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Shift 4, F23, Colorado Springs, CO, Garden of the Gods, Shift 4
Shift 4 personnel, shown above, my shift, is the fasted production team ever recorded by Intel worldwide.  Nightly
production of more than 7.0 WIP turns is common for this team.  There are approximately 5 personnel missing from the
photo, including myself.  The photo was taken the last week of July 2007, during my vacation period.  The Colorado
Springs F23 plant stop production the spring of 2008 and closed.  Good luck to Shift-4 personnel in the future!


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Kwaj Community Website - I am sure you get this message a lot, but I just want to reiterate how much it means to have the obituary notice, now that we have come to the place in life where obits are standard orders of business. Back in our younger days, having someone die was an 'event'. Now it is just part of life. Thank you for making us aware of these events in such a way that makes it more palatable. Your website means more to us than you will ever know. Thank you for bringing this to our hearts.  Stephenia
Kwaj Community Website - Thank you for this wonderful website youíve constructed.  Iíve been on it for hours and have just scratched the surface.  Itís great to have a place to view the wonderful memories we all have of our time in paradise.  Chuck
Kwaj Community Website - From the results that I have received after searching the Web, I believe you have simply created, captured, and presented to all, the most comprehensive, ever-evolving website for the Post-WWII real-life experiences that the fortunate folks who have been a part of what we all call "Kwaj". "The Rock" is a place that influenced us all and simply forced us into making life-long friendships...and that isn't a bad thing.  Ed

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