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My friends & great skiers
Seri & Yosuke

Burke, Vermont, 1998 Ski Trip

Thanksgiving dinner prepared by Shermie
for his friends, Yosuke & Seri, 1999

Burke mountain

Burke, Vermont - 1998


My friend and classmate, Norman Good
, reunited in 2000 after not seeing or keeping contact with each other for more than 30 years.  Shermie and Norm both attended grades 1-12 and graduated in Washington High School (WHS) in 1970 in Kansas City, Kansas. 

Norman and Shermie both had strict parents, allowing little time to get together, but we both managed to be allowed to have fun together and stay close through the years.  They both played little league baseball for about 8 years together with the Liondotte Baseball League in Wyandotte County.  After not seeing Norman at any of the WHS high school reunions, Shermie was able to make contact with Norman by locating him on the internet.  

Shermie flew from Boston, MA to Kansas City to attend the 1970 WHS 30-year reunion.  A few days before the reunion, Shermie drove to Warsaw, Missouri to visit with Norman and stayed a few days at his beautiful home on the Lake of the Ozarks.  They covered 30 years of life history in those few days along with eating good tasting fish Norm caught and cooked.  Norm had two beautiful fishing boats and provided boat rides on the lake.  Shermie and Norman played music together until midnight for a big party on the lake. Norman's lake home neighbors liked the music and invited Shermie to returned in the fall to play for a fall Oktoberfest party at Norm's home.  On Shermie's return to Kansas City, Shermie stopped to visit Craig and Jean Kim (Kwajalein residents for many years) in Warsaw, Missouri.  Shermie once again met up with Norman at his home in Clinton, MO in October 2015.  Shermie also met his dog and best friend Jack.  We look forward to many more years of friendship.  Norman and I both share music as part of our retirement along with keeping our friendship.  We look forward to playing a little music together in the future ahead.
Norman Good & Shermie Wiehe
The high school graduation pictures of 1970 shown with the
picture of their get together for the first time after 30 years.

Visiting Norman and Jack - October 2015

Shermie's Favorite - Fender Rhodes 73 - (1967-1997)

Fish - Wahoo

Sherman Wiehe & his Granddaughter Amanda (Mandy) - 1977

Shermie was raised in the area between Leavenworth and Kansas City as shown on the map above near
the upper right corner.  The area is called Wyandotte County.  Many of the Wiehe families leave near 
Leavenworth and Kansas City, Kansas.  Across the Missouri river near Leavenworth is the town Farley,
Missouri where the first Wiehe, William H. Wiehe, finally settled in America to raise his family after
work about 15 years of his journey in Rising Sun, Indiana where he met his wife, Caroline (Carlena)
Marie Stagemiller, the beginning of the Wiehe clan.  Now approximately 200 Wiehe family members
live within a 20 miles of Farley.  You can learn more about my family by clicking Shermie's Wiehe Tree.

In Honor of my late Friend - Glen R. Eicher Jr.
I worked for Glen from 1978 to 1980 with Storage Technology as a field engineer.  Glen was my regional manager for the Kansas City and Topeka area, later becoming a great friend in life.  After retiring and retuning to Kansas City Sept 2015, Glen and his friend Gayle Joiner attended many dances I entertained in the Kansas City area.  Glen and Gayle were very good at West Coast style dancing.  I loved watching them dance by me when I was performing.  Glen will always be close in memory as one of my best friends in life and along with being a great manager to work for.  Glen was laid to rest with his wife Joyce in his home town of Springfield, MO.  They were both wonderful people.  Glen R. Eicher Jr., 82, passed away June 26, 2015

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