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Shermie's Place

Kentron International Reunion 2018

October 12 - 14, Huntsville, AL

Interested?  Contact - Marilyn Frantangelo (FaceBook)
Past Reunion Photos
Kwaj Reunion 2013 - Honolulu, Hawaii
Kwaj Reunion 2010 - Honolulu, Hawaii
A gathering of Kwaj Friends at the home of Russ & Mary Georgesen in Goodyear, AZ, April, 2010
Kwaj Mini-Reunion 2009 Photos - Las Vegas Nevada
Kwaj Reunion 2008 Photos - Colorado Springs, Colorado
Kwaj Reunion 2007 Photos - Dallas, Texas
Huntsville Christmas Eve Mini-Reunion Photos

2008 Kwaj Reunion - Flying W Ranch - Many of those who attended the 2008 Kwaj Reunion in Colorado Springs will remember the Sunday evening dinner and western band entertainment we enjoyed at the Flying W Ranch on the west side of town. Sadly, the Waldo Canyon wildfires in June 2012 destroyed all of their buildings and facilities. They were able to salvage of few of the historical artifacts that were displayed, but many are gone. All of their stock survived, and they even gained a few calves during the fire and the following period until they got the stock rounded up. They are rebuilding and expect to be hosting a few dinners this coming summer.  Charlie and Judy Conser,, Kwaj 74-76

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