Shermie the Piano Tuner
Piano Tuner - Technician
Electronic Organ & Keyboard Repair Technician


35+ Years Experience
Kansas City & Surrounding 50 mile area
Reasonable Rates - $50.00 tuning / repairs $15/hr. plus parts (string replacement, action adjustments/repair) - if commute is more than 10 miles add $10.00
Certified and trained by Aubrey Willis School of Piano Tuning & Repairing, Orlando, FL. - 1974-75
Piano Tuning & Repair - 35+ years of experience
Repair of amplifiers, power amplifiers, mixers, cables, recorders, speaker systems, electronic pianos & organs to component level, both analog and digital electronics, since 1975
Provided subcontract support to tuned and repair of U.S. Government owned pianos (high school & elementary schools, churches & clubs) at Kwajalein Missile Range for more than 20 years..
"Shermie at the Piano" - professional pianist & singer
Field Engineer, AEET Degree, Electronic Engineering Technology, Missouri Institute of Technology, 40+ years of analog/digital electronic repair & service to component level.
Service & Parts Account - Schaff Piano Supply Co., Chicago, IL - 40 years

Shermie at the Piano

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