Reception for Jeff & Kelly
Hudson, MA - Sept 7, 2003

Ken & Marika's backyard party area

Having a good time


Kelly and Jeff having a good time with family

Hey, make room for me!

"This is great, sitting here listening to Shermie's music"

The Roth's Beautiful Home and People

Let the party begin!

Ken & Marika's Roth's first grandchild held by
Kelly's father and was heard saying, "I hate cameras"


Mr. & Mrs. Chiu with their first grandchild

Watching the Patriots football game at the party

Ken & Marika's 1st grandchild, Jackson

Amy & Jackson Roth

Socializing on the lawn

Socializing at the pool

Socializing on the patio

Socializing at the bar

Jeff and Kelly enjoying conversation with guests

Hey Shermie, when do we start dancing?

"Mr. Wiehe, can I take your picture?"

Dancing to Shermie's music

Wedding reception party comes to an end with the final family photograph of the day