Coronado Junior High School Bands

Updated: 07/20/2015 08:58 PM EST by Shermie

Recording 1967
Marlin Cooper, Director

Records pressed for Audio House, Lawrence, Kansas by RCA Custom Record Department

Side 1

Beguine for Flute
Overture for Winds
Soloist: David Dunfield
Trumpeters' Lullaby
Soloist:  Larry Black

Side 2

Little Brown Jug
Spanish Flea

(Stage Band)
Man of La Mancha
(Darion & Leigh)

(7th Hour Band)
Block M Concert March

(1st & 2nd Hour Bands)
Chanson & Bouree
(Chanson - Song, Bouree - Dance)

(1st & 2nd Hour Bands)
Great Gate of Kiev

(3rd, 4th & 5th Hour Bands)

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