj from January 1969 to April 1971. I was an engineer with Western Electric and began working on the TTR-4 radar receiver (lots of fun with the MASER, for those of you who know it!). Sharon, taught high school in New Jersey while we were stationed there (1967-69). She was not able to get a teaching job in Kwaj, but did manage to work as an electronic equipment technician, in spite of having no technical training or experience (She always was the brains in the family!).  I later transferred to Meck, partly just to get extra time on the island (we both wanted to set up permanent residence!). Once I discovered diving--particularly wreck diving--that was almost my sole pastime while I was there. Before leaving the island I published my first book, "Kwajalein: Lagoon of Found Ships." Our oldest daughter, Jennifer, was born on Kwaj in December 1970. I still get choked up when I think about all the fun, adventures, and friendships we shared there, and I would love to communicate with Kwaj friends.
Brogden, Mike & Julia, Johnny, Joann, Lamar, Ida, (828) 891-7797, Mike and Julia was well known for taking over the hydro-phonic garden after Martin Zachary Company left island.  Mike kept the garden operation running for over 12 years along raising 9 hives of bees he brought in from Hawaii.  They also provided a good life on Kwaj for their kids, Johnny, Joann, Lamr & Ida.  They have 7 grandkids, (Johnny - 3 girls), Joann (boy & girl), Lamar (still single) and Ida (boy & girl).
1974-89 Brooks, Bill & Gail  Laie, HI,  Bill worked the MSR on Meck 74-76, then TRADEX on Roi Namur 76-89. Gail taught at George Seitz School. Parents of Jennifer KHS 85, Laura KHS 87, and David KHS 89.
1973-76 Broome, Rod  M.Tel, PMP, NCE, KBR Government and Infrastructure, Building 211, Bagram, Afghanistan, APO-AE 09354,  Office Phone: 281-669-2542   I am current living and working at Bargram Air field, Afghanistan,
1970-74 Brown, Don & Fumiko  I was at Kwajalein from July 1970 through July of 1974 originally from Missouri I worked for Global Associates at the sign shop though I worked on other projects that was for documentation on occasion that was confidential.  I enjoyed my stay at Kwajalein and would have stayed longer though I couldn't get family housing as I had just gotten married in August of 1974 knowing that I packed up and came back to Fremont California. Started my business in Graphic Design, Advertising and Business Development, we lived in Fremont until September of 2013 we are now here in Carson City Nevada.  We have 2 boys, 1 girl and 3 grand daughters and 1 great grand daughter to arrive in October.  I should be retired however I am working on setting up a manufacturing facility for the manufacturing of Modular Homes that will be installed on stem walls for workforce housing.  My Grand Father of 100 said you never retire, you just change Jobs, I guess that is why I still cannot retire.  My phone number is:775-301-1461 or my cell phone 775-537-6328, email:
1988-99 Brown, Don & Lou  We now reside at Grand Ridge, FL. Don’s email, Lou’s email Don was the Supervisor of the Calibration Laboratory.  Lou worked at Aviation Maintenance “Maintenance Mama” our first tour and Lou also worked in REDAR Supply until our departure in 1999. Currently Don works for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection as an Engineer in the Ambient Air Monitoring section.  We miss many of the folks that we were privileged to meet, the sunsets and the clear water.
1970-72 Brown, Ron  email. Fireman on Meck. I left Kwaj and returned to the University of Maryland in August, 1972. Graduated from Maryland with a degree in Pharmacy in 1977. Spent 28 years as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Public Health Service, retiring as a Captain in 2004. I currently live in Portsmouth, RI.
1960-61 Brunelle,  Robert W. (Bob or Bruno)  Everyone used to call me BRUNO and I served as a Radioman Seaman in the U.S. Navy. That was a while back, but I still have lots of fond memories of life there. I still have a bunch of pictures that I look at on occasion.  There was at the receiver site at the far end of the island which housed our voice and CW and HF communications. We would work aircraft long haul from all over the South Pacific and send/receive traffic from them once they left ground control until they contacted ground control on Kwaj. I also worked as a Tech Controller in the building which had the control tower on the top.  It was a great time and I have been trying to figure our someway which I could be able to visit there again. We also used to visit some of the local islands in one of our sea planes and take supplies and things to the natives, that was interesting.  I hope to here from other Navy guys who were stationed there around that time, email me at
1964-68 Brunner, Joseph  1643-24th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122, 415-665-7979,, Kwaj 1964-68, spent lots of time snorkeling, fishing, shelling, building rafts, flying radio-control model airplanes. Currently a civil engineer for a city near San Francisco and was in Class of 71.
1967-69 Bruton, Leon  628 Belleville Ave., Brewton, AL 36426, (251) 809-0710,  I worked for Global Associates and ran the Marine Supply Dept. supply shack at the end of the pier. Received the three degrees of Masonry at Emon Lodge #179. Studied for and earned Amateur Radio license KX6GW and ran phone patches back home to Texas.

Call sign N4RTT - In 1968, working as a civilian contractor on Kwajalein in the Pacific Marshall Islands, I joined the Kwajalein Amateur Radio Club and acquired my first Amateur radio license, KX6GW. I primarily ran phone patches back to The States from the well known Kwajalein club station, KX6BU. One of my proudest moments was a contact with K7UGA, the station of Senator Barry Goldwater in Arizona. That first short period in my ham radio experience will always be important to me, so when I finally was licensed again and set up my present station, I always hoped I'd be able to contact someone on Kwajalein. Therefore, in 2008 I was very excited to get through the pile-up and talk to Randy V73RY who was operating the Kwajalein island club station, in the same shack, sitting at the same desk where I sat and operated, some forty years before! On my inquiry, Randy informed me that the wonderful Collins S-Line station was long gone, however. And that's a shame, for it was truly beautiful equipment, and a pleasure to operate.
1993-02 Bryan, Lance, I was on Kwaj and worked in the Information Technology department. These days, I work for the Department of State and currently live in Nairobi, Kenya.
1985-90 Buchanan, Paul & Dana  Long Beach, CA 90804, (562) 434-8088, Mobile (562) 400-5659, Fax (562) 434-0321,, Primal Alchemy Catering & Consulting,, 85-89 Kwaj, 89-90 Roi, Optics Technician on Roi-Namur, Legan, Eniwetok, Dive Master,  Scuba Instructor, Wreck Diver, and all around dive slut.  Roller skating and Homebrew Beer Maker. 
Burnett, Janice & Philip  23 Union St. Millis, MA  02054, janice.burnett@verizon.    We were on Kwaj with our two children, Elizabeth and David.
1966 Busch, Cathy (Budka), Kwaj Kid, graduated KHS in 1966.  Now living upstate New York in Saratoga Springs.
1959-68 Byars, Dawn (Clark), 3724 London Lane, Richland Hills, TX, 76118.   Living in Fort Worth, Texas  area since 1968.
1972-77 Calar, Stephan  I finally took the time to visit your web site. You've got some great links but the best were the photos of Kwaj; especially those from my era, 1972-77. I graduated from KHS in 1977 and my folks left for a year then went back for another 7 years. I remember your band and sitting here at my computer, late at night in central Georgia, I became "homesick" for Kwaj. I found myself on a roller coaster with highs from seeing faces I fondly remember, to sad lows at the news of the passing of old acquaintances and friends. Your photos turn back the clock and at 43 years of age, I can still taste the youthful excitement that came with going out on a J boat to fish for the big ones, and smell the diesel from the Tarlang's engines while I worked the snack bar on mid deck. Your band contributes a significant portion of the best memories I have of Kwaj; so much like where we came from in Hawaii, only better in many ways. Listening to you guys play at Bachelor's beach one night inspired me to learn a few songs on the guitar. And once again, I find myself inspired by something you put together. I have this desire to share the spirit of the island with my own family. So, whether or not I ever find myself employed on Kwaj, it'll at least be a nice dream for us to talk about. Thanks. Although we never met, you feel like an old friend.  Stephan Calar.  Oldest of five children of J.P. and Maria Calar. Dad worked for KMR and part time for the snack bar and Ten-Ten.  Mom worked at the golf course and Emon beach snack bars.  I have brothers Francis and Michael and sisters Ingrid and Heidi
Calladine, Robert "Doc"  Unit 2, #11 Christmas Street, Northcote, Victoria 3070, Australia, Tel 011-61-3-9482-1607, email  During the Global days, they used to have people come to Kwaj as a bachelor for six months before family could come out. So we arrived in mid 1968 and I was a wee little terror when I arrived.  My father was Bob Calladine (DC-4 and Caribou pilot) and Llse Calladine was, and still is, my mother.  I spent the first seven years of my life on the Rock... the most wonderful years anyone could imagine!!!  We were forced to leave when dad was diagnosed with lung cancer and required intensive radiation treatment. My parents never told us, myself, my brother Rudy and sister Heather, that we were leaving for good. I don't think we would have gone so peacefully if they had. Sadly dad died in 1975 from cancer and it was his need of medical treatment that forced the family to leave the Rock, reality began to sink in and the realization that we were not going home hit us all very hard. Let me just say that 1975 was not a good year for any of us!  Otherwise, we would have stayed until the island sank. As the days, months and finally years passed, Kwaj never left my mind or my heart and I knew one day that I would return. That day arrived in February 1997 when I was accepted as a helicopter mechanic by Raytheon. So I came zipping back to the island the same way I left, aboard a DC-8!!! They say that as everything changes, it still remains the same... this fits Kwaj to a tee!! The things that struck me the most wasn't all the new things, it was the fact that so much was as I remembered it! Our trailer #818 was gone, replaced by the "new family housing", there was a new post office and the "kiddy stand" was no longer there, crowded with pint sized aviation enthusiasts, watching all the comings and goings on the airfield. But I was home! I lived in the Reef BQ, the same building my father lived in for those probationary six months all those years ago. I even met another Kwaj veteran who lived across the hall from dad!! Eventually I moved to the Shell and had my own room... what luxury!!  As time passed though, I had more and more run ins with the Raytheon Hierarchy and after nearly three years I decided it was time to leave for a while and so I PCS'd and moved to Australia... but not before having one hell of a going away bash. We built the largest bonfire that Coral Sands beach had seen in many a year! Some Marshallese friends of asked me the following day about the "signal fire burning all night"!!! I don't think that there were too many people that missed this event. Looking back, there is one thing that I miss more than Kwaj itself and that is all of the incredible, wonderful people who I had the honor to know and call friends.  Today, as I sit here in wet, frozen Melbourne, my mind and heart returns to the Rock and who knows... rumor has it that another company may be taking over the logistics contract... could it be that it is time for me to head home once more?  Cheers, Bob "Doc" Calladine
1993 Callahan, Mary (Plemel)  1860 Sherman Avenue #6NE Evanston, IL 60201,  I was a nurse at Kwaj Hospital and still working as a nurse.  Married in 1997 to Timothy Callahan.
1989-2001 Camden, Laura Keller  email, (925) 389-7222.  Lived and worked on Kwajalein from 1989 to 2001 while raising my daughter, Christine Camden. Worked for Johnson Controls then Lockheed Martin on Meck. Shared friends still remain in touch from Boston, Alabama to Hawaii and here in the Bay Area of San Francisco where we've lived since 2001. Great memories from Pavillion barbecues to walk in night dives, inter island travel and the Hobby Shop. Christine studies Interior Design while I left the Corporate world to start a Financial Consulting company with plans to live on a Greek island in 2009 as a permanent residence, and part time resident of San Francisco and part time living at a second residence on the Emerald Coast in Puerto Vallarta. We enjoy visitors and love to share our surroundings.
1976-78 Cameron, Brian, Bobbette, Michelle & Wendy  The Cameron family was on Kwaj 19 months, email.
1965-77 Capella, Joel    1014 W Mukilteo Blvd, Everett, WA  98203, email, (425) 252-5667(h), (425) 330-0611(c), Kwaj, Gugeegue, Roi & sometimes Carlos.  Different positions there of many stripes, starting with a "foot in the door" job at AFRS.  Then many administrative gigs, ending with a Sr Accountant job on Roi.  Loved life there. I also was a projectionist and had a regular Sunday bartending thing at the Jakaroo (the real Jakaroo)!  Did KVZI, boating, a busy time!  Parents were in poor health in '77, so took an LOA to help run their businesses in California. They passed away within 10 months of one another. When I was ready to return to Global, they had just gotten new work in Saudi Arabia and asked if I wanted to go. Ended up staying there for 5 years, finishing as a project manager at Safaniya, just south of the Kuwait border.  Returned to the states in '84 and somehow landed in marketing at the Seattle Times newspaper where I stayed for 17 years until I took early retirement in '05.  I have a passion for fitness, completing one marathon and have morphed from a Roi-Rat to a gym rat!  I live in Everett, WA with my son Jason, 19, and two cats.  I have rental properties which keep me pretty busy and close to home in retirement. I'd like to (re) explore some of the places I visited while working in Saudi Arabia when I was too young and wild to appreciate them!  Would love hearing from anyone who remembers me.
1963-65 Carlin, Michael I attended grades 7th, 8th, and 9th. When our family left Kwaj we returned to Cinnaminson, New Jersey. I would really like to hear from some my friends who lived there with us.
1981-83 Carpenter, Tammy  Kwaj Kid, email, sister of Carlina Carpenter, parents:LaDee & Leslie Carpenter. Best friends on the island were Kim Davis and Michelle Smart
Carpenter, Valerie
1987-96 Carroll, Bill, 207 Lakebend Circle, Brandon, MS 39042
1983-65 Carlin, Michael  I lived on Kwaj with my family from grades 7th, 8th, and 9th. When our family left Kwaj we returned to Cinnaminson, New Jersey. I would really like to hear from some my friends who lived there with us.
1968-93 Caskey, Jim & Jo  4308 Red Cloud Drive, Austin, TX 78759-4241 (512) 346-0169,
1968-84 Caskey, Patrick 4308 Red Cloud Dr. Austin, TX 78759,, Kwaj Kid. Class of 1984.  Miss the best diving and fishing in world. Currently working for ITT, F.O.B. Salerno, Afghanistan. Son of Jim and Jo Caskey.
2001-04 Cason, Lora I worked for Northrop Grumman on the GMD program on Meck Island supporting GFC. I lived on Kwajalein with my three children, Steven, Kelly and Mark Cason. We all enjoyed our time on the island and miss it every day. I now work for Torch Technologies in Huntsville, AL.
1990-94 Cass, Chuck  Power Plant electrician,, (479) 705-0074. 
1989-0? Cassiday Thaddeus Gloria, Kyle, & Thaddeus, P.O. Box 1117, Kwaj resident since 89 to present,
1969-76 Castelli, Paul N., Vineland, NJ, Class of 1978.
1969-76 Castrati, Beth Kwaj, 305 Adler Lane, Goldsboro, NC 27530 1989-92, I was a member of the Kwaj Community Theater and played softball with the Leftovers. 
1969-72 Cavender, Larry, 2153 Walcott Rd. Apt 103, Aurora, IL 60504.  I worked for Kentron as a "cryptographic" technician.  I started working for AT&T when I left Kwajalein; 31 years later I am still working for them. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.  It was a great experience!
1972-78 Cespedes, Kimberly (Kim Couch) Corvallis  OR; Kwaj Kid, graduated 1978 KHS ('72-78). Daughter of Bob Couch.
1978-90 Chamberlain, Nick  Martinez, CA, (925) 372-0566,, Kwaj Kid, 2nd grade to 1 year after graduation.
1986-88 Chapman, Jr., Richard G. (Colonel) 11365 N. Placita Alameda Dorada, Tucson, AZ 85737. I commanded USAKA, followed the assignment at Kwaj with a tour of duty at Fort Carson, Colorado, then retired from the Army and was a Senior Research Engineer with the University of New Mexico for seven years, followed by positions in industry. Now fully retired with wife Georgia in Arizona. Still snow ski and own a Piper Cub. Kwaj will always be our favorite place. Email:
Chapman, Stephen J & Rosa.    276 Orrong Road, Caulfield North, VIC 3161, Australia, +61-3-9427-9372, +61-3-9208-0508,, 1983-88, 1992-95 Kwaj,  Steve worked for MIT/LL at TRADEX, ALCOR/MMW, and ALTAIR.  We had an eighth child in 2000. The kids are: Avi (, David (, Rachel (, Aaron (, Sarah (, Naomi (, Shira (, and Devorah. We have lived in Australia for the last 17 years now.
1989-96 Chalmers, Shelley  5658 E. Florian Avenue, Mesa, AZ 85206., Class of 1995. After PCS, my family went back to Colorado. Upon graduating from CU-Boulder, I left for Arizona to thaw out. I love and miss Kwaj dearly, and all the friends that became my family while there.
1991-95 Chatelain, Mark Mona Dion and Nicole.  1620 N. Banana River Drive.  Merritt Island, FL, 32952,
1988-90 1995-02 Chick, Steve  I was a Firefighter and Fire Captain on Kwaj, Roi, and Meck. Since returning to Reno, Nevada I went back to school and started a family. Now I am an Electrical Engineer with Sierra Nevada Corporation and my wife and I have 2 young sons to keep us very busy.
Christensen, Mike  Lennox, South Dakota.  I worked Law Enforcement/Security on Johnston Atoll in 95/96. Am wondering if anyone who remembers me is on Kwaj now?  Drop me a line and best of luck in everything you do. Hollywood Mike
Cipriano, Jack  20798 Quiet Brook Place, Potomac Falls, VA  20165, (703-613-8419),  I seem to remember drinking a lot on Kwaj.  Actually, I worked for Western Electric the first time and was assigned to of the smaller tracking radar systems on Kwaj.  I was responsible for the antenna system, it's electronics and the cryogenics for the MASER front end. Played a lot of tennis.....Left to get an Elect Eng degree.  Returned for GTE and did two jobs....ran the radiotelephone (phone patch) system between Kwaj/Hawaii/CA with Shorty Knapp.  Think it was called AJN.  Our office was at the airport on Roi.  Then I moved over to ALTAIR...started in RF Systems and ultimately become one of the Operations Directors - along with Forbes Graham.  Did a lot of sailing, held Secretary and Commodore positions with the Roi-Namur Yacht Club; was General Manager of KVZI-FM....cried bitter tears when they condemned the Jakaroo Club bar started developing a video tape distribution system for the barracks on Roi.  That was a couple of years ago.   I'd go back in a heartbeat - if I could find a way.
1968-78 Clark, Bill  280 North Raleigh Farm Road, Youngsville, NC  27596,, Kwaj Kid, KHS Class of 78.  Dad worked for RCA at ALCOR and TRADEX 
1968-76 Clark Combs, Donna  6112 Saint Mary's Church Road, Lucama, NC 27851,  KHS graduate 1976 and daughter of Bill and Pauline Clark. Dad worked for RCA at TRADEX and ALCOR.  Great place to grow up - I wish my children and grandchildren had been able to experience that lifestyle. 
1967-70 Clark, James Herman & Lillian "Lu", Jill C. Sorbera, M.D.  My father, James, majored in Math and he worked for Bell Labs (before they started just selling phone books; that's when he quit and went into banking.) We lived at 437-D . I think he slipped one time and said it was missile launching or missile testing.  James originally was training to be an architect but had some falling out apparently which was when he switched to math. He can do all sorts of physics and math. Also his dad was a draftsman, and with the 2 years of architecture plus what he learned at home, my father could design, draw up blueprints for, and build anything.  I know he met my mom at Miami of Ohio, but I'm not sure if that's where he graduated. Jill Sorbera,, daughter.  Now about me:  I was in Kwajalein with my family 1967-1970. Even though I was a preschooler then, I do remember watching storms come in and also the streets flooding.  Also my big brother climbing trees to pick a coconut and drinking the milk and eating that soft coconut right out of the shell with a spoon. My mom was in Yokwe Yuk Club and I had a best friend there named Leslie Savage.  We had a maid named Mandrik and a cat named Muffin.  We took hula lessons.  My big sisters got to take baton twirling lessons.  James went on to get an MBA
from Loyola in Maryland when I was 10 (1975). My mom was Lillian Mary Elizabeth Porchetta (now Lillian "Lu" Porchetta Clark.)  They married in 1958. She graduated in 1960.  She later got a JD at U Baltimore in 1980.  We lived in New Jersey before we went to Kwaj and I think we went back to the same house?  I remember one of my sisters asking if the people who lived in NJ while we were away went to live in our house in Kwaj.  My mom didn't bring our cat, Muffin.  My dad (now 74 and retired for 20 years) still will not tell us what his "secret mission" was there nor why we left in such a hurry.  My mom admits that we did leave suddenly, but insists we left " oh because nobody can stay there for more than 2 1/2 years."  My parents went scuba diving and have A LOT of stuff from the German cruiser Prinz Eugen. Haven't seen their collection of stuff in 20 years, but I do remember a stack of china dinner plates, wine bottles, salt & pepper shakers, eye-rinsing glass, and even an entire porthole (opens and closes!) with the glass (broken into lots of little pieces like the glass on a car, but still completely intact--at least one entire side.)  One thing I forgot my mom loved about Kwaj was she said they
would go meet the ships coming from Japan (?) and buy all the stuff. So they have a lot of intricately-carved wooden chests and nesting tables and a wooden screen
1971-72 Clark, Joanna  I was the project R.I.M coordinator during my tour on Kwaj, mapping the lagoon and then coordinating the laying of communication cables between Kwaj-Meck, Meck-Illeginni, and Illeginni-Roi. My bosses were Ed Colburn and Bob Gray, two of the finest men I've ever worked for. I currently reside in San Juan Capistrano, California, where I am director of operations for the AIDS Education Global Information System.
1983-85 Clarke, Dave  PO Box 501, Denair, CA  95316, (209) 656-7242,, WPS Police Dept SGT, American Legion member Roi-Namur post, China post, also looking to contact former police department members.
1981-83 Clayton, Scot  6 Clayton Acres Road, Fayetteville, TN 37334, (931) 233-1029,,,  I worked Kwajalein for Kentron Optics department.  I have 6 children, now (2005) from 6 yrs to 22 and one Granddaughter.  Retired.
1990-95 Clemans, Roy  (916) 985-8606,, Public Affairs Officer, USAKA Host Nation Relations Specialist/Community Relations Specialist.
1972-75 Clement, John  13975 Arbolitos Drive, Poway, CA  92064, (858) 748-4755,
1971-93 Cochron, Donald (Don) 1175 Justice Road, Ashland, TN  37015, (615) 307-4993,
1971-73 Cochron, Donna 494 Foxtrail Circle West, Westerville, OH  43081, (614) 898-9867,  I remember moving into "Silver City" summer 1971.  Had Mr. Haley for 5th grade.  This was a great time for me.  We moved to a house behind the Ivy Theater and my Mom taught Kindergarten there.  I can assure you that my Ekatak had been well thumbed.  I still dream about Kwaj. and what it's like now.
1968-75 Colburn, Ed & Jane    We were on Kwaj 7 1/2 years for Kentron Communications.  I was Comm. Manager after Bob Gray left the Island until my departure in Jun '75.  My wife, Jane worked for BTL as did (between college semesters) daughter, Diana.  Son Chuck & Ken also graduated from KHS.  Ken remained on island for an additional 7 years with Martain-Zachery after we left.  After leaving Kwaj, I was a travel agent with AAA for about 4 years, then in Industry for another 8 and for the past 15 we have been traveling the USA in our motor home engraving name badges for the RV crowd. Now we are finally retired for good. Have a home in Tarpon Springs, FL when we are not on the road - have not taken our Christmas tree down in 10 years as we would return on Nov 1st and leave again in January!  We can be reached at Box 303, Crystal Beach, FL 34681 or
1967-70 Cole, Jim  Richardson, TX, Cell (214) 616-7911, Office (972) 690-1121,, I was on Kwaj with Kentron Hawii Ltd and later worked with FEC on Canton, Phoenix, Islands back in the early '70s. Working in the Zero Defects Building on Kwaj I was the leadman for facility control communications among Navcomsta Hono, Guam, Eniwetok, VAFB, CA, Roi Namur, Meck and provided harbor control support for commercial and range ships using CW and voice. I recently retired from Nortel Networks, and would really like to get back to Kwaj for about 5 years. 
1964-69 Collins, Alisa  Malibu, CA,, Kwaj Kid.
1980-86 Collins, Rich & Cheryl
1980-86 Condrey, Jo Anne (Brogden)  PO Box 592, Horse Shoe, NC 28742, (828) 891-6358, email.
1986-90 Conklin, Kent & Diane USAKA,, “The best of times”
1990-92 Connell, Shirley (Williams)  260 Blue Skies Drive, Sparks, NV, (775) 544-8822,  USAKA Secretary, Engineering & Housing, PBX Operator, Saint Mary's Hospital, Reno, NV.
1999-00 Connor, Lawrence    Virginia Beach, VA, email, technician at AN/MPS-36 RADAR site.
1992-95 Cook, Jim  Orlando, FL, email. I was stationed on Roi-Namur. I worked for the police department and was a DJ at Roi Rat radio KVZI for three years. I am working as a systems engineer for Northrop Grumman TS in the simulation and training department.
1955-57 Cook, Judith (Wold)  Daughter of Jim and Jackie Wold,   My dad was stationed there in the Navy, the time of major rebuilding of the island.  For years I had a cookbook that was put together by all the women on the island.  Still bothers me that it's lost. 
1971-73 Cooper, Ron & Linda 2713 Topley Ave., Las Cruces, NM  88005, (505) 525-0009,
Corbett, Don & Shelley  We are current Kwaj Island folks who live in a Dome Home, (805) 355-0161,, Boeing GMD Flight Test.
Correnti, John & Bobbie  1969-1971: Safeguard Program with Douglas/McDonnell Douglas. Family lived in a trailer (593) next door to Harry Kalahiki.  1976 - 1981: Missile Defense with McDonnell Douglas. Lived ocean side at 493B. Son Greg graduated from KHS. Wife and 4 dependents.  2001 - 04: Technical Site Manager for Boeing on Ballistic Missile Defense. Wife only. Dependents were able to visit with their families. All of my work efforts were on Meck Island. Lots of Caribou and boat travel time. 10 years all total with wife and family.
1993-97 Cortright, Chris  3131 South Regester Street, Baltimore, MD  21231-2418,, tech writer, training administrator, supply & transportation department (Earl Davis, boss).
2009-present Corway, Charles E. (Chuck)  email, Kwajalein Range Services (KRS) LLC, – Plans and Operations/Configuration and Data Management (Drafter III), (805) 355-1481 (5-1481 in Kwajalein) (GMT +12)
1982-94 Coughlin, Ron & Mary (Vagabonds) traveling from July 2011-Nov 2012!!  Own home in FL, 207 65th Street, Holmes Beach Fl 34217, you can keep track of us on the following link  E-mail Ron - & Mary - 
1982-94 Coughlin, Andrew  born on Kwaj,, Seattle, WA.
1982-84 Coughlin, Donovan lived on Kwaj,, 317 NW 45th Street, Ft Lauderdale, FL 33309-3911
1982-94 Coughlin, Patrick lived on Kwaj,, Seattle, WA.
1982-89 Coulon, Sheldon  I worked at Global Associates from 1982 to 1989. I had many basketball teams on the Island and was good friends with Tom Daly and Kelvin Sumic.
1986-89 Crawford, David & Sharon  David and Sharon both worked for the government while on Kwajalein. David has retired and Sharon still works for U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command, Huntsville, AL.
1969-70 Craig, Kathy (Rolfes) New Jersey,  We lived on Kwajalein for 1-1/2 years, a short time, but forever in my memories. My father, Chuck Rolfes, worked for Western Electric and my mother, Pat, worked as a secretary. My brothers, John and Frank, were horribly mischievous and swear they never set a dumpster on fire?! How many of you remember watching a movie in the indoor theatre and being bombarded by coconuts, most likely my brothers’ handiwork. Some of those in my group included Paula Burney, Marty Redmon, Kevin Locke, Cecilia Delacruz, Kevin Powers and Steve Buckley – need to find my yearbook. It’s been awhile! My favorite activities on the island were water skiing, bicycling to the movies, the snack bar, trips to Roi and just hangin’ with my friends. After Kwaj., we moved to NJ where I have lived since. My parents were divorced and then remarried after a few years of coming back to the states. My profession is marketing and advertising with a focus on healthcare. Exotic travel destinations is still a passion.
1963-76 Cramer, Lothar, Kwaj Kid, graduated KHS Class of 76.  Where is everyone?  Live in Southern California, Laguna Niguel.
1988-93 Crosby, Steve Wilsonville, OR, 1988-93.

Cross, Brian, I was watching a show on t.v. about reunions and started thinking about the rock. I was also one of the very few K-12 kids and Nathan Fullmer was one of my closest friends. I graduated and went into the Air Force. My Dad, Jerry Cross, was the P.E. teacher and my mother was a 4th grade teacher.

Crouch, Jim & Judy  Judy and I are working for KRS at Kwajalein. I'm still at PLOPS as the OD.
1984-90 2010 - ?
Crowder, Jim, contractor, KRS, Programmer/Analyst III, US Army Kwajalein Atoll, (805) 355.0629.  I have some Kwaj and Roi photos here:  They are under MY ALBUMS and include KWAJALEIN/ROI NAMUR which are some photos from the 70's, Kwajalein 2009 and Roi-Namur 2010 include new photos.
1960-64 Cuesta, Gary  325 Los Santos, Garland, TX 75043,, Kwaj Kid. graduated George Seitz 1964.  Remember those great evenings riding the bus for hours, especially when the movies weren't so good, weekend parties at someone's house until the Teen Club, Magoo, but of course it wouldn't have been fun without all the great folks (kids, teachers, parents).  All great memories.
1973 Cutchshaw, Michael 15562 Sunburst lane, Huntington Beach, CA 92647,, KHS Class of '73
1980-99 Daly, Andrea  P.O. Box 944, Klamath Falls, OR  97601, (541) 273-8478,, DOB Kwaj 11/28/80, Kwaj Kid 1980-99, 1999 KHS graduate, graduated from Evergreen State, WA.
1978-96 Daly, Lateff  Madison, AL 35758, (732) 213-7799,, DOB Kwaj 6/3/78, Kwaj Kid 1978-96, 1996 KHS graduate, graduated from Rutgers University, NJ.





Daly, Tom & Debbie    P.O. Box 1180, Waimea, HI  96796, (808) 338-2072, Tom -, Debbie -  Tom's working Intuitive Research, Program Field Rep, Pacific Missile Range Facilities, Kauai, HI.
1989-92 Danielson, Mark 1532 Vista Club Cir. # 204, Santa Clara, CA  95054, (408) 969-0378, Software engineer for GTE at Altair.  Now a patent attorney in Silicon Valley.
1989-91 Danko, Frank & Awilda   265 Graystone Way, Alpharetta, GA 30005,, After 35 plus years as a civilian with DOD, I retired in January 2009. Family and friends liked those Kwajalein Calendars. My nieces and nephews would take some of their seashells and the Kwajalein calendars to school for class projects resulting in a pretty good grade while educating their Classmates and Teachers about Kwajalein Atoll and the Marshall Islands. I enjoyed my Kwajalein Atoll tour (1989 -1991).
1981-85 Davis, Alan  Kwaj Kid,
1996-00 Davis, Anita  I'm now living in Albuquerque, NM, 505-681-8917.  I want to say Thank-You for having the web site.  It keeps the memories alive. I moved between Kwaj and Roi and back to Kwaj.  No water now,  just cold snows even in March. I have great friends and keep busy.  I sure miss the water!  Aloha, write if you get a chance.
1988-92 Davis, Ron & Charlotte  Cell (321) 626-6630, Home (520) 459-1595, 5546 Calle de la Fresa, Hereford, AZ  85615,  I would love to hear from anyone from Kwaj. Ron flew UH-1 for DynCorp; Charlotte was Security Spec in Provost Marshal Office; Ron left and went to Saudi and Charlotte followed 4 months later; spent 2 years there then 6 months in Turkey and then returned to Merritt Island, FL and had a tractor-trailer company for 9 years; then retired, sold house, bought RV and is now living in RV and traveling around the good old USA. 
1966-68 Davis, Vernon K.  1716 S Berry Rd, Norman, OK  73072, (405) 364 4927,, Kwaj 1966-68, COE Area Engineer.
1986-87 Deckard, Ray (703) 642-6145, or I worked for RCA/GE/GEGS at TRADEX.  Next year I'll be looking to go back.  It was the best 2 years that I can remember.
1953-54 DeCordova, James  My family lived on the island from late 1953 until mid 1954. My e-mail address is  I would love to talk to some of the kids the folks who lived out there at that time
1994 Defibaugh, Shawn  911 Valleygreen Dr., Arlington, TX  76017, 817-692-9173,, Kwaj Kid, 1994 KHS graduate, job at Kwaj, etc.  Worked for Johnson Controls (with my cousin Jeremy and my Aunt Cheryl) in the Property Control Department, we were the kids who did the inventory that summer/fall. We mostly hung out with the high school student as we had just graduated high school the prior month to coming to Kwaj. We were on island for approx 5-6 months, and I had a blast!  Would love to hear from people still on Kwaj, people I knew (and miss) on Kwaj or just anyone in general. Shawn Defibaugh
1974-76 Deegan, Bob   Barrington, NJ,  I was on Kwaj 1974-1976. I was a Captain/Investigations with the Kwajalein, Marshall Islands, Police Department, contractor - Global Associates.
1964-66 DeLorme, Janet, Kwaj Kid, brother's name is Donnie, (born in 1949), sisters names are Joanne (born in 1958) and Jeanne (born in 1958) I was born in 1956 and spent 3rd (Mrs. Duncan) and 4th (Mr. Western) at George Seitz. Our Dad worked for Global Associates and mom worked the "Trouble Desk".  We lived in Trailer 748.  Boy do I miss the six o'clock horn blast. 
1973-78 DeSloover, Dennis, (work), Bucyrus, KS.  I lived in Reef BQ 101. Shermie was my neighbor for awhile. I knew all of the members of Shermie's band.
1978-80 Denenberg, David & Robinne 800 Northampton St., Easton, PA  18042, (610) 559-8680,, ALTAIR servo engineer.
1983-89 DiLella, Joe  417 Winding Way, Hammonton, NJ  08037, (609) 567-9041,, TRADEX Software Engineer.
1963-64 Dillman, Paul H.  Fort Leavenworth, Kansas,, born on Kwaj.  My father was the chief of security.  If anyone knew him, please email me.  Thank you.

Donaldson, Chuck  Two Tours at Kwajalein:  Sep 66 - Dec 68, Aug 76 to Jun 85, technician at Carlos Island 1st Tour (Worked under Bill Patton), Supervisor SDRs 2nd Tour (worked under Chuck Lesniak), in charge of Gellinam, Legan and Gagan SDR sites, Manager Telemetry Tracking Stations Carlos and Roi 2nd tour (worked under Chick Dry), Operator of TPQ 18 and worked to convert it to FPQ 19  2nd Tour (worked under Fred Leth-Steensen and Bob Carr).  Lived at Trailer 398 I think - ran the AstroDon Model Hobby Shop - taught kids how to build and launch rockets - had Sunday gatherings at the high school track field.  Lived with Bon Donaldson on second tour with Mike Donaldson  Member of Kwajalein Toast Masters-Past President of Kwajalein Toast Masters.

1988-90 Donnellon, John & Mignon John worked with Buzz Bibby in the Marine Department before moving up to Kwaj Housing Manager. Mignon spent her day on Roi working with the MIT/L travel department.
Doubek, Scott  1955 Morgan Ave., Morgan Hill, CA  95037, (408) 779-1973,  I graduated in 1979 and went to work a week later for Bee George as a telephone operator (Kentron).  A year later, I worked at the Kentron Supply Warehouse.
Dowell, Pat & Anne (Medeiros),   (805) 355-4466/2106.  Married to Pat Dowell who works at Carlos Telemetry.   One daughter, Kori Kalei, brother's Tony and Ricky still here. Dad worked for Kentron Supply and mom worked at the JTO building.  Anne Y. Dowell, Annual Work Plan Administrator, Raytheon - Range Systems Engineering Project Planning & Control.
1966-69 Drout, Reggie Susan, (Remick)  4936 W. Hardy Rd., Tucson, AZ  85742, (520) 744-0144, Kwaj 1966-69,  My job on Kwaj, was a kid in place to grow up.  I work for Bank One, been in banking for 28 years; love it.
Duarte, Howard & Yvonne & Yvonne duarte_yvonne@yahoo.comHoward was the Administrative Sergeant and Administrative NCO for HQ, Kwajalein Missile Range (KMR).  After retiring from the U.S. Army in 1989, Yvonne and I returned to Kwaj as civilian contract workers.  Yvonne worked for Global Associates while I was stationed there 1979-1983, at the Continental Micronesia Travel Office (terminal building).  I worked for Global Associates, and started off in REDAR Supply then moved to Property Management.  I moved over to Raytheon in 1995 and with the new contract awarded in March 2003 to KRS, I moved to the newly formed KRS Maintenance Management Group under the Mission Operations umbrella (Technical side).  We finally departed in 2006 and are now located in Chillicothe, OH to be closer to our grandchildren.  Our last assignment in Kwaj was from 1990 to 2006 (16 years).  Kwajalein is in our blood there's a good chance you may find us back out there again!  Aloha & Yokwe, Howard "TakoMan" & Yvonne
1981-85 Dulude, Georgia  14 Lafayette Circle, Wellesley, MA 02482,
1962-64 Dumas, Doris  Kernersville, NC,  I was with my family on Kwaj.  What a wonderful place to spend time growing up. My father, Edward E. Dumas, was an engineer with Western Electric; my mother, Gypsy Dumas, was a nurse at the hospital. I have one brother, Larry, who was there also. I would love to go back for a visit, but don't think that is possible.
1970-76 Duncan, Cathy (Moir)  Sewell, NJ,, Kwaj Kid.
1989-90 Duplisea, Marlee  Rio Rancho, Arizona,, I worked for Kwajalein for DynCorp. 
1987-0? Dye, Neil C.  P.O. Box 385, APO AP 96555, (805) 355-3716 (h), (805) 355-1390 (w), I worked in Optics (PRC Kentron), Calibration Lab, Telemetry (Dyncrop),Telemetry, Timing, Voice Data Communications (Raytheon), Voice Data Communications (KRS). Originally from Idaho, I found out about Kwajalein from a recruiting flyer at Idaho State University. Kwajalein is a great place and I'm still enjoying it.
1959-61 Dye, Jerry  In May 1959 I was hired by the Transport Company of Texas out of Corpus Christie, Texas.  At the time I was working with Eastern Airlines and my station manager was hired as the airport manager at Kwaj and he asked me to go with him.  We arrived at Kwaj in June 1959 and I spent two years there.  I think about the place often and wonder what it is like today.  I saw a picture of the terminal building where I worked on the second floor flight planning aircraft. The money was tax free if you stayed out of the country for at least 18 months and we all signed a two year contract. However at least 2 out of 3 people that went there quit in less than 2 months. These are just some of my recollections.
1988-94 Dzurny, Gary  email, I started out as the optics engineer and eventually moved to software support for various range systems (ICC, ROC, FPQ19, MPS36, Safety, etc.)
Eastburn, Emil & Karen  email, Emil was at Kwaj 1963-65, 67-69 as a student, 74-77 as a bachelor working for Global Associates on Meck and Kwaj, 83-87 and 90-95 married working for MIT Lincoln Lab at ALTAIR, TRADEX and KMCC.  I loved the boating, diving, and people of Kwajalein.  I miss all of these things especially the people.  I went to Kwaj over a very extended period, and while it changed a lot, it stayed the same even more.  I think TV was the biggest change for Kwaj  There seemed to be fewer people do things with after work when TV arrived.  Diving was by far my favorite pastime.  My aquariums were always full of the most exotic fish, a golden memory is best.
Eck, Clarence & Nancy  email, 1976 - '81 with daughters; Carolyn and Margaret, 1997 - '99.  Clarence worked for Kentron on our first tour as Lead of the Mini-computer Support Group. His primary assignment was to support the FPQ-19 and MPS-36 radar software systems. Nancy worked in the Housing Office and as Hostess at the Yuk Club. On our second tour (Raytheon) Clarence worked again as software and test conductor at the MPS-36 site. Nancy worked in the Provisions Group. Clarence is currently working for Kwajalein Range Services in Huntsville.  We're now looking forward to retirement in May 2010 and leisurely weekends at our Tennessee farm.
1991-97 Edinger, Pat & Nancy 110 Oakridge Lane SE, Winter Haven, FL 33884, (863) 298-0125, email.
Edwards, Kathy (Campbell)  Kwaj kid, email.
1993-95 Einmo, Debi  13777 Feather Sound Circle  # 607, Clearwater, FL 33762, (727) 573-4863, email. Manager of Finance and Accounting, Johnson Controls World Services.  Love to receive email from Kwaj people...
1977-79 Elliott, Patti, & Cece Fox  15555 Vista Vicente Drive, Ramona, CA 92065, (760) 788-6168, &, Site Manager, Control Data Corp.
1973-83 Elliott, Terry & Helen (Vicoli)  P.O. Box 1005, Chincoteague, VA   23336, (757) 336-5537, or
Elmore, Joan  18814 Hwy 125, Walden, CO  80480, email, dependant status, Kwaj 1990-92.
1973-76 Emerson, Roger 110 Rockwell Dr, LaGrange Georgia, email. I worked for Kentron, first at the Calibration Lab over by the round house, later as a tech with RADOT's and BC4's mostly on Gagan.  What fun, the peace, the freedom (until I had to go to Roi, always got into trouble there, Frank loved me). Spent alot of my time with three crazies..... Frank Wallace, Mike Ainey, and Jeremy Toby (Jeremy was my roommate at the Reef).  Sometimes I think the four of us were the first to break the rules and wander away from bachelors beach and invade Emon.... Thank goodness there wasn't a jail on Kwaj. (I'm laughing here so much it's hard to type this).  Any one remember the softball team called "Semi-Tough".....
Endres, Michael H. (Mike) & Annette,, phone - (352) 343-7245.  Two tours, first tour as Facilities Leader, KREMS, Roi Namur, for RCA and second tour as Optics Section Head, KMR for Raytheon. I always like to get an e-note from old friends. Our current location is in Tavares, FL and I'm still at it.  I retired off Kwaj back in 1996.
1951-52 Engelhardt, Jack  Mesa, Arizona, email.  I was stationed on Kwajalein. I was a US Navy RMSN working in JCC, Joint Communications Center and then I was Seaman in charge in the Harbor Control Post signal tower.  I had never heard of the place until I got my orders.  I had hoped to be going to a beautiful Pacific Island paradise.  There were only 9 palm trees left standing so it was quite barren.  There was quite a bit of new foliage that had been planted but it certainly wasn't what you would call a lush island.  I was young and full of adventure and found that I really liked it there.  I've often wanted to go back to see how much it changed.
1988-96 Engvall, Thomas "Chase" 2221 W. Winnebago Dr Peoria, IL  61614, (309) 693-3398,  Range Safety Engineer, Disc Jockey at Yuk club. Wife Marilyn and daughters April and Paige.  Tom has return to Kwaj (12/15/01) and his email is
1967-69 Ericsson (Stein), Shannon   Bakersfield, CA,  I graduated from Kwajalein High School in 1969, Kwaj Kid, KHS 1969.  My father was an engineer with Bell Labs. Cheryl Cannan Blake and I planned and hosted the first Kwaj Reunion in 1979 (our 10th) in Dallas. My husband, Jay, and I have been married for 35 years, and we have two grown children: son, Stein and wife, Natasha, and daughter, Manja. We have three precious granddaughters: Jordan, Reagan and Savannah. I taught junior high and high school for 23 years and have a bachelor’s in Journalism/English and master’s in counseling.
1990-92 Eshnaur, Desiree  3037 W. Michigan Ave. Phoenix, AZ  85053, 602-547-9245,  I lived & worked on Kwaj.  I also got married there, to Derek Estle, we are now divorced, but I have a beautiful 10 year old boy, named Haylen, who will be 11 on May 14th.  We both worked in the Marine Dept, Derek was a deckhand & engineer, I ran the 'tool shop', right behind/next to the weld shop. Then it was just a corrugated tin shed!!! They were in the process of building the new shops when we were there.  I went thru Typhoon Zelda on Thanksgiving Day!  Those two years were an experience that I will NEVER forget, and still talk about often.  I am now engaged to a wonderful man, and I would LOVE to go back one day!  My best to everyone there, whether I know ya or not!  Attached is a picture of my son, and one of me, I used to be blonde.
1974-77 Espinola, Steve  Brooklyn, NY.  I went to Oberlin college 1985-89, Lived in Seattle 1989-93, now happy in New York, living with two cats, writing songs, touring as a pianist, shortwave-radio player, 19-string electric-tennis-racket player in rock bands, and getting by doing computer graphics work.   Son of Ron and Peg Espinola, brother of Robin.  Ron died in 1986, sorry to say.
1977-85 Eubank, Joni, Kwaj Kid missing home
1963-68 Evans, Larry, I graduated High School there at George Seitz and was Senior Class President. My Dad was Thomas N. Evans who recently passed away (2005) from a short illness.  Lora Lee, my Mom, is still going strong.  We both live in Arizona. She lives in Gold Canyon, and I live in Apache Junction (about 6 miles down the road).  My brother Ron (listed below) spent 18 years there (off and on) and he is still going strong and works for the Food and Drug Administration (Foods Inspection Division).  Some folks might remember Don, my youngest brother. He passed away in 2002 in Hawaii from a short illness.  My father, Tom, passed away in 2005 also after a short illness. He was the Maintenance Manager at the airfield for Global Associates. My sister Jan was the youngest of the bunch.  She is married and lives in Portland with her husband and son, Cody. I  spent 20 years in the Navy Medical Department and retired at 39 years of age in 1989.  I worked for Boeing on the 777 Aircraft - Propulsion Systems Division -Rolls-Royce engines, interfacing with the FAA for about eight years on aircraft ETOPS certification.  Then, I really retired and moved to Hoodsport, WA and lived on a mountain for a year or so by myself.  I got back into photography and music on the keyboards.  I was married for 27 years and have four children.  My wife passed away in 1997 from cancer.  I have not remarried.
Evans, Ron  2510 Mapleway Rd., Yakima, Washington  98908, (509) 965-5904 or 972-0477 (fax),, 18 years at Kwaj including Jr./Sr. High School, Hospital Corpsman, Lab Tech, Pest Control Supervisor and Acting General Foreman for Buildings and Grounds.
1979-81 Falite, Dawn (MacDonald) 3860 Three Chimneys Lane, Cumming, GA 30041,, Kwaj Kid. I was in 3rd and 4th grade (Mrs. Shoemaker's) and loved living on the Rock. My parents, Bob & Laura taught at 6th and 11th grades, respectively. They also produced the H. S. play Where the Lilies Bloom. I played the harp for the Christmas Eve service on the island. We lived in Silver City next to the radio DJ (Denny) and his son, Danny. My husband and I are chiropractors outside of Atlanta and have a 3-yr old boy named Grant. I'd love to hear from anyone out there who remembers me!
1967-70 Farrar, Roland O. Jr.  Atlanta, GA,, Kentron, Hawaii, LTD, indirectly for "papa" Bob Gray at the then new Western Electric #5 crossbar telephone exchange in the JTO building.  I was part of the operations/maintenance team that put that system in service late 1967, a major Kwaj. milestone really, now everybody could have a phone, prior there were very few. Silver City was just built and getting wired up.  I am currently a telecommunications project manager for Emory University in Atlanta, GA.  I and most of us were 20 something's then and perhaps didn't appreciate the Kwaj experiences as much as looking back now.  I wouldn't trade them for anything!
1974-75 Felber, Rachel (Berman)  My name is (was) Rachel Felber. I'm 53 years old now. I was in 5th grade, and maybe part of 6th (or 4th).  After Silver City, I think I lived on Pine Street.  I lived down the road from the elementary school.  I saw my brother Steve on your website.  I also have another older brother named Joe.  I remember a few names of school mates: Michele Saul, Jill Landesberg, Jane Self, Lex Brockington, and my best friend, Liz Moir (who ended up moving to Cherry Hill, N.J., and becoming a ballerina).  I'd love to find those other people!  My parents, Henry and Judy, were very active in community theater, scuba diving, and sailing.  My dad worked with IBM.   Rachel Berman -
1974-75 Felber, Steve
1966-70 Fellhoelter, Dan  74 Binney Hill Rd, New Ipswich, NH  03071 (603) 878-4874,, Kwaj kid.  My family and I were on Kwaj.  My dad worked for Kentron and mom worked for Global on Roi-Namur. 
1986-92 Fields, Stuart & Kathryn  Experimental Helo magazine, PO Box 1585 / 8075, Seibenthal Inyokern, CA 93527, (760) 377-4478, (760) 408-9747 publication cell, (760) 608-1299 tech cell,, email  Stu was Range Systems Engineer and "Strange Command"; Kathy was director of KAPS 87-90; SS teacher grades 7-9, 1991.
1963-64 Fine, Laura Allen 6001 NE 19th Terrace, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308,  My father, Capt. Dale Allen was the CO on Kwaj.  We were transferred when the Army took over.  Mother, Ada Allen, sisters CYNDY and JAN and I all have fabulous memories of Kwaj. 
Fineberg, Bernard  3206 S. Rainier St., Kennewick, WA 99337, mobile (508) 619-2160, home (509) 582-2659,, 1977-78 Global, Kwaj Police/Security, 1978-80 Kentron, Cal Lab & FCA 94-95 Raytheon, SDR RADAR, Ham Radio operator, 1977-80 Kwaj license-KX6AG, 94-95-V73I
1962-64 Finger, Cordes B. 73 Beaverdam Hgts, Canton, NC  29649,,, custom Furniture maker.  I was a Kwaj kid KHS and although I didn't graduate, (we left at the end of my junior year).  I spent more time on the water than anywhere else.  Skiing, sand surfing, sailing and snorkeling.   I was the lifeguard at Emon Beach from Aug 63 -Feb 64.
2009-Present Finney, Valerie  I'm on Kwajalein, last lived in Alaska. Hope to be here a while. My personal email is
1969-71 Fischer, Jack & Bernice 3054 Lyon Street, San Francisco, CA   94123,  Jack was with Army.  Currently we are working and living in San Francisco and loving it.  (Daughter - Christina & Son - Todd)
1987-91 Fisher, Don, Eleanor & son Don  4120 West Armour St., Seattle WA. 98199,, (206) 282-8640, Eleanor was the Resource Manager and Contract Officer Representative for USAKA. I (Don) was the USAKA Transportation Officer and also a Contract Officer Representative. Eleanor and I were very career orientated our first three years on island, but once our fate had been decided (retirement at 20 yrs) we got diving certified and took advantage of the wonderful diving opportunities at Kwaj. We moved in with her mother in October 1991 and established a household in Seattle. Eleanor has worked as a Contracting Administrator for two different Engineering companies and is currently employed at URS as a Senior Project Manager for their Airport Division. I worked at Seattle University for 8 yrs as their Transportation Specialist and retired from that job in Jan of 2000. For the next two yrs I helped my brother-in-law plan and organize the annual Daffodil Parade in Tacoma, Puyallup, Sumner & Orting Washington. When I wasn't doing that I was following my son's athletics at his high school and updating their athletic web page. Kind of reliving my high school days vicariously thru my sons exploits. He know at Linfield College in Oregon and has run across Loren Lindberg (son of Dr. Lindberg, head physician on Kwaj). Currently I'm driving a school bus for the city of Seattle working about 30 hours a week.
Fink, Ron & Ginny  2 Tomahawk Drive, Marlton, NJ 08053,  Ron worked on Roi Namur for RCA which turned into GE.  Ginny worked first on the Hourglass staff during part of the second tour and then on to Andy Danko/Darlene Koenig's office manager at Special Services in the latter portion of that tour.  When we returned in 1988 the same position opened up and Ginny worked again for Darlene at Special Services shortly after returning to Kwaj.  We have one daughter, Stephanie, who was with us the first two tours but in college during the third tour. We were all very active in island sports. We've been retired since our return to the states in 1991 and do lots of volunteer work.
2009-Present Finney, Valerie J  CTR USASMDCK,, I'm on Kwajalein, last lived in Alaska. Hope to be here a while.  My personal email is
1975-83 Fiske, John  2305 Rodgers Drive, Huntsville, AL 35811, (256) 679-1795,, sisters (younger) Lisa and Kelli,  folks: Benny and Judy.  Dad worked for Control Data Corp. in Data Center.  Mom was fantastic homemaker!  Graduated KHS 1983. I couldn't begin right now to paraphrase my experience on Kwaj; almost ineffable (in a good way!). 
1976-79 Flores, Andy  Yukwe Yuk y'all.  I worked at the HF transmitter site KWT and then to the SATCOM station KWJ.  I was ham radio operator KX6AQ now AA7AA in Sandy, Utah.  I missed those cool rainy trade wind nights with my 6-pack at the outdoor movies.
1998 - 03 Fogarty, Dan & Grace  Gold Canyon, AZ,  Dan was the financial controller in Bldg.1010 and I worked in TM on the hill then at GBRP. We lived next door to the Matsanaga's for 6 years then Raytheon sent us to Guam for 2 yrs. then on to VA for 2 yrs. when Dan had finally retired.   We wished we had never had to leave Kwaj.
1962-65 Fogle, Steven  8884-I Murfreesboro Rd, Fall Creek Airfield, Lebanon, TN  37090, (615) 449-8653,, (K-2) Kwaj Kid,    
1962-64 Fogleman, Charles (Chuck), Sunnyvale, CA.  It was the best two years of my life.  What a beautiful place to live for a budding teenager.  I loved to snorkel, fish, swim, teen trips to other islands during my brief stay on Kwaj.  My Dad worked for Western Electric and Mom was a star mountain ball pitcher.
1993 – 2001 Foltz, Bob and June  Bob worked at TRADEX as a Systems Engineer. He was the Raytheon RF Safety Manager. He worked at Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson, AZ for 7 years before his retirement in 2008. He now enjoys his musical pursuits and growing irises - Bob:,  June started working at REDAR Technical Supply and then moved to ALTAIR in software. She worked at Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson, AZ for 12 years. Initially she calculated and analyzed stars for celestial navigation for EKV missiles. Then she analyzed performance of all ballistic missiles defense missiles, including making presentations to members of the US Missile Defense Agency. She had great success writing proposals and managing proposals for military equipment and services. She was the lead engineer for RMS Innovation for 2012 - June:
1967-68 Forbes, Bruce  We lived in Florida. for over 20 yrs., until his death. He was at Kwaj from 67-68 to early 70's graduation picture is from 69. He was very active in soccer, water sports to include surfing and scuba. I am his wife, Carol, of 20 years, and would like to meet those who were friends of his. Please contact at, this is the most recent email. Thank you. I would love to hear from anyone.
1970-79 Ford, Bob & Chris (Hergenrother)  I grew up on the island (Class of 76) and my husband Bob Ford was a bachelor working for Global 1975-1979,
1997-0? Fortin, Dave I am a software engineer and work at ALTAIR, TRADEX and now we are consolidated as KREMS software.  My home page is
1970-79 Fortney, Michele (Sahl) Ridgecrest, CA, (760) 384-2341,, 1970-79, Kwaj Kid
1989-94 Fortune, Kathryn  (widow of Ed Johnson, Security Mgr Johnson Controls), (423) 779-2692, 10967 Eustice Road, Soddy Daisy, TN 37379,
1966-70 Fouche, James W.  French Lick, Indiana 47432,  I worked for Kentron, Hawaii Ltd. on Kwajalein, 1966-70.
1989-90 Franklin, Brandon, Kwaj kid, living in Pittsburgh, PA.  Son of Robert and Joyce Franklin. My father passed away on 4/9/06. Would love to hear from Kwaj folks that knew me or my parents.
78-81, 91-96
83-88, 91-96
Fratangelo, John & Marilyn  Dutton, AL,  John: Kentron International: Radar Tech, Optics Supervisor, Instrumentation Manager, MIT-LL (1991-96) Technical Staff. Marilyn: 1977-79, Bank of Hawaii, teller; Kentron International, 1983-88 and 1991-96, Program Analyst and USAKA Program Management Office.
2005-07 Fraser, John  2711 Sierra Vista Way, Bishop, CA 93514-3033, (760) 258-1258, email.  Former Kwaj resident, worked as a medical technologist in the hospital lab.
2009-present Finney, Valerie J  I'm on Kwajalein, last lived in Alaska. Hope to be here a while, email.
1974-87 Fullmer, Nathan   I was one of the only K-12 kids on Kwaj with my "tour" lasting over 16 years, graduating in 1987.  My dad was the Art Teacher at KHS and my mom taught Art at George Seitz.  After graduation I attended Brigham Young University finishing with a degree in Broadcasting.  I spent most of the 90's in federal law enforcement in Dallas before starting my own company.  I'm divorced after 12 years of marriage with 2 kids; boy 8 and girl 11 who live with their mom just outside Memphis.  Miss the beaches, sunsets, Special Services, and old friends.  Hoping to go back and visit someday.
Fureigh, Larry & Jean  4784 Heber Springs Road West, Quitman, AR   72131-8778, voice mail: (775) 789-2781, email.
1968-70 Gaarder, Gene W.   Retired from Lucent, 1989, email.
2002-06 Gabany, Mike  Retired from Hampton Fire & Rescue then hired to come to Kwajalein Fire & Emergency Services as fire inspector and chief of fire prevention. Returned to Mainland and now teach high school vocational class certifying Juniors as firefighters. Many fond memories of people on Kwaj, Yuk Club, BBQs, etcetera, email.
1968-71 Gaffny, David  Gulf Breeze, Florida, Kwaj Kid, I was on Kwaj from the summer of 68 through the summer of 71. I was in the 7th grade through my freshmen year at KHS. My father Hank (deceased 2/93) worked for Raytheon on Meck. My mother Carolyn worked there as well. Both were active playing golf and bowling. My brother Doug and sister Patricia were also on island. Great place to live and grow up as a kid even without TV. Movies at the Rich and Ivy hall instead. Sports were fun, softball (fast and slow pitch, mountain ball), golf, soccer, flag and powder puff football. My brother and I both worked delivering the Hourglass. I am married to a great woman (Cathy) and have 2 kids (Melissa and Nick) currently in the service. It would be great to hear from anyone who knew me or any of my family during our time on Kwaj.
1988-90 Galasso, Gary & Mary (Foster)  We (Gary Galasso, Mary, daughter Laura and son Collins) were on Kwaj.  My husband Maj. Gary Galasso was communications officer; I taught a few sessions for Univ. of Maryland (English and business courses). Our daughter Laura went through kindergarten on Kwaj. She is getting ready to graduate from Louisiana State University (Dec. 2006) and get married (Feb. 2007), and she would love to contact some of her childhood Kwaj friends, especially Joanna Mosely, who lived across the street from us. We lived behind bunker hill, and I loved sitting on it at night to watch the sky and the ocean. Our toddler son Collins was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder while we were on Kwaj, and that knocked a good bit of the “paradise” out of the island living experience for us. Still, most of the memories of Kwaj are very special and wonderful ones: Emon Beach, Laura driving herself to kindergarten on her Strawberry Shortcake bike, plum aria leis, Macy’s, long bike rides in the twilight, good friends. I especially enjoyed holding “office hours” for my classes on folding chairs in the front yard. Collins has made steady progress, graduated valedictorian of his high school class, went on the French Club trip to France, and is a chemistry major freshman at University of Louisiana in Lafayette. After we left Kwaj, Gary had military assignments in the Washington, D.C. area and then retired and went to work for General Research Corp. (GRC) for five years. After that, we moved to my hometown of Morrow, LA. Gary is retired, and I am the library director for the Evangeline Parish Library, We all send greetings. We can be contacted at or P.O. Box 242, Morrow, LA 71356.
1998-0? Galloway, Gregory (G.L.) "Cowboy" & Lexy  Still here in Paradise!, Kwajalein Power Plant,, (805) 355-3979, fax (805) 355-3138
1975-80 Galpin, Jack B.  820 N Atlantic Avenue 504A, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931, (407) 783-3755.  I worked for RCA amd had our three children on Kwaj; Bruce, Stephen, and Dawn.  I was president of Kwaj Swim Club for 3 years - all three children competed; Dawn at age 4!  I am now retired and my wife Pearl and I spend much of our time on missions with our church and with the International School Project - Campus Crusade for Christ.  Have just returned from Yakutsk, Siberia where we re-visited elementary and secondary school teachers who attended the ISP convocation there in December 1996 when the "Christian Ethics and Morals" curriculum was presented to the schools.  This project was a joint venture with the Russian Ministry of Education and the Russian Orthodox Church and a number of Christian organizations including Campus Crusade, Walk Thru the Bible, ACSI, the Navigators, etc.  Bruce is working at the Cape and is involved in Microsoft networking training; Stephen is an art director for an ad agency in Jacksonville and is engaged to be married (to Erica Bulow) in March, 2000; Dawn is Senior VIP Coordinator for the Marriott World Center Hotel near Disney World in Orlando.  Their mother Pat, has remarried (to Bob Allaire) and lives in Maine.
1970-79 Garza, Arturo & Elise (Hartman) Laredo, TX,  Elise Hartman taught Home Economics at Kwaj Jr./Sr. high from 1977-79.  Arturo Garza worked for Martin/Zachry Construction Co. from 1970-79.  Both are now married.  We have two children, Aaron Arturo age 10 and Amanda Alyse age 8.
1996-97 Gaudino, Pandora (Smith Curtis) programmer.  My mom, Anne Miller, lived on Kwaj for 10 years so I visited a lot and met a lot of people over the years. I'm living now in Placencia, Belize, ph: 011-501-523-3306,
1971-75 Georgesen, Mary (Pottratz) Goodyear AZ, 623-388-6824,  I worked for Global as a math teacher at the high school. I have since retired from teaching/administration and live in Pebble Creek, Goodyear, AZ.  I love retirement and often think about Kwaj – especially when I am wandering through the BX and commissary at Luke AFB.  There are many similarities with the base and Kwaj.
1970-75 Geraghty, Brendan K. Brea, CA,, (562) 217-0791(cell).  I was on Kwaj from 1970 to 1975 as a teenager. I loved the place and it remains on top of my “good ol days” list for memories.
1996-98 Gerrish, Wendy  I was soaking in ALTAIR rays at the Roi power plant, became a Roi-Rat and learned how to play golf.  I devoted my spare time to caring for displaced and injured hermit crabs.  CC was my best friend.  I often think of Kwaj and Roi-Namur and would love to hear the latest especially from the power plant staff.  I'm happily living in the Sierra Nevada and this time it's hydro electric-still operating power houses!
Giarratano, Michael & Angela (Strickland) 10300 Cypresswood Dr. #1411, Houston, TX  77070,,, Michael - Kwaj (1974-89, 92-93) son of John and Maureen Giarratano,  Kwaj (1989-93) daughter of Oscar (Poncho) & Florence Strickland.
Gibson, Roberta "Bobbi" Beckwith  2300 NE 1st Lane #211 Boynton Beach, FL 33435,, Kwaj  Originally transferred with RCA from MIT-Lincoln Lab, work on the D&DE project on Roi-Namur. Returned with Kentron at the Data Center, left Kentron, and worked for the weather station, until I left to return to MIT-Lincoln Lab for Raytheon.
Gifford, Steve & Leone 1012 South Crown Key Court, Gilbert, Arizona  85233, (480) 545-0085,  Leone created a store, Islands Needlecraft, which provided cross stitch supplies for many Kwaj ladies over the years.  Steve worked for Kentron and GTE.  Leone taught at George Seitz Elementary School.
1975-76 Gilbert, Bruce 12335 Braesridge Dr, Houston, Texas  77071, (713) 728-4229,  I was on Kwaj from 1975-76.  I worked in the Photo Optics area.   Before Kwaj, I was at Kennedy Space Center, first with Technicolor and then with the DOD.  After leaving Kwaj, I worked at Pratt & Whitney in West Palm Beach until 1980.  From 1980 till the present, I have worked in ad agencies in Houston, Texas.  Since 1985 I have been the president of one.  Some job fora range rat.   I never did get Kwajalein out of my blood.  What an experience!  After all of these years I still fondly think about going back.
1963-64 Gill, Jim & Claudia (Marapoti)  Yukwe Yuk Y'all!  I was a Kwaj Kid and I thank God for the blessing of being able to have lived on a South Pacific island for those eighteen months of my life!  At first I didn't want to go to Kwaj but after a few short weeks on "the Rock"  I didn't want to ever leave!  I spent the last four months of my Senior year at George Seitz H.S. (real nice of my parents to pull me out of my senior year, huh?) and in June of 1963.  I was one of the fifteen students who graduated from the second graduating class of George Seitz High.  Although my time on Kwaj was short, I met life long friends who share a multitude of my memories.  Like - hanging out at the pavilion at Emon Beach watching the outrageously beautiful sunsets, or the many hours spent at the ski dock & slalom skiing in the lagoon, or snorkeling, SCUBA diving or sailing in the lagoon; or golfing on a rocky golf course, spending time at the shooting range, bowling for $.25/string, playing tennis at night until the lights were turned off, watching movies at the Roxy theater, going down to the Airport Terminal to watch Missile Shots, or playing short center for the Kwaj Teens softball team.  It was a veritable Club Med for teenagers!!  I hardly saw my folks in the 18 months we were there!  My Dad, Jim Marapoti, worked for MIT Lincoln Labs and worked on Roi Namur.  He also had his own jazz band called the Jim Mara Band.  My brother Jim worked on clearing off Meck Island.  After graduation I did clerical work for Bell Telephone Labs until I left for college in Denver, Colorado (1964).  It amazes me to read about the Kwaj Kids of today!!  Sometimes its hard to believe that I was ever on the Rock!!  Now I have five grown children of my own and recently two beautiful grandbabies.  I would love to be able to take my family to Kwajalein and show them "where I grew up"!!  My husband and I own a telecommunications business here in Southeast, Colorado and plan on buying a Harley here shortly so we can tour all over the U.S. visiting our children.  I'm sending my email so I hope to hear from my Kwaj contemporaries and thank you Shermie for keeping up this web site - it's a blessing! Aloha & God Bless, Claudia (Marapoti) Gill.
1987-88 Gilleo, Joe  I was on Roi in 1987 and worked for the police. I was there for 1 year. It was truly a wonderful year in which I met many great people. I left as a Sgt on the force. Spent many days jogging, playing golf, fishing and exploring, oh yea, had a beer or two while I was there, too. I was part of the crew who uncovered many of the previously hidden places of interest in the jungle area that year. I was a member of the Roi-Namur Yacht Club and still cherish a logo t-shirt from the club. I live in the extreme southern end of Nevada now and am still involved in law enforcement. I interacted with many of the fly-in workers from Kwaj at Tradex and Altair. I was really tickled to find this site.
1999-0? Gimple, Terry   PO Box 1355, APO Kwajalein  96555,  I'm working at the Calibration Lab and living in paradise.
1987-92 Giramma, Robert M & Sue  16642 Deer Ridge Rd, San Diego, CA 92127, (858) 312-6022,, System engineer for GTE at ALTAIR, presently work as a System Engineer at Qualcomm, children, Shawn (Apr 1989), Jason (Jun 1991), Alison (Jul 1996). Sue owns a retail business, which is very successful.
1989-93 Girt, Jim & Ellen     19224 Swedetown Rd, Clatskanie, OR 97016, (503) 728-4561, Ellen Girt -, Jim Girt -, Johnson Controls Contract Administration, DynCorp, Dash 7 Pilot.
1960-65 Goard, Tom  email. I worked for TCT and Kentron in Kwaj Tech Control, Communications department.
1970-72 Gonzales, Melanie (Herring) Fort Worth, TX,  My name is Melanie (Herring) Gonzales, my family (JB & Marcia Polsgrove) were at Kwaj with MDAC. 
1980-85 Goliaszewski, Stasha, RCA Millimeter Wave Radar / Physicist, was Stanley now Stasha, spouse; Mary, children; Regina, Frania, and Ali. Currently Scientist for Boeing, member of the Boeing Diversity Council, Advisory Council and Co-Chairman of BEAGLES, an Affinity Group.  Living in Marlton, New Jersey with Mary, Regina, Frania and now Regina's little ones.
1989-92 Gollaher, Danielle  Attended and graduated from Kwajalein High while my father worked for Lockheed and then went back to San Jose, CA.  In 2001 my family and I moved to the Oregon Coast where we now reside., website:
1972-78 Goss, David L.  Kwaj Kid 72-78, son of David and Joan Goss, brother of Susan. My dad worked at Altair for Sylvania and my mom worked at Surfway.  Living and working in Las Vegas, NV, DDG@Co.Clark.NV.US
1956-57 Goodman, Larry  I was stationed on Kwajalein as a corpsman.
1968-72 Gordon, Jay 501 E. Santa Anita Ave. #301, Burbank, CA  91501, (818) 563-1195, 68-69 Kwaj Kid.  I was a Sr. in school and graduated in 1969.  I was there with my family. They stayed till 1972.  My moms last name was Walzer.  I had a sister and have a brother.
1961-64 Gray, Agnes  Brazoria, Texas, agray@brazoriainet.comMy father was in the Navy and was stationed there and was able to bring his family.  I was 9 years old when we got there.  I’ve never forgotten how wonderful it was or how beautiful.  I don’t remember everything perfectly but close enough for me.  I still miss it.
Gray, Donald E.    Canton, Ohio,  I worked on Kwajalein for a total of thirteen years with four tours which spanned the 1960's, 1970's, 1980's and ended for good in 1993. I worked on Kwajalein for Univac on the first tour under Bell Labs in 1965. My wife's name was Alice and were involved at the Chapel. My second and third tours were with RCA at Roi-Namur. I left Kwajalein 1988 as Alice was dying with cancer. I returned about two years later working for GTE at Roi Namur. During this tour I married Natalie Basiaga who was a nurse at the hospital. I left Kwajalein for good after Natalie was diagnosed with cancer. Natalie died in 1994.  I have since remarried and live near Canton Ohio with my wife Joan. We both work in tax preparation and started our own business this year. I would like to hear from anyone who might remember me from the Atoll
Gray, Robert & Wendi along with our children Keegan and Noah, Kwajalein, I was also here from 1965-1972 with my parents Bob (Kentron) & Jayne (Global). I work for Airscan, where I am a Captain on both the Huey and Metroliner, as well as the test-pilot for the Huey’s. In addition I have been the Chief Pilot, and the Aviation Safety Manager. Wendi works in the Library at the Elementary School. As much as we love it here, the schools and medical (Dental really) care have been on a steady decline since we got here and it may be about time to find better services for the kids. Check out my website "Dive Today" - - if you're coming to Kwaj and want to learn to dive.
1972-78 Gronosky, Clifford & Ruth 6 Creek Branch Way, Ormond Beach, Florida  32174, (904) 672 9050,, ALTAIR Equipment manager 1978.
Guidage, Joe I worked for Kentron both tours. I worked in the Data Center on Kwaj and the Telemetry Site on Carlos.
1970 Guidi, Pier  Hillsborough, NJ  08844,  I was on Kwaj (working for Bell Labs) for a very short 6 weeks living in the Shell BQ. Very great memories - mostly due to my friends who were already there: Hiram Jones, Bob Hornbuckle, Lee Wood, Ken Higdon (he took me flying over the reefs and practiced sailing "man-overboard" exercises with me and a crew --- funny because I couldn't swim!). I miss those guys and haven't seen them in decades. Where are you guys?
1981-82 Grymkoski, Peter Gurnee, IL 60031, Right now I’m a Quality Engineer with Abbott Labs in Illinois. When I was on Kwajalein, I worked in the Calibration Lab for Kentron between 1981-82. Yes, I was the one that played piano at the Yuk, when Dave was manager. I was also the bartender at the Yuk and various parties.
Hadaller, Dave & Bunny  RR3, Box 2335, Pahoa, Hawaii  96778-9738, (808) 965-8673,
1986-88 Hadley, Bill   I worked in the hospital. I would love to hear from anyone who was out there while I was there. I worked with a lot of the kids on the swim team and loved the diving and fun everyone had. No matter what problems we had, Kwaj was the BEST! 
1994-95 Haga, Robin  I worked at that time for Am-Pro Protective Agency as a police officer, and was stationed most of my time at Roi-Namur, but also worked on Kwajalein. I would love to hear from everyone who might remember me. I sadly left the Marshalls due to my mother's terminal illness and later having married a Marine.  I still remember all my Marshallese friends there still, I am sure as well as all the old crew, email.
1993-94 Hale, Art and Peggy  92 Pacific Way, Naples, FL  34104,  Peg worked as a nurse at the hospital and Art as a copy editor for the Hourglass.
1969-71 Hall, Christie (Allen)  I graduated KHS Class of '70,  After leaving Kwaj in August of '71, we returned to NC.  In 1972, I joined the Navy and was stationed at Naval Air Station Memphis. I married in 1974 and was discharged from Navy in 1976. I have two sons, Jeremy (30) and Joshua (27);  boy do I feel old. I lived in LaGrande, Oregon, Lewiston and In Idaho before finally coming back to Winston-Salem, NC. I would love to hear from former classmates. The time I spent on Kwaj was the best time of my life and I will never forget it.
1990-92 Hall, Gary W.  I worked at AFN Kwajalein, played rhythm and lead guitar along with singing backup vocals in the band "Rebel Yell".  I did a late-night radio show, some local video production, and ran TV master control. I'm currently producing the "commercials" (Command Information PSAs) for all channels of AFN. I'm a civilian executive producer at the Defense Media Activity at Ft. Meade, MD. My wife and I and our 3 cats currently reside in Queenstown, MD. (the 2 step-sons are finishing college).
Hambley, Joseph B.  PSC 517, Box R CV, FPO AP 96517-1000,  I worked at Base Operations.  I'm presently (April 2003) living and working on Diego Garcia, this place is a big Kwaj, (without the dependents).  My home is still in the Philippines, but I got tired of not working so here I am. Still miss Kwaj.
1994-97 Hamblin, Ed   spectraenvironmental@yahoo.comHickory Wind Farm in a beautiful up-town suburb of Stamping Ground, Kentucky.  Shermie, the music we played least, enjoyable to us!  I think many others enjoyed listening also. I have played music all around the world and enjoyed a rewarding, successful musical career. Of all of the talented folks that I have jammed with (and there have been a multitude of award-winning musicians), it is easy to say that you are the most well-rounded and versatile player that I ever encountered. I learned many things from you, Mel, the Hawaiians, and the Marshallese musicians. Your talents made the entire Kwaj experience even more unforgettable. The Sunday night/Monday Morning/Monday afternoon jam sessions at the VFW provided many an insight into the souls of many Kwaj residents. (How many times in one night can somebody sing "Danny Boy"?) To sum things up: "Shermie, all of the talent and none of the attitude..." (Unless Jose Quervo shows up...)  Thanks, Buddy!
Hamilton, Dale & Marie 13162 Bottlebrush Road, Bokeelia, FL 33922 (256) 665-5254, . Tours on Kwaj: and .
1960-62 Hamilton, John & Andrea (Herron)  John Hamilton was on Kwajalein from February 1960 to April 1962.  John was assigned to Navy Communications.  Andrea Herron Hamilton was on Kwajalein from Oct 1960 to April 1962. Andrea's father was a PMZ equipment superintendent and her mother worked for Bell Labs.  John and Andrea were married on Kwajalein on August 12, 1961. 
1982-84 Hampton, Bob  225 Thunder Road, Green Mountain, NC 28740,, website,  Technician at Super RADOT (SR1), RADOT (R1), and Ballistic Cameras (B1A, B1B).  I was a drummer in Rock Band called RV and then Interceptor.  I also had a big telescope I kept in a dome at the BCB building at Kwaj.
1996-97 Hampton, Frank "Chopper" & Joyce (LeDuc)  3402 Kennemore Dr, Huntsville, AL 35805, (256) 880-7362,, Joyce worked for USAKA at Kwajalein, Supply Specialist, 3rd floor of airport terminal building.  Chopper and Joyce live in Huntsville, AL.  Joyce is now the Chief of Supply & Services Division, DOL and is the 1st vice president of the American Legion Auxiliary for the state of Alabama.  Chopper takes care of the home, the honey do's and is 1st Division Commander of the American Legion of Alabama.  Chopper is one of Shermie's favorite music fan and friend.  Joyce and Chopper visited Shermie at his home in MA December 4-5, 2003.
1988-93 Han, Janson  3435 S. Leland Str., San Pedro, CA 90731 - email:
1962-64 Handy, Gene  I'm currently retired in Oklahoma, email.  I worked for Kentron, Hawaii, LTD.  I worked in Tech Control and at the Receiver Site on Ennylabegan. 
1992-96 Hanson, Bruce & Debbie  3275 Nan Pablo Dr., Melbourne, FL  32934, (321) 752-9525, email.  Bruce worked for DMA (Defense Mapping Agency), Debbie worked for Telemetry.  Children: Stacy and Brian.
Hanson, Donna L.  1224 Cathedral Circle, Madison, AL 35758, email, USAKA Secretary (1980-83) then USAKA Protocol Officer (1993-2000). Retired from Fed Civil Service May 2003 after 34 great years. My main wish is to go back to Kwaj. Miss the beautiful sunsets, sailing in the lagoon, fishing in the waves, and dancing to Shermie and his Friends at the beach.
1977 Hansen, Kathy, I was only on Kwaj for two weeks for Christmas 1976 and for the summer of '77 since I was attending college. My parents were there for one year. Dad worked on Meck.  I had a summer job at the Ten-Ten store, and I faithfully carded every customer for their Kwaj ID's--a little too faithfully!  One day my next door neighbor (from Silver City) didn't have his ID with him, and I made him go home to get it. (I'm so sorry, Jim!)  Saw "Roots" at the outdoor Richardson Theater.  I remember walking over to Little Bustard Island, swimming at Emon Beach, swimming in the Bachelor's Pool with my boyfriend (who also worked at the Ten-Ten store).  Had my 21st birthday on island!  Mom and I went shopping at Macy's West that morning, and everyone sang "Happy Birthday". That evening, Mom and Dad took me to the Yokwe Yuk Club for a birthday celebration dinner.  On Christmas day, Mom, Dad, and I went to the celebrations on Ebeye. Kwaj was the first time I'd ever had Ramen noodles.  I still have the shells I collected there. When my summer vacation was ending, I had dreams about leaving the island and would wake up crying.  I left part of my heart there.  Even now, my eyes are watering...  My Dad (Bob Hansen) worked for GE on Meck for year.
1990-94 Harder, Charles & Peggy  RR 1 Box 55 Grant, NE  69140,, Kwaj Protestant Chaplain.
Hardin, Eldon & Patty  P.O. Box 212, Long Beach WA,,   Worked as Marine Lt. SLEC 1985-90 and 1995-98.  Patty Hardin, continues with her writing career. In addition to selling numerous articles to newspapers and magazines, she sold a romance novel and 2 romance short stories to The Wild Rose Press.

Harding, Steve  I was a Kwaj kid from 1976 through 1980. My father Joe worked on Meck Island for MDAC. I now live in the Idaho panhandle with my wife and daughter. I would like to hear from any Kwaj kids from the same era. Some kids I hung with that I have not kept in touch: Ed & Bill Summers, Nick Zessoules, Raun Kupiec. I have kept in touch with David Balser, Judy Baer (current last name Rosohacki). I just attended a reunion here at Jerry Cross’ house (P.E. teacher from that era). e-mail: (change the “_AT_” to @... it foils e-mail scrapers!)

1984-00 Hardy (Baker), Stephanie R.  1306 West 39th Apt 1, Anchorage, AK  99503, (907) 743-2973,  I am stationed up here at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska, been here about 5 yrs…Kwaj kid of 16 years graduated in 2000. I’m an aircraft electrician on C130’s and am now married and a brand new mom of 2 months!  My son, Collin Scott Hardy, was born April 14, 2006 at 6lbs 5oz’s and what a beautiful boy!  I just want to say hey to everyone and for those that remember me drop me a line or shoot me an email. I would love to hear from you!
Hargus, Ken & Alta 4900 Summit Drive, Edmond, OK  73034,, (405) 341-7336, Kwaj 1962-82, 1985-86, both retired.
Harrell, Marie, I was the secretary to Commander of USAKA, enjoyed karaoke and dancing, sitting on my patio and watching the water in the lagoon.  Best friends in the world!
1969-71 Harte, George & Grail, George worked with Western Electric. He retired from Lucent Technologies in 1997. We are living just outside of Washington, DC.  Update - the three children: Christopher, 30, married three years to Leigh. They live in Copenhagen, Denmark.  He and some friends started a computer company called Scio Consulting in Copenhagen.  Scott, 26, lives and works in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Denise, 24, lives with us.  She is attending American University in Washington, DC for her MA in Arts Management. Drop us a line!!!
1994-97 Hartert, Don & Jackie (Powell)  Las Vegas, NV,, 1985-88 Don, 1986-88 Jackie.  Don Hartert was a sheet metal mechanic on Kwaj and left as the froeman of the sheet metal shop.  Jackie (Powell) was an RN.  Don and Jackie married in August 1989 and now residing in Las Vegas.   They attended the 1993 Kwaj reunion in Vegas.
1965-75 Harty, Al   PO Box 574, Wailuku HI 96793,, website:; new book: Talks with Nature, in Photographs & Narrative Poems; thoroughly enjoyed Kwajalein SCUBA Club, & worked for National Weather Service, NOAA, located off the runway. Aloha to friends of old! Please enjoy the website photos & book information.
1967-79 Harvey, Bob, Betty & Lynde Central Coast NSW, Australia,  Bob worked for Global as Manager of the Automotive Dept but also worked on Eniwetok & Roi before Kwaj. He was a ham radio operator & part of the Masonic club. Betty started work at the Tradewinds Snack Bar at Emon Beach, then the Ten-Ten & finally the Yokwe Club as a waitress. Daughter, Lynde, was a Kwaj school kid & we lived in Silver City, trailer 819. We moved back to Australia in 1979, but very sad to leave paradise!  So many fond memories of friends & fun on Kwaj.
1972-74 Hasegawa, Anita (Ireland)  849 River Boat Circle, Orlando, Florida  32828,,  I was a Kwajalein resident with my family, as a high school student.
1965-69 Hashemi, Pamela Blake Kwaj Kid, email.  1st graduation class in new school (Kwaj High School).  I had the best of memories and pleasures on Kwaj. I was in Karate classes with Howie Yoshida (from Roi-Namur) as my teacher / danced (some) with Marlene Kalihiki, Debbie Tom, Georgette Andrade and Luella Timas sang a little at school, and The Officers Club with my sister Peggy Blake and Theo Daglis. .My Dad worked for Corp of Engineers. John Blake and Donna Blake (mom( worked on Roi-Namur flying everyday. .Good to see so many people remembering Kwaj as the best ....!!!
1964-68 Hasler, Michael E., Kwaj Kid.   I attended George Seitz from freshman thru my senior year.  I left the island in the middle of my senior year.
1983-89 Hatcher, Dave & Sylvia Dave, Sylvia and daughter Liz were on Kwaj from Dec 1983-Aug 1989.  Dave as an Air Traffic Controller for the FAA. Sylvia worked for Global in the TV repair shop with Tom Barclay and also was the Original Balloon Lady. After Dave's’ retirement we returned to our home in Satellite Beach ,Florida. We sold our home in Satellite Beach in 2012 and have relocated to Corydon, IN. Liz and her family live in Lexington, SC. 
96-06 Hatfield, Matthew & Jennifer (Avgerinos) 836 SW Rockhouse Rd., Madison, AL,  Jenn lived there from 96 to 06 and Matt from 99 to 06. She started as the operator and went to IT and I started on Roi at ALTAIR and moved to PLOPS.
1961-63 Hawkes, Jim
Hegeman, Michael  My parents are George and Connie Hegeman. They were on Kwaj again from 1989-93.  My three sisters, Christine (Hegeman) Miller, Shelly Hegeman, Karen Hegeman, and I all have fond memories of having grown up on Kwaj.  I was only in the first grade when I left, but the years I spent there were formative.  It's always a great conversation starter to say, "Yeah, I grew up in the South Pacific . . . "  I live in Phoenix, AZ now. I miss those Kwaj beaches a lot.
1957-58 Herman, Henry R. (Bob)  I served at Naval Station Kwajalein in 1957 and 1958 as Legal Officer first as an Ensign and then as a LTJG. My wife Joyce taught 7th and 8th grade (all courses in one room) in the school. The high school did not exist at that time (correspondence high school courses only). I am currently a retired attorney and former judge. I still have many photos from our stay on Kwajalein. I also have the name sign which hung on our quarters at that time. H. Robert Herman (listed in the Navy as Henry R. Herman)
1968-73 Henry, Jim & Carol  3684 Aldergrove Road, Ferndale, Washington  98248-8758, (360) 380-1907,,  Taught on Kwaj.
Hetzendorf Ronald    9799 Ridge View Rd, Prineville, Oregon, 97754, (760) 828-2896,  I did three different tours with Kentron as Calibration Lab Lead Tech. Also was bartender at Yokwe Yuk club and the Vets Hall. Have many great memories of Kwajalein:  the people, fishing trips, relaxed atmosphere, just an overall great place to live and work.  I'm now retired from working in May 2007, bought a 32' 5th wheel trailer and plan on traveling through the US, Canada and Mexico for a few years. After leaving Kwaj in 1987 I spent 13 years in Saudi Arabia and enjoyed extensive traveling around the world, returning to the United States in 2000 to work for Calibrate, Inc. calibrating Pipettes in Southern California.
1961-64 Hext, Gordon H., 798 Drake Dr.Conway, AR 72034, Kwaj 1961-64. I worked for RCA on Roi-Namur during installation/testing of TRADEX radar system.  Now that 40 years have vaporized; I would love to see it again!  Still remember Navy clearing away munitions in jungle area during construction phase and the speedball launches approximately 500 ft. from barracks in the night.  I am presently live near Little Rock, AR.  I have lots of stories (like the time the Seabees having target practice on old acetylene tanks (from WW II) on the reef at Kwaj. Seems like the dozer people didn't relish the thought on running over old tanks/ammo when they were preparing the site for the TRADEX bldg !!  Back then the maintenance contractor was Transport Co. of Texas (TCT) and the only planes were charter flights Trans International Airlines (TIA), or as we called it -Try It Again.  The technical people worked for RCA and MIT Lincoln Labs. The only stateside communication was by phone patch thru ham operator station of Roi (KX6DC).
1955-56 Hitchler, Harold  I was in the Navy and stationed on Kwaj from 1/30/1955 to 1/30/1956. I spent about three months in the pilots flight office and finished my tour on the refueling gang. If anyone might remember me please give me a shout. I am now 76 so there might not be to many of us left. I can be contacted at
1997-00 Hinkle, Steve  I worked at SATCOM and Carlos Telemetry. Fell in love with diving and golf, some of the best surfing of my life when the winds cooperated,
1970-73 Hileman (Mitchell), Julie, Kwajkid
1978-93 Hill, Tom & Kathy    703 South Harrison Ave., Aurora, Missouri  65605,  (417) 678-5641, Kwaj, 1978-93, during my stay at Kwaj, I was an A/C&R section leader (FOM).  Kwaj was a life time experience...beautiful scenery...good friends...the adoption of our daughter, Shawnee, Tom Hill's, and Kathy Hill's,
1966-74 Hine Barber, Cheryl  Student on Kwaj, KHS '74, 503-362-5391 Salem, OR  97301
1988-90 Hobin, Jim & Barbara 160 Brooklynn Trail, Franklin, North Carolina 28734. 828-349-6335 (Home), 321-720-8921 (Cell), Jim was Business Manager and Senior Program Manager for Pan Am World Services from August 1988 to June 1990. Barbara worked in Travel and Housing during the same period.
1966-68 Hood, Phil 431 Lakehouse Avenue, San Jose, CA 95110  Kwaj Kid, KHS 69. My Dad, Bill Hood, was a Bell Labs radar engineer. Played in a band in Kwaj with Robert Kirkland. He and I jammed at the 2002 Huntsville Reunion. Would love to hear from Rod Karch, Mark Sharpe, Jeff Fox, Jeff Carr. I graduated Penn State. Now, I'm a consultant, publisher and live in San Jose, CA with wife, grandkids, cats, guitars.
1982-88 Hoog, Tim    Bridgeton, MO, I worked at the Kwaj FOM electrical department. Living in Bridgeton, just outside of St. Louis. Left Kwaj in 1988 after 5 1/2 years and did house wiring for three years. Went to McMurdo Station, Antarctica in 1991 for a 10 month winter over tour, came back to Florida and worked at the Naval Research Lab in Orlando for two years. Back to the ice for two 10 month winter over tours in 94 and 95. Moved to Missouri in late 95. Worked maintenance in St. Louis, MO and Bahamas for a company for a year and then in a boilermaker factory for year and a half, worked maintenance in Harrahs Casino in St. Louis for 3 years and then hotel maintenance for 1 1/2 years. Now maintenance and supply for Eagleton Federal Courthouse in St. Louis. Married- no kids, two dogs are enough.
1982-88 Hoog, Tom  I was at the electrician shop on F.O.M.  I went back to Florida and wired houses and condo till 1991.  I then to Antarctica for 10 months then and worked for a hospital doing remodeling until I went back down to Antarctica.  I moved to Reno Nevada in 1994 and got a job in a casino as an electrician.  I have been married for 7 years and no kids.  The government wouldn't let me breed and got 5 dogs. I also worked a part time job at a radio station as a disk jockey on Saturday nights from midnight till 3 a.m. and watch over 6 other stations making sure they track right, since most stations are automated.  As told, when your falling flat on your face, your still moving forward!
1963-66 Howe, Bill, currently live in Boulder, CO and work as a Program Manager for Power Quality Research at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). I was one of the “free roaming” youths on Kwaj during the mid-60’s (63-66), although I don’t think I caused island security too much trouble. My father (also Bill Howe) was one of the original digital logic engineers with Bell Labs / Western Electric during the Nike/Zeus years there. I have many fond memories of Kwaj: The epic Easter egg hunts, free movies at the outdoor theater, seeing the Prinz Eigen propellers rising in the lagoon, etc. etc. I had an idyllic childhood on Kwaj.
1990-95 Howell, Grant, Katie, Annie & Lynn  Rockledge, FL,

Huard, Joe  Phoenix, AZ,  WOW! what a great idea to have this, giving lots of ole timers a chance to reach back to "the good ole days".  Arriving on Kwajalein, April 1970 I was first employed by Global Associates. I worked on the island of Enneylabegan for a very short time and then was transferred to Roi Namur.
1970 - 1972 Global Associates, Roi-Namur 1972 - 1979 RCA/TRADEX - Roi-Namur 1979 - 1980 RCA/Tatalina AFS, Alaska
1980 - 1983 RCA/GEODSS/White Sands, N.M. 1983 - 1985 RCA/TRADEX - Roi-Namur 1985 - 1986 RCA/Dahlgren, VA
1986 - 1989 RCA/Wallops Island, VA 1989 - 1995 GE/TRADEX - Roi-Namur 1995 - 1997 Raytheon/Bldg 1010 - Kwajalein

I retired December 1997 and settled in "the valley of the sun" Phoenix, Arizona.

1983-00 Hubshman, Barbra  Currently living in Hawaii. Kwaj kid,
Hubshman, Richard born and raised on Kwaj. I'm currently re-evaluating size significance of small ponds, and meditating on maintaining universal ionic vibrations within the scope of normalcy. Results have varied. My home address also varies, but remains within the Bay Area: presently I am living in Santa Cruz. Parents Edward and Gina finish their Kwaj tour at the end of 2002.
1971-72 Hudnall, John  I was quality assurance inspector for automotive and heavy equipment. One of the most enjoyable times in my work life.  Now live in southern Nevada an am president of small corp. I  manufacture a water based degreasing compound used in the metal working industry.
1991-98 Huffman, Marcia  157 Stoneway Trail, Madison, AL 35758, (256) 797-5640 home, (256) 544-5323,, MP71, United Space Alliance.  My main interest is my son, Andrew. He is 17 and a junior. He plays saxophone, swims for a US and his high school swim team, and is on the honor roll at Bob Jones High School in Madison (which is surrounded by Huntsville, Alabama).  I worked as a teacher on Kwaj a couple of years and then in Configuration Management for the Range. I currently work in Configuration Management at PEI Electronics in Huntsville, AL.  I love to travel; I have traveled to China, Japan, South America, South Africa, Morocco, Canada, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, etc., since I left Kwaj in 98.  I just completed building a house on the Tennessee River and I'm learning to sail.
Humiston, Richard & Kathy
1992-99 Hunt, Christine, Emily, & Matthew    Christine, Emily, Matthew
Hunter, Cora (now Swalec), my family and I were on Kwaj.
1976-78 Hunter, Glenn My father Warren “Ted” Hunter worked for McDonnell Douglass on Meck, we were there with my mother (Chris) and family (Cora, Jim, Bill, Ted, Jane and I).  I was only punk in elementary school but loved the short time there. Feel free to send an e-mail to contact myself or siblings.
1965-67 Huntington, Robert  R.R.1 Box 480, West Bath, ME 04530, (207) 443-6194,  I was a freshman and sophomore at George Sietz High School.  The last reunion I attended was in Denver about 10 years ago.  I'm living in Maine now.
1989-95 Hutson, Rusty  512 Inness Ave. Henderson, NV 89011, (702) 566-1768,, Rusty misses the rain and all the great people.
1991-97 Hutson, Victor (Skeeter) & Angela  Victor married Angela Davis in a Kwaj wedding 1993. They are currently living in Artesia, NM,
1960-63 Hutt (Crotteau), Claire  2515 W. Post Oak Dr., Prescott, AZ 86305 Phone: (928) 713-0924, email:  My father, Lt. Roger Crotteau (Navy) was stationed on Kwajalein (1960 - 1963) bringing the whole family. Dad was a Navy pilot and Range Safety Officer. I was in first and second grades during our stay and fondly remember Ed Denuit (my second grade teacher). My brothers were Steven, Bruce, and Carl, and sister Diane.  I’d love to hear from anyone who grew up at Kwaj in that era.
1967-68 Imhoff, Richard L. “Rick”, Sr. Tech on Kwaj at the Comm. Ctr. and then Meck Island, Kentron, Hawaii LTD.  When we used to have to all hide in the Bat Cave during range operations, before the MICB, followed by XMTR site tech on Gugeegue.  I worked for Barney Fellholter.  Ten years ago retired from PacBell, San Diego, and moved to western Colorado.
1978-88 Isbister, Alfred  I worked in construction and  preventive maintenance.  I lived in Pohnpei (Ponape) for 3 years, North Carolina, Melbourne, Florida, Antarctica and presently I'm working at Andros Island in the Bahamas at a Navy submarine testing facility. Hope to find old friends,
1963-65 Iwerks, Jim  500 Southern Blvd, SE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124,,  George Seitz High School freshman and sophomore. Part of the first surfing gang ever on the island, long live Kwadak. Wish I could go back with my wife. Now retired.
1973-81 Jackson, Brenda (Sweetland) 4604 SE Basswood Ct., Port Orchard, WA  98366, (360) 871-6088, I worked at AFRTS, the Bowling Alley, and the Snack Bar.  Mom, Shirley, used to work @ Ten-Ten, lives with us now and works at the local shipyard.  Dad, Carl, used to work for Kentron.  He's remarried  and lives in AL with step-mom, Joyce. He's retired. Brother, Kevin, is a Sheriff's Deputy in CA and married with 2 kids. I've been married for 21 years.  Hubby, Roy, is a Senior Chief in the Navy.  I work in the Accounting Dept at a local car dealership.  We have two kids, Sean and Ryan.  Sean is 18 and in the Navy.  Ryan is 15 and in 10th grade.
Jackson, Ken & Yvonne  Destin Florida,, website -
1957-59 Jackson, Scott  4042 Broken Arrow Court, Destin, FL 32541,, (850) 650-6902, website -
Jacobs, Fran  I worked for RCA and Raytheon as a maintenance electrician at TRADEX and ALTAIR, along with being a bartender and rental vehicle agent for Johnson Control.  I really miss the friendships and the diving.
1973-78 James, Mary, Lived on Island for 5 years. Former husband Jonathan James: Children, Christopher and Rebecca. Currently living in Palmyra, NJ. 
1956-57 Jameson, Steve (Stephen)  I lived on Kwaj with my stepdad Herman D. "Dave" Jameson RM1 US Navy, Mom Alice M. Jameson, and brother John Jameson in 1956-1957 when I was 8 and 9. Dad was a teletype repairman at that time. He was already on Kwaj when we arrived as dependents, and Dad and his friend "Lefty" picked us up at the airstrip in a Navy step-van and took us to quarters. Lefty had a naked girl sitting in a champagne glass tattooed on his shoulder, the first tattoo I ever saw. We lived in the duplexes not too far from the lagoon-side pier in one of the 2 story units. Did a lot of fishing with my friend Bobby Burton, and another friend Marcus Cannon. Went to George Seitz Elementary School in 4th grade. Marcus and I got caught visiting the dump at the end of the island (off limits without adults) and went there on the bus that constantly encircled the island driven by a Marshallese who didn't care where we got off. We were down in an old Japanese bunker there, and saw 2 MP's pull up in a pickup truck and dispose of 2 former pet dogs with their .45's whose owners probably got transferred. The Marines caught us because we started crying. We were taken to Sergeant of the Guard and our dads had to come and get us.  The rest of my memories were mostly good. Swimming at the salt water pool, watching movies at the Richardson Theater and covering with a shower curtain when it rained. Taking turns with other kids opening soda pop cans for GI's for tips at the movie. Going to "COM Open" once in awhile for swimming and parties. I remember there was an old Japanese bunker at the end of the island, and someone had put up a rope from 1 tree to another, with kind of a pully and handle arrangement, and us kids to turns riding it. Someone jerked on the return rope when I was on it, and I fell about 10 feet on the back of my head on some coral rocks. Walked home bleeding like a stuck pig, and Mom had a fit when she saw me. Had to go to sick bay and get 3 stitches and a bandage. I had a concussion and was under observation for a week, so just went fishing everyday with Bobby Burton next to the pier.  I also remember the "tidal wave scare" like someone else who posted here, and would like to talk with others who were there when I was. I have several more memories!
1984-89 Jennings, Elisha, K.  2482 Meadow Park Cir. #202, Bedford, TX  76021, (817) 571-4837,, Texas, Kwaj Kid.
Jeppesen, David  I had two tours on Kwaj.  I worked for the range support contractor, Kentron-Hawaii, Ltd., during both of my tours on Kwajalein. The first as a missile flight safety engineer, and the second as a software systems analyst and then manager of the KMR Data Center. The workload was heavy and challenging, but that can be found anywhere. Rather it was the unique and wonderful things about Kwaj that remain stuck in my mind. How many places in the world can one leave his desk at the office and in 20 minutes be swimming or sailing over a tropical coral reef? I was an avid sailor, and co-owner of the "Windsong". One of my fondest memories, as a weekend escape, was of anchoring off North Loi with a good book, a block of cheese, and a bottle of wine. I was an avid aquarist and had as many as ten salt water aquariums going at one time. I built and maintained the large aquarium that was in the Yokwe Yuk club for several years. I spent so much time in the water out on the reef that I learned the personalities of individual fish at particular locations, and would return to visit them frequently. I also raised singing canaries, which I gave away to friends on the island. For a while I was known as "the birdman of Kwajalein". Even though all of that was so long ago, I still remember it as yesterday. I know other friends who lead equally fascinating lives on Kwaj, and I wish them all well. We are a lucky bunch indeed. Kwaj influenced the rest of my life, and it was probably responsible for my present circumstance -- my retirement in tropical Thailand.
Johnson, Dave  363 E. Las Colinas Blvd. Apt. 244, Irving, TX 75039,
1953-54 Johnson, Dennis  19506 106 Ave. S.E. Renton, WA  98055, (253) 854-7973,   I was on Kwajalein with the Navy.  I was a life guard at Emon Beach and also at the two pools.  I also was a radio and disk jockey for station WXLG on Kwajalein and went by the name on the radio as Johnny Johnson and had a show called "The Night Watch"  from 10 P.M. till sign off.  Would like to here from anyone that was on the island at that time.
1972-75 Johnson, Harry O  Worked on Meck in Plant Operations & Engineering. Divemaster, loved ship diving & underwater photography. Great friends & Kwajalein SCUBA Club Christmas Parties! 
1981-90 Johnson, Joe
1999-04 Johnson, Tony 14385 SW 112th Ave Apt J8, Tigard, OR 97224, (503) 624-6067. I worked for Raytheon & KRS (IRE Range Engineering) - C&DM Drafting Department, lived on Roi Namur and Kwajalein.
1988-89 Jones. Bob  (aka: Cap'n Bob)  I worked for you as bartender at the VFW Hall, Caribou Lounge. I worked on Kwaj for Morrison-Knudsen as an electrical foreman, during the construction of the multi-family housing units on the “Silver City” end of the island. I had a wonderful time while on Kwaj and was fortunate to have met some wonderful people. I was honored and humbled to be asked to be on the “rifle squad” for the Veterans Day activities on Kwaj that year (88), and a picture was posted on the front page of the “Hourglass”.
2001-03 Jones, Deborah I was on Kwaj as the USAKA Protocol Officer.
1952-52 Jones, Gordon "Ken"   I was in the Air Force and worked as a teletype and crypto mechanic, in the AACS. Have tried several times to find others who were working in the AACS during that time and have not been successful. Would be interested in hearing from others.
1989-92 Jones, Leonard & Connie or  Leonard is now retired and league bowling 3 nights a week, golfing with Tristian and generally enjoying being retired.  Connie is working as an Executive Assistant to the President of Community Services Council, and Tristian is a senior in high school, being cool and playing music.  He is in the Rockledge High School orchestra and chorus, he plays bass in the Brevard Symphony Youth Orchestra (5th year) and he is active in our church adult and teen music programs. We would love to hear from our Kwaj friends (321) 258-6396.
1969-75 Jones, Victoria (Jones) (Esten) 1921 Eyrie Ct, Apt #202, Raleigh, NC  27606, (919) 858-8667,, KHS Class of 1975, Kwaj Kid.   My last name was Esten when I lived on Kwaj.  My family (father: David, mother: Peggy, and brother: Jonathan).  My father worked for GTE on the ALTAIR radar.
1962-63 Judd, Ted  P.O. Box 7643, Boise, ID 83707,  Employed by TCT (Transport Company of Texas), Harbor Dispatcher, often worked on Captain's Gig in morning following night shift, or taught water skiing.  Acted as Asst leader of Air Explorer group. Visited many off island sites. Kept in touch with family back in Idaho via short wave, trying time after time while hoping for the skip.  Arthur C. Judd (Father), Dona Judd (Mother), 2 sisters also lived on Kwaj.  Dad was Asst. Sup of School District. Mom a teacher.  Many, many memories, pictures and shells. Loved to go to other islands in atoll to explore.
1979-95 Kaiwi, Elika & Barbara   1830 Live Oak Drive South Rockledge, FL 32955,, (321) 631-4038, Cell (321) 536-4851, Elika (1979-95), Barbara & girls (1991-95).  Elika works at the Kennedy Space Center as well as the MC at Sea World for the Hawaiian Polynesian show.  Barbara is responsible for worldwide purchasing for 105 Hard Rock Cafe's in 38 countries.
1964-69 Karch, Rod, KHS Class of 1970, USAF Retired 1991.  Manager, HR Training and Development, Boeing Support Systems, San Antonio, TX, Work 210-932-6965, Cell 210-269-8627.
1959-62 Kautter, Tina Ekdahl  I was a Kwaj kid stationed there with my family (Dad - Bill Ekdahl, U.S. Navy). Of all the places our military family was stationed, my four brothers and I agree, Kwaj was our favorite. Oh, the dangerous things we kids did without our parents’ knowledge – like climbing into the gun bunker at the end of the island, or sneaking across the reef to Little Buster (I think that was the name of the next island) at low tide. Or picking up dangerous ordinance items, even though we knew better. We had such fun in our ignorance and youth! Another fun activity I enjoyed on Kwaj was pin-setting at the bowling alley for 25 cents a game. That was “big bucks” in those days! Some of the other Kwaj kids I remember include Ellen Butrimas, Kathy Pickard, Valerie Grages, Mary Troast, Sandy Polk, George Roman, Susan Rothgeb, Debbie Kramer, Irene Smith, John C. Lilly, and Tom Ben.
1977-79 Kay, Kenneth  Carlos Island telemetry technician with Kenton, Hawaii, November 1978, Super-Radot senior tech on Roi-Namur 'till departure in October 1979
1978-81 Kearby, James  My name is Eric Kearby. My parents are Leroy and Anna Lou Kearby.  I was with them on their second tour on Kwaj (1978-1981).  I have two brothers that were there as well, Robert D. Kearby who stayed until '82 and Steve C. Kearby. I was pretty young, but I have vivid memories.  Hanging out at the Richardson Theatre and the Ivey Theatre, the Snak-Shak, the Ten-Ten Store and following my brothers around. Scuba Diving and snorkeling, fishing trips, MAN DO I MISS THE OCEAN!!!!!  Our current address is 107 Oakwood, Pauls Valley, Oklahoma 73075.  My e-mail address is My father worked for BMDSC and worked at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama.  My brother Robert graduated from there in '81 and would have lived their if he could have.  If there is anymore info you would like or that I have failed to mention, don't hesitate to e-mail me back.
Kearney, Mike, 7814 Chairman Ave, Baton Rouge, LA 70817.  USAKA Fire Department, from firefighter to Assistant Chief.  Working at LSU Fire and Emergency Training Institute, curriculum coordinator, since March 2010. Prior: Manta, Ecuador from 03 to Sept 09…..I spent a total of 11 years and remember most of it all! Great friends, great people.  There are times I really miss Kwaj….
Kees, Russ  I still do a bit of driving around the states, AZ and NM mostly like scavenging around old ghost towns prospecting for miners artifacts and occasional nuggets, heavy into golfing, darts, coin collecting, shipboard cruising, and looking up ex-Kwaj friends. I'm waiting for the next big Kwaj reunion. I had a blast at the Vegas, Orlando, and Kona get-togethers, even the Dallas Kiddy gathering was a pleasant surprise with so many "old-timers" present!  I am currently in, P.O. Box 82124, Phoenix, AZ  85071-2124, (623) 516-0312, (602) 866-7614.  
1968 Keith, Debbie (Tom)    52 Timber Trail, Port Orange, FL 32127, (904) 767-1724,, George Seitz Class of '68, married Feb 24,1973 to Darius Roland Keith of Chattanooga, TN, 2 children (Damon and Darilynn), currently HS English teacher in Daytona Beach, FL.  I thoroughly enjoy Kwaj reunions: Dallas 3 times, San Francisco, Denver, Las Vegas, Cocoa Beach, Huntsville, Orlando, and Kona.  Dad worked for Atlas Lillie (sub-contractor for MZ) Mom worked at the Bank of Hawaii.  Siblings- Priscilla, (Priscilaa is married to Bob Jeffries who was the last residential manager for Global), Kwaj High class of 70-, Lois, Kwaj High class of 1974, Jason, Kwaj High class of 1971, 1020 Alewa Drive Honolulu, HI 96817.
1988-90 Keith Sr, Frederick Mesa, AZ,  707 Seine Way Pensacola, FL 32505, (850) 433-1257,, Fred, - Nancy, - Stephen.  Fred worked on the radar on Kwaj.  Has sons named Fred (Ted), Stephen, and George.
1991-95 Kelley, Gib & Retha  I worked for DynCorp as the Site Manager.  Retha worked for Jimmy Matsunaga and later for Macy's.  We loved it at Kwaj and were lucky enough to make a visit to Kwaj in December while on vacation.  We had a great time renewing our friendships and scuba diving.  When I returned from Kwaj, I became the president and CEO of a company called the New Mexico Technology Group (NewTec).  In 199 7, NewTec bid and won the White Sands Missile Range, Range Support contract, and in 2006 we won our rebid.  I retired after we won the rebid, and we live in Las Cruces, New Mexico,
1975-77 Kendrick, Richard  Mesa, AZ,  I worked for Kentron. Started out in Engineering as a draftsman and then moved to Base Radio as a CW operator and technician. Was active on ham radio as KX6LX and the club station KX6BU, now am N7NT in Mesa, AZ. Lived in the Sands BQ. Kwaj was a very memorable experience.  Currently, working for General Dynamics as a Lab Engineer managing an Integration and Test facility for satellite ground systems. 
1957-58 Keywood, Tom  I was there with the family for Hardtack I. My dad was in charge of aircraft going in and out of Kwajalein to Eniwetok and Bikini for the detonations. I remember beach combing and walking to Ebeye during low tide and almost not making it back. I learned to start early and swam in almost every bomb crater and used to ride out to the dump to watch the sharks. Lots of memories there. I was 9 or 10 while I was there. Good to see this site,
1974-75 Kihlken, Ron  Bearsden, Glasgow, Scotland, + 44 141 943 0010,  I worked for Kentron and telecom engineer looking after #5 Crossbar system on Kwaj and the 711 on Meck.  Does anyone know where Jessie Ray, Larry Port, or John Richardson are?
Kim, Celeste, Greg, & Jean  Route 1, Box 325 C, Warsaw, MO  65355,
Kirkham, Leslie  I lived and worked on Kwajalein and as an RN at the hospital,
1965-68 Kirkland, Robert, Winston-Salem, NC for senior year @ RJ Reynolds High School, UNC-Chapel Hill, Member of ‘Arrogance’ 1969-present, Kitchen Design/Sales Raleigh, NC, married to Deborah Kirkland, son - Nick Kirkland.  On Kwaj- Played in Guitar Groups (most notably “The Plague”) with Phil Hood, Mark Sharp, Jeff Fox, Clyde Hall.  Played in Folk Group (“The Tradewinds”), Worked during summers as Life Guard, Guitar Teacher and Water Ski Instructor.
1956-57 Kirschbaum, Joe  PHCS USN (RET)  I was stationed on Kwaj at the Photo Lab. Many shell hunting trips at low tide walking on reef wearing boon-dockers to Big and Little Buster islands where live ordnance was still present.  Also the diving was great. Made our own underwater camera housing out of battle lantern,
1981-86 Kingsley, Robert, formerly RCA working on MMW radar at Roi-Namur.  I'm still working at LMCO with Marc Slavin (retired from GE/MM), but back as a subcontractor.  Also I still see the Goodfellow boys and Dino Compana (spelling) Jr occasionally.
1979-85 Kitts, Larry & Evelyn  Larry was a Lead in Aviation Maintenance, on Kwaj. I worked for Bank of Hawaii and PDR Office. November 2007- UPDATE: Larry and I resided in Saud Arabia for 18 mths,( 1987) and transferred to Mannheim, Germany. Larry and I returned to the states to Clarksville, TN in 1995, and he now works for Dyn. Corp. at Ft. Campbell, Ky,( home of the 101st.Airborne ) as an Aviation Inspector. He will retire some day, smile.  Our two daughters, Lisa (Ash) and Michelle attended Kwaj. schools. Lisa graduated and went to Hawaii, received a BA Degree in Human Resources.. Michelle graduated high school in San Antonia, TX and went to a Travel Agency school in Hawaii, after receiving her certificates, she joined us in Mannheim, Germany and Pirmasens Germany, and worked as an agent at Ramstien AF base. Both girls and families now reside in Clarksville, TN.  Our son, Jeff Ash worked on Roi-Namur, and joined us in Mannheim, Germany and now works as a Sr. Customs Inspector for DynCorp, married, one son, and resides in Germany to date,
1982-93 Kendig, Steve & Vicky   We live in Lititz, Pa and everyone is doing well.  Kids had a time getting used to snow, email.
1954-56 Klaas, Adrian  King George, VA,  From 1954-56, when my father was stationed there, I was about 10-11. He was the maintenance and utilities officer for the island.  Shermie, I especially enjoyed the photos of how the island looks now on your website.  It brought back the good memories as follows:  fishing off the main pier, looking for seashells between Kwaj and Ebeye at low tide, skin diving trips with the boy scouts to near by islands, the big "tidal wave" scare, being a delivery boy for the "Hourglass Newspaper",  outdoor movies, the shark the Sea Bees put in the enlisted swimming pool the day before they rotated off the island.  Great website!
Kleback, Ken & Susan, Alabama.  We hope to hear from some old Kwaj friends.
1987-89 Klevorn, Jeff "Hoss"  Kwaj 1987-89, 928 West Main Street Apt B-2 Albertville, Alabama 35950, (256) 891-0464,, 87-89,   Assistant Produce manager at Walmart, former Pro-wrestler.
1961-66 Knakkergaard, Svend and Marie (deceased) 26 Mill lane, Branchville, NJ 07826, son Paul, son Richard, daughter Karen,
1952-53 Koch, Gary  My father, Gary Kock ('Cookie' or 'Red') was a Seabee electrician stationed on Kwaj during the early 50's. My mother, sister and I got to visit him there, from the Fall (1952) to the Spring (1953).  It was a great time to be 5 years old and on Kwaj.  I remember seeing Francis the talking mule movies, sitting on benches at night, whether it rained or not.  We flew there with a scientist who painted water-color fish for me.  We learned years later that he was on his way to one of the H-bomb tests at Eniwetok.  Penny Tegen,
Koch, James, Grace & Justine  453 N. Oak St. Edgerton, Ohio 43517-0834, (419) 298-3395,, bowling, darts, softball, flying club, running club, golf. I'm presently working for Heidtman Steel as a crane operator.  I drove a semi truck for several years.  The whole family are members of the Civil Air Patrol!  I've been in the Indiana Air National Guard since 1986.  I've been to Nevada a few times for summer camp, Florida, Arizona and Michigan a few times.  For the last two years, I've gone to Saudi Arabia for 30 days.   In seven more years I can retire from the Guard.
1973-98 Kolar, Dave  I worked on Kwaj, Roi, Carlos, Gagan and Gugeegue in the electrical power plants as an operator.  I'm currently retired and living in Mansfield, PA.  Hope to here from some of you guys. My email address is
1973-75 Korch, Al & Kathy  Al worked for WECo at Meck from '73-'75. Kathy for IBM at Meck. Lived at 423A Lagoon Road. daughter Jennifer Mae born at Kwaj 2/6/75. All currently live in N.J. and can also be found on Facebook at
1966-73 Korff, Inez (Beth) email. I was born in the Kwajalein hospital in 1966. My family was on Kwaj from 1965-67; then again from 1970-73.  My father, Marvin Korff, worked for RCA and played tennis; my mother Elaine ran a nursery school in our home and painted -- portraits, seascapes, images of Kwaj and Ebeye life that still grace our homes.  I attended George Seitz Elementary School for a couple of years and learned to swim before I can remember.  I can be found on Facebook - Inez Korff - and am a member of the Kwaj Alumni and Kwaj Kids groups on Facebook.
1959 Kosola, Harold   Kosola and Associates, Inc. 31701, (229) 435-4119, (Fax) 229 888-5766,  5601 Newton Road, P.O. Box 3529, Albany, Georgia  31701, and  I was on Kwaj in 1959 working for the Transport Company of Texas in their aviation division.  Very interesting place and I miss it.  Anyone working there in 1959 on the flight line, please contact me.  I presently live in Albany, Georgia but with my job, you can find me in any bar in the world. I just returned from Rovaniemi and Helsinki, Finland.  In Rovaniemi, I am looking for an apartment, since it will be closer to my various customers in Europe, plus I have many friends in Rovaniemi. Rovaniemi is located about 750 miles north of Helsinki on the artic circle and is home for Santa Claus.  On 17 Sept. I will be going to London and Coventry England, then back to Finland.  In the past 12 months I have been to England [about 5 times], Porto Alerga, Brazil [2 times in 2 weeks], Lima, Peru, Johannesburg, South Africa, Stravanger, Norway, Stockholm, Sweden, Keklavic Iceland, Venice and Naples Italy, Toronto, Canada, Anchorage Alaska, Paris France and a lot of local towns [New York, Youngstown, Roanoke, New Castle DE, New Jersey, Allentown PA, Miami etc.]  I have my own business; aeronautical engineering services, FAA approved repair station repairing airplane engine mounts, and a airplane parts manufacturing business making modification kits. I do a lot with the airlines of the world; British Airways, KLM, Safair Transafrik, Varig, All Nipon Airways [ANA] , Flying Finn Airways, Iceland Air, etc and a lot of aircraft leasing companies. I am also a consultant FAA Designated Engineering Representative in Aircraft structures in which I can approve data for the FAA. Its great fun. It all started when I liked airplanes, then got a job on airplane engines in Miami in the 1950's, then went to Kwajalien in 1959. When on the island I took a correspondent course in aeronautical engineering so I wont get bored [it kept me out of the "O" club on Kwaj cause I could see what happened to some of my work friends on the island, who became drunk all the time]. When I got back to the mainland, I worked awhile on airplanes in Miami then got laid off, after the contract was complete. I had saved a bundle when I was on Kwaj and I still had it, so I started aeronautical engineering school, and graduated with an BS in Aeronautical Engineering. I then worked for the aircraft manufacturers for many years, then One of them [Rockwell International} wanted me to move with the airplane that I was working on to Oklahoma, and I said NO. I had some ideas, so I started up the business of rebuilding the engine mounts [since no one else was doing it] and it worked. It now has been 30 years since I have been doing it, and it is quite a challenge. Look up and you can get more info. So I have to thank Kwajalein for getting me started. It is a soft spot in my heart.  Where are you and what do you do?
Koyanagi, Cathy   6208 Erik Court, Melbourne, FL. 32940,  I had been the director of the Island Nursery for 6 years.  Husband, David Clarke, worked at Roi.  Our two children were adopted as infants from Marshall Islands in 1987.   Nathan is 17 years old is involved in marching band playing the sax. He also plays bass guitar and drums. Whitney is 17 years old and is  involved in various school clubs and swim team.  We have been in Florida since 1998.  I am a mental health counselor and parent educator.
1974-75 Krieger, Stan  Berkeley Heights, NJ, email.  I was with Western Electric on Safeguard.  In 1981, I joined the UNIX System Test Group at Bell Labs, and am now the UnixWare Quality Assurance Manager at The SCO Group (where I ended up as a result of UNIX spin-offs and acquisitions).  My wife Betty and daughter Pam were on island with me; our son Howard was born 3 months after we returned to New Jersey.
1956 Kuehn, Curt   I was on Kwaj and I was assigned to Mobile Construction Battalion Eleven upon graduation from Mechanic school at Port Hueneme, CA and MCB 11 was deployed on Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands. For a young Montana boy to be assigned this duty in such a far off place was exciting and a little scary. It got even more scary when we were bussed to Moffett Field, boarded a Marine R6D which taxied out for take off three times before we finally had sufficient run up on all four engines to make the flight to Barbers Point, Hawaii. The flight was very chilly, and we sat in web strap slings along the side of the air craft. Certainly not first class accommodations. The flight from Hickam to Kwaj was much better in a MATS C-97, actually had seats to sit in. MCB 11's mission on Kwaj was building dependent housing. We built one story and two story block structures. the total number I don't remember but it was a big project. I had made pay grade E-3 while attending school and was looking forward to working on construction equipment in my first deployment. I was assigned to a block laying crew, and my first job was as a hod carrier, packing blocks for the block layers, hot, back-breaking work. Eventually, I was promoted to being a block cutter, not as back breaking, but very dusty and dirty. And then I got the ultimate job, block layer. Our crew was one of several that created the interior walls of the housing units. When the block laying was finished, I installed what was called finish hardware, door stops, shower curtain rods, and other accessories in the bath rooms and kitchens. Our Battalion resided on the second deck of the barracks and I could lay in my upper rack and look out toward the enlisted men's swimming pool or look down on the big gun on the lawn in front of the barracks. I spent many hours in the swimming pool, tooled leather, went to the out door theater almost every night, rain or dry. Nothing quite like watching a movie, wearing your poncho, in a south pacific down pour. During our time on Kwaj, a nuclear bomb was detonated on Bikini or Eniwetok. It happened early one morning before daylight and the sky to the northwest of Kwaj was lit up like it was high noon. Prior to the blast, our out going mail was being censored and the event was suppose to be pretty secret. For the most part, we were pretty uninformed, but my mother sent me clippings from home telling more of what was going on than we knew on the Island. When our mission on Kwajalein was completed, we boarded a troop transport ship and embarked for Port Hueneme, CA. My deployment on Kwajalein was life changing and very memorable. I wouldn't trade the experience I had in the Seabees and my time on Kwaj for anything. I would love to be able to return to this tiny spot in the Pacific and observe the many changes that have occurred in the past 53 years like the demolition of the barracks, the newer swimming faculties, and all the other improvements that have occurred. After Kwaj, I spent some time on Adak, Alaska and a year on Midway Island and shore duty at Kingsville, Texas. I was discharged on August 29, 1959 as a CMH2 and returned to Montana and spent 44 years in the transportation industry retiring in 2004. My friend Rich Lloyd and I enjoy reminiscing about our time on Kwaj. We completed the house building project in September or early October of 1965 as I remember, boarded a troop transport and headed for Port Huenemme, Calif. Eight day voyage as I recall. Had a lot of sea sick Sea Bees for several days since sea legs were not part of our training,
Kusper, Dick, MIT/LL Kwaj.  I worked at ALCOR, PCC and ALTAIR in those years. I was into flying, scuba diving, photo/darkroom, and golf, now retired in Newport Beach, CA.
Labrie, Fay & Paul Labrie  11105 Woodbridge Dr., Grand Blanc, MI 48439, (810) 579-2337,, 1982-86, 1990-98, 2 children: Sylvia (11) and Monica (6).  Paul is Outside Plant Manager for McLeod USA (a telephone company)
1972-76 Lahti, Jim & Eleanor  6161 Montgomery Place, San Jose, CA 95135, Jim's email:, Eleanor's email:
1974-75 Lake, Chester  I live in the twin cities of Minnesota.  I was Camranh Bay, Vietnam from 1973-74 as an American advisor teaching the Vietnamese Navy how to take over the US Navy's teletype communications center.  Then I worked for Kentron, Hawaii on Kwajalein as a communications center specialist in the Communications Center.  Then I worked for on Meck island, still living on Kwaj from May 75 to Nov 75 as a real time computer operator.  I enjoyed working for Kentron and enjoyed my stay on Kwaj. One of my friends was qualified on those sail boats and a fun day off was to grab a case of beer and spend the day sailing.  Now I own a monster ATV and I love to ride!, phone: (763) 561-5873.
1947-48 Landreth, Forrest Colin  P.O. Box 271089, Las Vegas, NV 89127, (702) 631-0242,, Kwaj kid (born on Kwaj).
1980-85 Langford, Leo D and Shirley R  710 N. Milton Drive, Nixa, MO 65714-8451,
1966-68 La Cagnina, Reverend Michael  I was at Kwaj in 66-68 as a Program Engineer with Kentron Hawaii, Ltd. I have many fond memories of the Yokwe Yuk; Thursday night steak dinners, and Tequila night caps in the bar & lounge, long hours at the Kentron Range Control Center, and a humorous night when they changed the push to talk microphones to switched and open microphones that broadcast some uncomplimentary remarks regarding the then Lt Colonel who acquired a rather unbecoming nick name due to his inability to make a decision.  Long hours, hard work, good food and drink, and hard play… Ichi Ban volleyball team, go cart racing, carnival, parties at Emon Beach, SCUBA diving, water skiing, movies, no taxes (as long as you maintained 510 days on site in 18 months), and the only out of pocket expense (other than your bar tab and laundry bill) was $2.85 per quarter for your PO Box…For a Florida native, it was a touch of heaven on earth.  Thanks for providing this site.  Reverend Michael La Cagnina, High Springs, FL,
Laughton, Steve  518 N. Mildred Ave., King City, CA. 93930, (831) 385-6614,, Civilian Medical  Corpsman/Tech in the hospital. Played a lot of golf, basketball.  Ran a dispensary on Illeginni when it was being developed from 1971-72.  Fished night and day while I was there, along with a lot of snorkeling and spear fishing.  In 1974,  I married a Kosraen woman and lived on the golden paradise of Ebeye for 5 years.  Fathered a child there who is now a registered nurse in California.  Have been employed by the California Dept. of Corrections for the past 21 years in the capacity of Medical Technical Assistant/LVN.  Pretty much the same job I had on Kwaj. Have about 4 more years of this, retirement, then who knows...maybe back to Kwaj.  I truly enjoyed my experience on Kwajalein and Illeginni.  Fought loneliness on Illeginni but tried to stay as active as I could.   Kwaj always had activities. Got into photography, scuba diving, golf, fishing and many other activities.  Enjoyed, for the most part, the nurses, doctors and corpsmen/techs I worked with in the hospital.  Heard that Ray Wolff is still working there.
1971-74 Lawler, Pam  wife of Major Frank Lawler.  Worked as the SS librarian and played keyboard in the 5-piece band "Lock, Stock, & Barrel".  Active in the Kwaj Community Theater and learned to fly a Cessna 150 at Kwaj.  Also raced go-karts there.  Currently live in Ormond Beach, FL,
1971-73 Leach, Glenn  Davenport, IA,,  I was part of the Army staff as a civil service employee.  My wife and I were on Kwaj as part of the Army Range Safety Office. My youngest son, Jeff, was born there, just coming up on 40 years ago. I am trying to contact someone through who I could purchase a current Test Site T-shirt or jacket as a birthday gift. I tried finding one on-line from 40 years ago, but was not successful. Any chance you know of such a contact? I sure would appreciate it!
1990-92 LeDesma, Dominic  I was on Kwaj and Meck, hopefully going back soon.
1991-93 Lee, Ginger  3203 Cove Lake Road, Owens Cross Roads, AL 35763, 256-652-1333,, Kwajalein.  I worked for USAKA in the Logistics Division and was active in the Kwajalein Community Theater. I had a great friend I would love to find who was on Kwaj during the 91-93 timeframe!  If anyone knows how to contact Mike Abraham, please let me know!  Loved my time on Kwaj and made some great friends!
1992-95 Leible, Art & Kay  I served as the Range Communications Officer and then the USAKA Director of Information Management (a long way of saying IT guy) from 1992-1995. One of the best moments was welcoming MOH recipient Richard Sorenson as Committee Chair for the 50th Anniversary. Loved the island, beaches and the whole community. Hope everyone is fine and we all remember the Kwaj.
1962-63 Lamming, Wade, Whittier, CA,  (562) 219-1499.  My experience on Kwaj I was a LTjg ib charge of the EOD detachment on Kwaj. My first daughter was born there.
1990-95 LeRous, Angele 1510 S. Bascom Ave. #130 Campbell, CA 95008 (408) 340-3911, email.
1964-66 Levesque, Maurice  emailI was a Kwaj kid from 1964-66.  Would appreciate hearing from anyone who remembers me nad/or those days
1972-74 Levinson, Michael  email, Kentron, Hawaii, LTD. I was one of those guys just out of the Air Force, first job, etc. finished a couple of years at Kwaj and then found some due north in Alaska.  Did a couple more years and finally got into the Dept of State Foreign Service and now retired. At Kwaj, I remember the "DRIVE-IN THEATER" by bike and under the stars. I remember King Kabua and his son Michael.  I also remember roasting the pigs with the Samoans for their luau. I don't remember the name of the guy who was managing "Macy's" and was wondering if anybody could help me?
1987 Lewis, Susan  I worked for Clement Pacific on the runway resurfacing project at Kwajalein 1987.  I lost touch with a wonderful girl named Brenda Yeargo and a great guy, Donavan McDonald. I would really like to find these two folks, and anyone else who worked for Clement Pacific in 1987. Thank you so much for your wonderful website.  Looking for friends, email me:
1973-75 Lietzau, Bill  5973 Burnside Landing Drive, Burke, VA 22031, (703) 725-6047,
1973-77 Little, Margaret (Toby) Lesniak  Developmental Education Specialist, Mathematics, Central Arizona College, (520) 494-5596, email. I worked for Global Associates as an electrical engineer. I was married to Chuck Lesniak who worked for Kentron. We were both scuba instructors when we were on Kwaj.
1986-01 Little, Tom, Sharon & Brooke  email: Global, DynCorp, & Raytheon.  Tom was a fixed wing pilot and Sharon was an RN. Tom is presently an Air Safety Investigator with the National Transportation Safety Board and Sharon is a registered nurse (OB) at the University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle, WA.  Brooke is a surgical nurse at Harborview Hospital, Seattle, WA.
1958 Lloyd, Rich  I was stationed on Kwaj during 1958. I was Air Force. I was in AACS (communications) and worked in the terminal control tower. My duty was for one year.  I played basketball and fast pitch softball for the Air Force. We flew to Japan for an All-Far East basketball Tournament and to Hawaii for an All Pacific tournament. The colonel in charge of us on Kwaj had to get the Air Police in Japan to round us up and get us back on a plane for Kwaj. We had stayed way beyond the tournament in Japan.  Besides the ball playing we did a lot of snorkeling and I have a great shell collection from the island.  I'm sure that taking shells is no longer allowed. I spent many hours in the swimming pool, playing ping pong (table tennis barracks champ) and worked out with the Air Force boxing team.  All of the sports made the time pass and I can say that I have never been in that good of shape again.  Running into sharks and rays was always fun while snorkeling. Cracking open coconuts and taking some to work was also fun.  I have retired to Montana and I have a coffee friend that was a Seabee that helped build some of the infrastructure in the mid 50s.
1976-82 Logan, Chris  My Father worked for Global Associates. I would like to hear from anybody that knew me and my parents. You may email me at  I live in Lufkin, Texas. I have been married for 15 years and have two sons ages 11 and 7.  I work for the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council as a Clinical Director.
1972-75 Loporcaro, Veronica (Ronnie), Kwaj Kid
1982-85 Lord, Laura (Seluta)  308 Blodget Street, Manchester, NH, 03104, 603-625-1402,, Kwaj Kid.
1983-86 Loveless, Ken, Atlanta, Georgia. Commuted to Eniwetak every day via Helicopter (loved it) and worked on Optical systems used for tracking missiles (RADOT, BC-4, Super RADOT). Enjoyed SCUBA Diving, Snorkeling the "Chopped Steak Hawaiian" dish at Snake Pit Fine Dining Center, Junk Heap Social Club and singing along with Shermie's band at Yokwe Yuk on the weekends. I was part of the Cal-20 Banditos (Same club as Dan Wallace), and made many memories playing on the Junk Heap softball team and hanging out at Emon beach on the weekends. The free airfare to Hawaii every 6 months also brought great times
1995-99 Lovelock, Bill & Nancy  We both worked at Kwaj Hospital.  Bill worked in the lab.  Nancy worked at the front desk.  I built a 25 ft. boat in my backyard while I was there and caught lots of fish from it.   Miss those glorious fishing days in paradise!  We now both work for the US State Department and are currently posted in Islamabad, Pakistan.  Regards to all you Kwaj folks past and present!
1980-85 Lum, Justin son of George Lum (Corps of Engineers),
1980-83 Lyczak-Smith, Maureen 3051 Everglade Avenue, Woodridge, IL 60517,, Kwaj Kid, 1980-83.  Moved to New Jersey after PCS'ing.  Lived there until 1993.  Moved to outside Chicago in 1993 and still live there with my husband of 10 years.  I "retired" from business life in 1995 to raise our family of 2 boys & 2 girls.  We are active in a variety of community activities.  Miss all of my friends from Kwaj.  Hi to everyone!
Lynn, William E  Huntsville AL, NGC/QTEC, Senior Logistician, (256) 461-5999 (w).  I was stationed on Kwaj with the Army for my 2 tours. I worked in Range operations and later as the Logistics staff area. I managed to do lots of Scuba Diving to include wreck diving, taking pictures, and collecting shells. 3 boys grown and gone (Scott, Steve, and Terry) and now with a daughter (Emily). I miss the clear water and the diving. We do basketball, antiques, Hunter-Jumper horseback, and soccer in the Huntsville, Alabama area. Wife, Teresa, works as Engineer for the KIOWA helicopter program office. I work on Ground based Missile Defense and teach for Columbia Southern University. 3 trips back to Vietnam after the first one. Much better these last times. We’re in the phone book.
1969-76 MacCallum, Jeanne  3 Chestnut Avenue, Browns Mills, NJ 08015-3245,, trailer 957, daughter of John "Mac" MacCallum, pilot.
1972-79 Mackey, Margot  Meadowlark Drive, Lewiston, ID 83501, librarian at Kwaj HS & JH,, attended reunion at Kona Kwaj2000 and visited Kwaj 2001.
1972-74 MacPeek, Wallace & Mari  Wallace, a Bell Labs designer, from Whippany, NJ and family enjoyed Kwaj immensely and our children, Erik, 7 and Anne Marie 10, at the time had the best experience of their lives. They still talk about it. Does anyone know the Kuratsu's address? Their daughter, Shana was Anne's best friend. Have lost touch.  My new email is:  Residence: Connecticut
1965-66 Macvie, Fred  Kenai, Alaska, Kwajalein, Kentron, Hawaii Ltd.  I worked in the crypto vault in the communications center and I thought that all the people that I worked with would surely be active on the internet.  I'm getting ready to retire in Kenai, Alaska where I have lived and worked since leaving Kwaj.  My email is  Thanks for keeping the memories going.
1993-96 Madigan, Cody 400 Parkview North Santa Maria, CA  93455, (805) 937-5098,
2007-08 Magilke, Gus  413 E. Johnson Ave, Stockholm, SD 57264,
1962-63 Malone, Greg  Santa Rosa, CA,, Kwaj Kid, class of 64. Contemporary of *Dan Brigham, *Gary Cuesta, *Charles Krueger, Cordes Finger, *Oliver McKinney and others. Served as student body treasurer beating out Tom Dooley for the office. Campaign - more holidays, shorter school year, due to non-use of "missile days" reserved for late night tests. Attended George Seitz for Junior Year then on to the New Mexico Military Institute with brother Mike "Moose" Malone who graduated in '63. Kwajalein Photographic Agency* (KPA) was a club started by the persons with asterisks above. Also started the Air Explorers squadron that took many SAR plane (HU-16D) trips to the atolls of Eniwetok, Wake, Midway, Majuro. A particularly charming trip to Rong-Rong in the Majuro islands brought us into contact with teenage Marshallese who had never seen anglos their age before. Memories of the Navy Carnival and lots of beer. Plan to attend the 2002 reunion.
1969-72 Malpass, Marilyn & Don   20 Harvard Drive, Bedford, MA 01730-1020, (781) 275-2452, email > Marilyn, email > Don.  Both retired in mid-90's from Lincoln Lab and RCA. Marilyn's still playing violin a lot, and we're both thoroughly enjoying musical activities and travel.
1968-74 Mannahan, Wanda (Smith) & Darren 1707 Wakefield Dr. NE, Huntsville, AL  35811, (256) 533-1289, Kwaj Kid, Class of 1977,  I didn't graduate on Kwaj.  My father, Bobby Smith worked for Kentron.  My mother Bonnie, worked for Bank of Hawaii and then she became the Trouble Desk Lady.  I had a sister Wendy, 2 yrs younger than I.  We lived in Silver City on Redstone Rd.  We were one of the first families in Silver City if I recall.  
1971-75 Manning, Jay P.  6800 Amstel Bluff Way, Chesterfield, VA, (804) 748-5132,, Command Judge Advocate
1972-74 Maples, Ron  Kentron, Hawaii, Optic Optics Group, BC-4 Cameras, worked for Tony Utz,
Marsh, Brett  Kwaj Kid, I graduated KHS '81. I returned 86-88 and disguised myself as Hourglass Editor so I could fish and play. Father, Wil Marsh, worked for IBM, RCA, & GTE over the tours. I now live in CA, married with 3 kids. I own a few martial arts schools and have a commercial lobster fishing operation. Not quite the same as catching Ahi off Bigej but still fishing.
1984-86 Marshall, Randolph & Paige Fayetteville, NC,  Randolph was the Resident Engineer and Paige worked at Kwajalein Hospital.  We really enjoyed our time on Kwaj. and always enjoy hearing from old friends.
1967-69 Martin, Claude E. 1852 N. Safford-Bryce Rd. Safford, Arizona  85546, (520) 428-4340,, 1965,1967-69, 1965 - work study student with Physical Science Lab of New Mexico State University.  1967-69 - Engineer with Western Electric at TTR 4.  Usual interests including SCUBA club.
1972-80 Martino, Bob, Sybil & Family    Bob worked for Raytheon on Meck from 1972-1976. After a brief stay in Syracue, NY, the family returned to Kwaj with McDonnell Douglas. Bob worked for MDAC from 1976-1980 . Sybil worked on Meck for Global Associates/TRW. Bob and Sybil were both avid divers and tennis players. After leaving Kwaj in 1980, the Martinos lived in Irvine, CA. They both worked for TRW (later Northrop Grumman which bought out TRW) until they retired in 2003. They currently live in Wintergreen, Virginia. Their oldest son Bob carried on the family tradition and now works for Northrop Grumman in Northern Virginia. Bob's married and is expecting his first child. He and his wife Uzma live in Bealton, VA. Lauri's first husband James Randell died leaving her with 2 little girls. She later remarried Chuck Nelson and had two boys. She lives in Warrenton, VA. The Martino's youngest son Michael was born on Kwajalein in 1973. He became a Marine Pilot and earned a Bronze Star for Valor in Combat during his first tour in Iraq. During his second tour in Iraq, he earned an Air Medal for Valor and a Purple Heart. On November 2, 2005, Michael was killed when his Cobra Helicopter was shot down by a surface-to-air missile. He is buried at Arlington Cemetery. There is a website dedicated to Michael:

Martino, Sybil (1972-1980) Email:, Martino, Robert (1972-1980) Email:, Martino, Bobby (son) (1972-1980) Email:, Martino-Nelson Lauri (daughter) (1972-1980) Email:, Martino, Michael (son) (1973-1980) Born on Kwajalein on 1-31-1973. KIA in Iraq on November 2, 2005. USMC Pilot.
1993-02 Maurice, Jeffery & Nancy  I worked at the satellite earth station on Kwaj. Nancy Maurice worked at KAPS - Most people remember her from dancing in the Filipino club extravaganzas. We both miss Kwaj, and someday may return there in the future. We left in 2002 as I took a job with NOAA on Guam and then transferred to Nebraska, then Illinois. We transferred again to Newburgh, Indiana where we have been for years now.
Maxwell, Colleen  4800 River St, Soquel, CA  95073,, working, sailing, and surfing when the water is warm enough. Miss the warm weather, and friends.
1970-77 May, Joyce H.  16706 Kipper Turn Moseley, Virginia 23120, (804) 739-6720,  Ed and I toured Kwaj for RCA from Moorestown, NJ, with our three children. We lived on the end of the island facing Little Buster for 7 years and loved all that Kwaj offered. We returned stateside for the Lab., living in Harvard, Ma., not far from Haystack Site in Groton. I returned to teaching at this time, substituting in the surrounding schools of Harvard, Acton, Pepperell, and Groton. Much of Ed's time was spent on his commute to the Lab in Lexington but we found our love for the area made our stay there a wonderful experience. We happily returned to Kwaj in the early 80's again where we remained until 1990. Ed loved his work for the Lab at Roi while I became involved in the school system, working at the high school library, then as the librarian at the elementary school.  Those years are one of the high points of my professional life---working with the children of the island residents and those first coming over from Ebeye, who were just beginning to be mainstreamed into the system.  Ed chose to semi-retire in 1990 but continued to work as a private contractor for the Lab, so we maintained an apt. in Nashua, NH, not far again from the MA site, and a home in WV.  We loved the challenge and travel it involved.  This continued until Ed took complete retirement for health reasons.  Ed passed away in 1999.  I continue to work for an preschool educational council in Washington, DC conducting assessments of candidates in the surrounding states.  I shall probably never get over my emotional attachment to Kwaj, island life, and the beauty of the Pacific Ocean.  I'm considering a move in the near future to warmer climates with hopes that there may be an ocean that is not too far distant. 
May, Matt  230 Baybrook Court, Westlake Village, CA  91361, (805) 497-2213,, KHS Class of 77, Kwajalein 1970-77, 81-91.
1988-91 McBride, Robert, (210) 846-2245.  I spend three years on Kwaj from June 1988 to June 1991 working in the Communication Center, Crypto Shop. I was stationed in Seoul Korea for two years (1968-1970) while in the Army but I must say my experience in Kwaj was far more memorable.  I have a very distinct memory of you while I was on Kwaj.  I will never forget my experiences while on Kwaj, it is a memory that I will always cherish.
McCabe, Mike  5571 Hobble Creek Dr., Las Vegas, Nevada  89120, (702) 547-3940,, Global, Yokwe Yuk Club 79-80, Johnson Controls, PDR Leader-General 1992-95.  Boy, do I miss those Emon Beach sunsets w/Dr. Dave Melville, LTC "Skip" English, and some great wine !!!  Those were the days !!  Thanks for the memories...
1998-04 McCarraher, Craig  (202) 302-6308,  I was the Chief Engineer for CPN/AFN - Kwajalein.
1976-80 McCarthy, Larry  I worked for Bill Turvey with Shermie Wiehe, Jim Enking, Wayne Whitby, Jim Mazerick, Harden Taylor, Disco Duck (Dave Roderick) and many other great friends.  Best job I have ever had.  Now living in Atlanta, GA, (404) 352-8538,
1977-79 McCartin, Larry  I worked at Meck island as an electrician for Global Associates.  Brownsville, Texas, (520) 444-4390,
1969-72 McCreary, Jack    Director Business Development, Reagan Test Site, Kwajalein, (256) 655.0454 (c).   I'm an ex Kwaj resident from 69-72 but now live in Huntsville and still work for the Kwajalein gov't office. I worked for Bill Patton on Carlos, back when it was fun. I worked at the Edwards AFB and Hill AFB on Kentron contracts for 10 years then went to Huntsville, AL to work for the Army in 82 as an RTS (KMR) mission planner and later Business Development. I will had 32 years of Kwaj employment.  I retire in 2 weeks, January 2012. My home emails is as follows:
1982-83 McCollough, Edward C.  Kentron International (Supply), Remember snorkeling, the "Invasion" and how comical is was to see barbed wire on the end of the island. Looking in my mailbox daily to see if I had a stamped pink card indicating I had a package waiting. Flying R/C planes with Gary Crooks, playing softball and fixing bikes that never seemed to stop rusting. Still have my bike in the basement with the Kwaj license sticker on it.  Married with two sons. Living in PA, soon to be in North Carolina. If anyone remembers me please drop me a line.
1974-75 McCorison, Jim & Jan  2600 Fairview Ave E Houseboat #4, Seattle, WA  98102, (206) 320-8534,, Kwaj Kid Class of 75.  It was only one year, my senior year of high school. But it was the most important year of my life. While on Kwaj I learned more about our world, our country, and other people then I have at any other time in my life.  We've been living aboard our boat since 2002, spent '03-'04 and '07-'08 in Mexico and are presently (Aug 2008) en route back to Washington state.
1987-91 McGoldrick, Tom  USAKA.  I remember Shermie always as cheerful, friendly and helpful.  I actually enjoyed living at Kwajalein in spite of the job difficulties and difficulties with the Pohnpeian beauty I married.  I finally got around to writing the book that Jim (don't remember his last name but he worked for USAKA and was a Navy Reserve Officer too) and Eleanor Fisher urged me to write.  I titled it Star Wars in the Pacific as a fictionalized book about the time the black box from one incoming missile got lost and even the Navy seals couldn't find it..  I have also written some other books.  Check out my blogs with links to book publishers/sellers and  If you want a read copy free, contact me at and I'll send you one via e-mail.  I've checked out the Pohnpei web site and really like the pictures there.  I now live in Angeles City, the Philippines and have lived there since July 2005.  I miss my Marshallese friends Kio Ishimura and Katabang Anjolok.  Thanks, Tom McGoldrick
1974-76 McMahon, Marilee (Bird), Kwaj kid email if you were there during that time.  Also looking for Jackie Vice, Jane Self, Lisa Tomsic and of course what ever happen to those Sullivan twins?  My parents are Tim and Sue McMahon and are doing fine.  If you remember my brother Bill McMahon you can email me and I will hook you up with him. Yukwe...
1972-74 McKinney, David  SFC US Army Retired, I was stationed at Kwaj 1971-72, with SAFSEA, and left there in Dec 72.  Shermie played in my band a few times while on Kwaj.  David Jr. played drums in the band.  My son and I were both SCUBA divers,
1971-72 McKinney Jr., David Lake Oswego, OR 97035, Kwaj Kid, Class of 74. Attended first reunion in Huntsville, AL 2002. Lived in "Silver City". My dad was in the Army commuting by helicopter most mornings to Meck. I worked as a lifeguard, learned scuba and how to read a book a day it seems w/o a TV! I played drums in the officers club w/ my dad's C&W band...still not sure how I got away w/ that Left Kwaj and moved directly to Nekoma, North Dakota (Missile Site Radar)...we bought "coats" in Hawaii, but they really didn't work.
McKissick, John & Pat  14 Meadow Rd. Uxbridge, MA 01569, (508) 278-9838, or, Worked 11 years as CONUS engineer for ALTAIR and 4-1/2 years on site and currently provididing CONUS engineering support for Raytheon Electronic Systems.
Mears, Don  2918 Crystal Springs Road West, University Place, WA  98466-2733, (253) 565-1316,, power generation mechanic worked at both power generation plants at Kwaj.   I was active in Emon Lodge FM & AM 179, the Amateur radio club (my call was KX6QO) and also I was the MARS director for the Trust Territories for a while.  After my time on Kwaj. I went to of all places Antarctica for a tour there; from Sunny 80 degrees to sunny -30 degrees.  What a change! 
Medeiros, Julie    6539 Willow Spring Blvd, Huntsville, AL 35806-2407, 256-830-4307, Kwaj 1968-72, 1974-76 and as single status, 1979-82,  I married Kirk Broadwater May 21, 2003 who also worked at Kwaj 1979-82.  Shermie, I remember you playing at the Yuk when I was working as a cocktail waitress with Carmen Lucero, Evelyn Knockleby and another waitress named Jo. Yukwe! Julie
1992-94 Melton, Lingon  I used to work at Calibration Laboratory as a Production Control Scheduler, under Don Brown, miss everyone and miss the growing Kwaj.,
1963-64 Melton, Tommy  My family and I was on Kwajalein.  I worked for the Military Air Transport Service, C-124.s and a contract carrier EM#,, retired in Kissimee, FL. 34758, Ole Tomtut!
1967-69 Menke, Michael  mmenke@cox.netv   El Cajon, living outside of San Diego, CA.    I worked for Kenton Hawaii, LTD.
1974-71 Menzies, Lydia (Ross) 155 Marsh Lane, Oxford. AL 36203, (256) 835-7471,
 or, Class of 1975
1951 Messer, James  I lived on Kwaj in 1951.  I had my 6th birthday there. I was a dependent of Jesse Messer whom was in the Air Sea Rescue squadron. We lived in quarters that were on the lagoon side of the island. There was a Japanese pillbox a few yards off the beach very close to our quarters. It had a machine gun mounted on top of it. I used to watch the Marshalese fishermen throw nets from the beach to catch fish. I just about had a free run of the whole island. I spent a lot of my time playing in the tidal pools. This was a paradise for a 6 year old kid. There was a small cemetery very close to our quarters, it was marked with Japanese writing.
1973-84 Midkiff, Don & Jean  404 Clydebank Drive, Madison, AL 35758, Kentron, Communications, Japanese Space Program, Installation Supervisor, Range Control Engineer, Tennis Club, Golf, Prez of Scuba Club and Dive Master, Softball - BO.
1985-94 Miller, Gary & Anne  I used to work for Communications and FOM Electric and my wife Anne worked for the Marine Dept, starting as sail maker and ending as Captain  She was there from 1985-94.  We now have a small seaside resort in Placencia, Belize.  Placencia's most natural resort, Miller's Landing Resort, email, phone 011-501-523-3010,
Miller, Karen and, New Jersey.  I was lucky enough to live on Kwaj in the very early 70's when I was 6 and 7. My dad, the late John Martin, worked for Bell Labs. I am now 37 and I can still vividly recall my time spent there. Kwaj was the most gorgeous island and holds a very special place in my heart. I cherish my memories from there and now live in FL because I have to live near the water. (Although the Pacific Ocean is like no other). Thank you for maintaining this website!
Miller, Roger  5195 Winema Road, Cloverdale, Oregon  97112,  (503) 801-3442,,, Copier Technician, the Xerox Guy.
1975-78 Millett, Art & Sylvia  Art,, worked for RCA on Roi. Sylvia,, taught 6th grade at the George Seitz school.
1987-90 Milligan, Ted & Carole  826 Lark Street, Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32547, (850) 862-6038,  Ted worked in Industrial Security and Carole worked in Supply.
1977-87 Mills, Cathleen (Stetson) San Diego County,, 1977-87 Kwaj, daughter of Jerry and Mary Stetson.
1987-94 Mills, Richard (Buz) 1705 N. Waterview Dr., Richardson, TX 75080, (972) 783-0835,, PRC Kentron, Johnson Controls/Dyncorp – Telemetry/GPS Tracking System – Systems Lead, Director of Engineering Operations – Design, & testing of Cellular E911 Networks, Hobby – Fixing up 1957 Ford Fairlane 500, 4 dr, 292, automatic
1997-97 Milyiori (Dattalo), Michelle I worked in Accounting. Presently living in Keller, Texas with three children.
Minardi, Mike & Laurie,  We were on Kwai.  We live in Dayton Ohio and Mike works at the Air Force Research Laboratory.
1971-81 Mitchell, Robin & Mike  Robin and Mike graduated from high school in California, Robin 1985 and Mike 1982. Robin's email:  Our parents are Don & Joan Mitchell.
1984-87 Mize, Michael, I worked the Refrigeration & Air Conditioning section of Facilities from 1984-87.  I very much enjoyed my time on Kwaj and made many friends while there.  Thank you for this opportunity to say Hello to my old pals.
Molica Jr., Anthony  PO Box 360 Hudson, NH 03051, office (603) 598-1960,  I live in southern NH, PO Box 360, Hudson, NH 03051.
1988-90 Monette, Jeff   PO Box 632, Georgetown, Texas  78627,  I worked on Kwaj, Roi-Namur, Carlos, Harbert International reject you know the people in that trailer park away from all other life on Kwaj life out there was strange but I don't miss it one bit.  I would never go back but I do miss a few friends and 1 special woman both of which are long gone but hopefully I can re-join with some of those I knew.
1952-53 Morris, Pat  P.O. Box 638, Guthrie, OK  73044,, US Navy Seabees  Worked out of the telephone exchange for Chief Blacky,
1970-75 Morris, Toni (Thomas)  My husband, Jim Morris, ran the Data Center. Toni worked at the Yuk. Our children - Lori, Christian, Jacqueline. Website: Jim Morris passed away on February 22, 2002 after suffering with a brain tumor. Jim had gone to work in Huntington Beach California for McDonald/Boeing. His children are Lori Ann Morris who was at George Seitz for 2nd through 6th grade, and now lives in Irvine, CA. Christian Kaleolani Morris who now lives in Honolulu, Hawaii. Christian was 1yr through 5 yrs old on Kwaj and Jacqueline Lillioukalani who was 3 months to 5 years old on Kwaj. Toni Morris married to Jim for 21 years now resides in Irvine Ca. We, his family, miss Jim every day!
1965-77 Moore, Jim R.  5753-G E. Santa Ana Cyn Rd #153, Anaheim Hills, CA  92807-3296,, Kwaj Kid, Seitz Class of 1965.   Departed June 1965-Returned Aug 1966, Local Hire by MZC (Roi-Namur - Altair Construction Project)-Final Departure Mar 1967 - On to College in So. Calif., Commissioned (thru OCS at Ft Benning School for Boys-Infantry-68) US Army SigCorp - Entered and remained in Computer Industry-Bleeding Edge of Timesharing-then 15 years at Pioneer Electronics as their first DP Manager then Exec. responsible for Corp. Planning - now am Independent Systems Consulant/Engineer.
1992-95 Moore, Jerry & Modene  Jerry worked for DynCorp, flight line mechanic.  Modene (Mo) worked in the Beauty Salon.  We have wonderful memories of beautiful people.   We would love to hear from those we met, email.
1972-74 Moore, Tia (T.L. Smith)    2205 14th Street, Huntsville, AL  35805, (256) 533-7252, graduated 1974, KHS, Kwaj Kid.
1964-67 Moore, Tom  1886 Vista de la Montana, El Cajon, CA  92019, (619) 659-3537, or Kwaj Kid, graduated from George Seitz High School.
1986-02 Moseley, Paul  Port Ludlow, WA, Kwaj Kid, Johnson Controls property management, Raytheon logistics, Raytheon Aviation, Raytheon Calibration, email.
1972-75 Mulder, Alan H.  8060 Counselor Road, Manassas, VA  20112-4752, (703) 791-4622,, Kwaj kid.  Feel free to check out our family website with lots of pictures at:
1991-92 Mullenix, Brian   602-315-5495, email.
Murray, Tom & Karen  403 Barrington Hills Drive, Madison, Alabama 35758, email. Tom worked at Facilities Engineering and Karen worked at Supply and the Water Plant.
1996-98 Musante, Ed & Edwina  528 Brenda Drive, Madison, AL 35758, email. Edwina worked in Facilities Engineering and Ed worked in Project Planning & Control.

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