Born in Kansas

Shermie Wiehe
Kwajalein 1972-1978, 1980-1992, 1992-1997

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Born in Kansas

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Piano Tuner & Technician - Certified

Recognitions & Appreciations

Website Developer

Prospector & Genealogist

Manufacturer Technician

Field Service Engineer

Welder  /  Musician

Retired from Union Pacific Railroad
Sept. 1, 2014


January 5, 2012, Russ, Belle and Shermie
North Platte, NE

Member of Platte Valley Lodge 32


December 29, 2011 - 60 degrees F - Lake Mahoney, North Platte, NE - Shermie's Harley 2009, XL1200C

Shermie Honoring the VETs
May 26, 2014 - Memorial Day - Fort McPherson

 The back view of this photo where the memorial markers end is the edge of the Oregon Trail heading west.

My Country
Marshall Is.

1958 (6)

1977 (25)

1992 (40)

2001 (49)

2006 (53)

2012 (60)

2015 (63)







Hey Mom and Dad, "Get busy, Sandra's next!"

1952 - Shermie

1970 - Graduation - Kansas City, KS

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July 75

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May, 2001

Oct, 2002

Hey, what's that in my shorts?
My sister, Sandra

Sandra & Shermie were born here.
Bethany Hospital, Kansas City, KS
The hospital is no longer in the area.

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Paul Ackerman (76-79) & Shermie
Shermie's best friend, April, 2001

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July 73

Shermie's favorite house
Picture taken by Shermie

Shermie stops, "Mom, Sandra shit her pants again"

Shermie's favorite Kwaj cat
"Hollywood" 1996, 1987-2001

Kindergarten - Vance School


Sandra Wiehe

Sandra - 9/07/2006

My sister Sandra, 6/22/02

WWII Veteran:  Shermie served WWII in Saipan and Okinawa. Sherman moved wounded from Shuri Castle (Japanese WWII Headquarters at Okinawa) in the center area and Yuna Buru eastern side back to the 66 Field Hospital of Okinawa. The hospital were tents about 40 by 60 feet. Sherman attended boot camp in Great Lakes, IL and then went to Camp Endicott, Davisville, Rhode Island and trained with Marines there, followed by traveling to Camp Parks, CA, Hawaii, Eniwetak in the Marshall Islands for about 2 weeks to meet with the convoy that went to Saipan, Okinawa and Japan for duty there.

U.S. Navy
WWII Veteran

7th Seabees
 Machinist Mechanic

2nd Class Petty Officer, Company A,

Construction Battalion

Pacific Region


Sherman L. Wiehe - January 30, 1926
WWII Veteran - Pacific Region, U.S. Naval 7th Seabees, Machinist Mechanic, 2nd Class Petty Officer, Construction Battalion, Company A, retired maintenance welder at General Motors Assembly Plant, Kansas City, KS, rental property landlord, welder, farmer, produce business owner, gardener, mechanic & hunter of moose, caribou, bear, deer, bear, pheasant, quail, dove, turkey, & squirrel.

In respect to my father: 
My father, Sherman L. Wiehe, taught my sister and I how to work and learn common sense values quickly in life.  That hard headed German never let a day go by without putting in a full day, whether it be working at his full time position at General Motors as a maintenance welder or maintaining his rental properties, welding, farming, mechanic, donating his labor, time and materials in building many baseball diamond backstops for the communities near our home in Kansas City, KS. 

One of his popular phrases that stays with me even to this day is, "It isn't what you make but it's what you save after you make it".  It's definitely a rule that I follow to this day.    

The most exciting parts of my years at home were our hunting trips to western Kansas.   Dad "always the best shot" and his dogs "the best in the country" were a threat to any pheasant or quail group in a 3-mile radius. 

Most of all, I'm thankful I learned to play the piano very well because Dad didn't allow any BS when it came to that 1-hour a day practice period each day.  I learned that a cottonwood tree stick can make practice easy and Dad met business when it come to practicing at the piano.  I don't regret his ways for piano has brought me lots of excitement and happiness in my life.

With the fact I learn to weld, farm, and maintain Dad's property, I took a liking to electronics.  My hard work in technical training allowed me to land a job at Kwajalein in the Republic of the Marshall Islands.  Here I was able to follow the work ethics I learned at home and excel with my piano skills to entertain the island.   Thanks, Dad!  Love always, your son, Shermie.

 The 7th Sea Bees B Company was attached to the 1st Marine division. Sherman was put in the 7th Sea Bees to replace men that got malaria during the war.

Squirrel Hunting

Eileen (Keating) Oakley
June 23, 1932

In respect to my mother:

My mother, Eileen Keating Oakley, gave my sister and I all the love she could through the years despite her separation from Dad.  She was always there to see us on our birthdays and each Christmas.  When we were old enough to know, Sandra and I were always ready for her arrival.  She never missed a visit and I always enjoyed playing piano for her.  I always felt good that I could show her my improvement playing piano and Dad was really happy about it too.  It was a nice feeling through the years.

Through our many years of growing up, Sandra and I learned that differences between people cannot take away the natural bond of our parents.  Sandra and I both have learned to survive and learn the best from all our experiences.  We always felt your love through the years along with Dad's drive for us to survive.  The love of parents always endures. 

Although your visits with us were short and the  Christmas and birthday presents enlighten us each year, you were always there to see us and along with your moral support, even to this day.  Love always,  your son, Shermie.

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Photo of Shermie standing on the front of the AC Model-B
This photo taken in 1977 while on vacation from Kwajalein, Marshall Islands.
Shermie took all his annual vacations from Kwaj to Kansas to visit family.
This picture was taken on the farm ground, Missouri River bottoms, 67th Street.

 Princess "The One of a Kind"
Photo taken 1967-70
Princess at her favorite place, sitting or standing on the 1953 Chevy farm truck.  This photo was
taken at our remote vegetable stand located at 59th street and Parallel, Kansas City, KS.  We
sold produce for many years and Princess was part of the business.  She was very popular both
with our family and our customers, one who took this picture one take and gave it to my sister.
Princess road the truck daily to and from the farm grounds.  She would jump in the back and up
on the stock rack then up on the roof top, her favorite place.  She road the truck even when we
would go to our farm ground in Basehor, KS reaching speeds of 55 mph on 73 highway, barking
at all the passing cars.  When stopping, she backed up placing her rear feet on the downward
side of the roof top to brace herself.  There were only a few times where emergency stops were
made but she returned back to the roof top for her love in riding and being the boss of the truck.

Sandra, Sherman (Dad), Shermie

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Wiehe Coat of Arms

The Wiehe Coat of Arms hereby illustrated is officially documented in BURKE's General Armory.  The original description of the arms (SHIELD) is as follows:

"AR. three Bendlets Sinister GU. from the one in Chief A Lion issuant of the last, Langued AZ."

When translated the Blazon also describes the original colors of the Wiehe Arms as:

"Silver:  three narrow red right diagonal bends: from the one in the top a red lion issuing, tongued blue."

The shield and helmet is the crest which is described as:  "A short red column issuing from it a plume of three naturally colored peacock's feathers, all between two red wings, "Wiehe Coat of Arms"

William H. Wiehe
The first Wiehe of my family to America

Caroline (Carlena) Marie Stagemiller
William's faithful wife

Wiehe is a place name, the name of a village in Germany in the north of Thuringia, one of the oldest villages in the valley of the River Unstrut.  It is west of Leipzig, between Erfurt and Halle.  The first mention of the town (spelled “Wihe”) was in the Braviarium Tulli, the register of property of the monastery Hersfeld, in the year 786.  The original castle in the center of the town may already have been there in Franconian times, as early as 300 A.D.

In 998, Wiehe was named “Reichsburg.”  After Wiehe had changed hands several times, it got into the family of Werthern’s hands in 1461.  In 1394, the privilege of holding a market and the freedom of the city were conferred on Wiehe.  There was a city-wall around Wiehe in the Middle Ages -- you can still see some vestiges (of it) today.  Life in the town was characterized by agriculture and trade.  In 1659, a big fire destroyed the town and the castle.  Today’s castle was built in 1666, and the family of Werthern owned it until 1945.  From 1945 to 1990, the castle was used as a school.  (The castle was for sale in 1994).  There are many shops and small businesses in Wiehe, (and) we are proud of an honorary citizen who was born in Wiehe -- Leopold von Ranke.  (In 1995) we will celebrate his 200th birthday.

                                (Letter to Janet Wiehe from the Mayor of Wiehe, 1994)

Shermie and his sister Sandra Wiehe shown at the home
of Uncle Carl and Aunt Lola's, Basehor, Kansas, May 1964.

This picture brings back memories!  Sandra and I always loved going to visit our Uncle Carl and Aunt Lola.   Sandy was very close to Lola and she was very fond of her also.  As for me, visiting Wilbur, the youngest of Carl and Lola's four sons, was my biggest thrill during each visit.  We also seem to get active around the farm, either going down to the milk house, riding the horse, swimming, shooting rats, milking the cows, or just plain doing what boys do best, raise hell. Carl and my father Sherman were usually discussing local farm news, talking about old times, or just sitting around enjoying each other's company by sharing some of that good cooked food that Lola always had prepared.  There wasn't a time we didn't see several homemade pies or goodies in Lola's home during our visits and we never left hungry.

The family get visits at July 4th and Thanksgiving were the good memories.  Sonny, Robert (Bob), Kenny and Wilbur were always happy to see the Sherman Wiehe family arrive.  Sandra and I miss Carl and Lola very much.

Sandra still keeps her hand in the farm business as she makes and sells her products at the City Market in Kansas City, Missouri.  She's been selling at the market since our teenage years.  We both spent many years selling vegetables at 59th street and Parallel in Kansas City, KS and at our home.  Many Saturdays we loaded up the truck with sweet corn, tomatoes, and beans and traveled to the Kansas City, Missouri City Market at 5 AM for an 8-hour fun day at the market.  Although we live far apart now days, we still maintain a close family relationship.  She's been my best buddy in life.  She's the best!   Love always to my sister, Sandra.

Birthday, October 29, 1971 - age 87

May God Bless Mrs. Krallman Always - The picture at left is a special person to my sister Sandra and I.  She (Mrs. Callwell, as we called her) raised us for many years of our younger life.  She was responsible for us in learning to read and understand the bible, taught us how to study, memorize and listen.  We enjoyed our evenings with her listening to stories, playing us the harmonica and eating some of her good cooking.

She was also responsible for keeping me practicing at the piano each evening when Dad was not around.  There was no way getting out of that where her around.  I still remember her favorite songs she use to like me to play for her.  If Sandra and I were really good, she would entertain us by singing to us and playing her harmonica.  She was very entertaining.  She suffered a lot with her leg ailments but manage to clean our home and take care of us.  She died when she was 94.

I use to write to her in the 70s from Kwajalein and visit with her on my vacations back to Kansas City.  I was very sad to hear she had died why I was overseas.  Mrs. Krallman well, like my piano teacher, Mrs. Florence Gustafson, were special ladies to me in my younger years of life.

Shermie & sister Sandra, Easter Sunday, displaying their wheels
As you can see, Sandra's back wheel took a beaten from guess who.


Shermie & sister Sandra, April 1960

My sister, Sandra Wiehe, 1984

Shermie, July 1992


GTE, Needham, MA, 1992

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