Shermie's Website Opinions

Shermie, thanks so much for the gift you give all of us in memories of a special place and time I our lives.  John Watson

Sherm, Hildegard's Memorial webpage on your site is really great and I love the music.  She appreciates the fact that you remember her and honor her existence via the website.  I know of no other human being that has your compassion and devotion to others.   Thanks so much for the many years of friendship!   Johnny Johnson

Shermie, I just wanted to shoot you a quick thank you email for making your war reference page - - As a retired social studies teacher, I'm staying busy by volunteering in the youth department of my library; I tutor kids after school - (I can't let my brain rot away haha!).  We're covering World War II history at the moment, and your page has been a big help!  We've referenced it quite a bit! (I just love this era!  The kids can really relate to it as well, because there's usually a grandparent or great grandparent in their family who was involved in the war!)  Thanks again for making such a nice website, you're helping more people than you realize!  (I actually found your website because it was linked off of another page I was on...clearly you're helping others.)   I'm sure the vets love sharing their stories with you.  Sites like yours to keep these memories alive!  Bill Jackson